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My buddy wwsalmon is working on a new subreddit ( that will be for all things Windows user-interface and concepts, and other things! We'd like your help to get it up and running (subscribing) and wwsalmon can open the reddit to the public and people can post and discuss all sorts of things on there. 

I am a moderator of /r/Windows and /r/Windows10, the two un-officially official premier places for all things Windows (apps, development, UI, feedback, news, features, etc), I can help get the subreddit up and running with lots more people, but first we'd like it if you can join!

If you're interested, please drop by, subscribe, and he can get the sub up and running properly. :)

A brief description of the sub found here:…
New Dell laptop by dAKirby309 (Click for full-size)

:bulletgreen: My new computer (laptop): Dell Inspiron 15 i5558-5717SLV Signature Edition


:bulletred: My previous computer: HP Pavilion g6-2228nr


:bulletblue: To preface this review, I have to tell you the reason I decided to get a new computer even though my HP was still working perfectly fine after 3 years of daily, consistent use: I thought it was the best way for my parents and myself to save a ton of money! I gave my HP to my parents as an upgrade to their junky 10-year-old Toshiba laptop. It is very slow and very annoying to use. How does this save money? Well, giving a still fully-functional laptop away prevents my parents from needing to buy a new computer for quite a while considering they would use my HP less than I did and would use it for less intensive tasks making it potentially last much longer! It would help me save money as well because I would have to pitch in to help pay for a new computer for mom and dad if they didn't get my HP. So when my HP would stop working, not only would I help pay for a new computer for the parents, but also I would have to spend a ton of money on a new computer later. My parents helped me pay for this new Dell laptop, btw! I paid for about 3/5 of it.

:bulletyellow: The reason why I always get a laptop is simply because it's portable! I need it for school, so a capable laptop is all I need.

:bulletgreen: If I were to review this laptop in one word, it would be, "amazing". I upgraded to this laptop from an HP Pavilion g6-2228nr, which I had for almost 3 years. It was a decent budget laptop but I needed an upgrade, and not just any upgrade - I had specific features in mind, I didn't think I was going to find what I wanted with a $500 budget.... until I found this. This laptop had every single feature I wanted... and MORE.

:bulletpurple: The price I paid for this laptop is unbeatable given its specs and loads of features. I was able to save $300 on this computer! It's worth around $750 (+ tax) but I bought it for $450 (+ tax)! Not too bad. I'm very thankful for finding this thing, it is an amazing upgrade in just about every single way.


1. 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 1 TB HDD right out of the box - instant plus. I didn't need to spend any extra on a RAM upgrade! SSD's are nice, but a terabyte of storage is awesome regardless. Also a built-in DVD drive is a nice perk for some of us.

2. Touchscreen works flawlessly. It's very responsive and the 10-point multitouch makes it better. I don't think I've had a single time where the screen didn't recognize my input, even while playing some games that required a lot of frequent touches.

3. Backlit keyboard has 3 settings - dim, bright, and off; really handy for those late nights. A backlit keyboard was something I've been wanting in a computer for years! I'm so glad this computer comes with one!

4. IT'S QUIET! Honestly, I had to run 3 intensive tasks to get the fans to start making noise, and it wasn't even all that loud when you could hear it. An instant plus in comparison to my annoyingly loud previous HP laptop - that thing got very loud and very hot very quickly.

5. 1080p on a laptop? Another instant plus. The display is way better than the standard 1366x768 display, 1920x1080. With good internet, this computer can quickly, or instantly load 1080p 60FPS videos without a single hiccup or FPS drop! My old HP laptop would NEVER be able to handle this! ALSO, the screen's image quality is superb IMO. Nearly everything on screen looks crisp and vibrant.

6. It sure is fast, that i5 processor is really good for a laptop in this price range.

7. A gigabyte of graphic memory (and 128 MB of dedicated VRAM) is really good for us casual gamers who like to play the occasionally intensive game. This is DOUBLE the amount of video memory I had in the HP laptop (512MB)! So I am able to play more games, and the games I was able to play on the HP play just as well or better on this Dell Inspiron.

8. Built-in Bluetooth has quite good reception. I could easily go 20-30 feet without any connection issues (granted, it was a big room, but still). I received a bluetooth headset for my 20th birthday from a friend and had to get a bluetooth adapter for the HP. That adapter was not very receptive, this built-in Bluetooth is MUCH better!

9. Audio quality - good! It's not amazing quality but it's much better than my HP's speakers. I don't feel the need to use my Logitech speakers as much now!

10. The build quality is great! It feels solid and very premium! The keyboard is comfortable for me, but if you don't like shallow keys then it may not be your cup of tea.

11. Super easy setup! You power it on, set it up, and you are ready to go right away! I had no issues with it. Signature edition computers have no bloatware pre-installed so I didn't need to reformat the HDD or uninstall anything.


1. 5400 RPM isn't super great, but it's still good. But hey, higher RPM speeds are hard to find at this price. 5400 is as fast as my HP's HDD, which was a decent speed. So I'm not complaining!

2. About a half-inch black border around the whole screen (underscan is the proper term). Apparently this is a normal feature on touchscreen laptops to help side-swiping gestures... or something. So the screen might seem a tiny bit smaller than I'd like it to be, but it doesn't bother me very much at all.

3. Integrated graphics. But still, the graphics are really nice if you're not a hardcore gamer or video editor. I'm asking too much though, dedicated graphics are hard to find on a laptop in this price range.

4. Battery life is good, but not great. It seems like I can get about 4-5 hours of gaming, bluetooth music and/or web browsing out of this thing before needing to charge. 7 hours is a bit of an overstatement I think.

5. The laptop's port layout such as USB, headphone/mic jack, etc. are a bit weird I feel, but tolerable. Having a headphone/speaker jack where I usually put my mouse is a little bit obtrusive but 90 degree adapters can ail that issue. Plus I prefer 2 USB ports on the left side over the right, but having 2 on the right side is doable (again because of a mouse).

6. It's heavy, yes. But if you don't plan to carry this thing around all day long, then it shouldn't be much of a bother.

7. After a bit of time using this laptop and watching videos on it, I've noticed that the screen is very glossy which makes things on screen hard to see in the light (not too bad though). Also, darker colors are hard to make out, even on maximum brightness.

FINAL THOUGHTS: All in all, this laptop is a 9/10. It feels high quality, looks stylish, it's powerful, fast, and is loaded with tons of premium features. This is the one of the nicest laptops I've ever had the pleasure of using. :)
I apologize for the long wait for this update, college takes up a huge bit of time. But here it is! My Simply Styled Icon Sets are finally updated with tons of NEW icons! I want to thank you all for being so patient and for supporting me and this set! I hope you like it!!

Icon Sets updated:
Simply Styled Folders - Expansion Pack - 65 Icons by dAKirby309     Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [FREE] by dAKirby309     Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [PREMIUM HD] by dAKirby309

:bulletgreen: Over 200 icons changed, over 150 icons added! :D


Icons Added:
Adobe app Folders (19 folders + alternates... 38 folders total)
Amazon alt
App Cleaner
Audacity Folder + alternate
Bluetooth Folder + alternate
Burnable Folder + alternate
Camtasia Studio alt
Camtasia Studio Folder + alternate
Cinema 4D
Day One
Developer Folder + alternate
DeviantArt alt 2
DeviantArt Folder + alternate
Device Driver (hardware controller)
Device Driver Folder + alternate
DrJava alt
eBay alt
eMule Folder + alternate
Exchange 2013
Facebook Folder + alternate
Favorites Folder + alternate
File Explorer 10
Format Factory
Format Factory Folder + alternate
Freemake Video Converter
Freemake Video Converter Folder + alternate
Freemake Video Downloader
Freemake Video Downloader Folder + alternate
Google alt (Google's new logo)
Google+ alt
Google Folder + alternate
Google Images
Google Music
Group Folder + alternate
GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5)
InCopy (Adobe service)
Instagram Folder + alternate
JDownloader Folder + alternate
Keyboard alt
League of Legends
Library Folder + alternate
LMMS Folder + alternate
Mac Apps Folder + alternate
Mac System Folder + alternate
Microsoft 3D Movie Maker Folder + alternate
Microsoft Edge
NeoDownloader Folder + alternate
Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker + alternate
Programs Folder + alternate
Twitter Folder + alternate
Typekit (Adobe service) + alternate
Screenshot Folder + alternate
Share Folder + alternate
Smart Folder + alternate
Snagit alt
Snagit Folder + alternate
Sony Vegas
Sports Folder + alternate
Stock (Adobe photos & graphics service)
Synthesia Folder + alternate
Utilities Folder + alternate
YouTube Folder + alternate
YouTube Gaming
ZBrush alt
ZBrush alt 2

Icons Changed:
Adobe CS apps (16 icons)
Drives (32 icons)
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Reader
All Office 2013 App Icons (26 icons)
Autodesk Folder
Autodesk Folder alt
BitTorrent Folder
BitTorrent Folder alt
Camtasia Studio
Clock, Language, and Region
Date and Time
Desktop Mac Folder alt
DeviantArt alt
Device Manager
Evernote alt
Firefox Nightly
Google Blogger
Google Blogger alt
Google Calendar
Google Canary alt
Google Chrome alt
Google Chromium alt
Google Maps
Google Maps alt
Google News
Google Translate
Google Translate alt
GOM Player
iCloud alt
iCloud alt 2
iCloud Folder
iCloud Folder alt
Internet Download Manager
Internet Options
Mac Address Book
Mac Calculator
Mac Dictionary
Mac Front Row
Mac iCal
Mac iMovie
Mac iPhoto
Mac Keynote
Mac Network Utility
Mac Notes
Mac Numbers
Mac Pages
Mac Photobooth
Mac Reminders
Opera alt
OS Ubuntu
Searches Folder + alternate
StarDock ObjectDock Folder
StarDock ObjectDock Folder alt
Steam alt
Steam Folder alt
Storage Spaces
Twitter alt
Wamp Server
Windows Firewall
Windows Update
Yahoo! Messenger
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Metro UI Icon Set view changes by dAKirby309     Metro UI Icon Set - 725 Icons by dAKirby309

This is what I watched over the course of about 3 hours (and overnight). The first two statistics are from about a 3 hour difference (the days reset, that's why the number of views on the second stats image is much lower). The THIRD image is what I woke up to this morning! I meant to stay up until it happened officially but I forgot.

I cannot believe this has happened. I uploaded the set back in January of 2012 just for fun and I never would have imagined something I've made would become so popular. This set is what got me my start in graphic design and especially got me truly interested in graphic design. I originally planned on being a cartoonist. Before this set, I just made stuff cause I could, no experience, no training, just cause I had the software to do it. Ever since I was little I've wanted to make things! I wanted to make things look pretty, not just functional. On my first computer, a junky old Windows XP desktop computer from the late 90's, I spent many hours customizing the way it looked and felt. It was a lot of fun. Then I started trying to use Paint (a nightmare at the time) to make pictures. Then started designing cursors and soon, images like icons and stuff.

I was inspired to make this set when Windows 8 first was shown off by Jensen Harris on a Microsoft video talking about the Windows 8 Start Screen. I saw those, what I thought were, beautiful and colorful tiles and thought "I want custom Windows 8 tiles!" So I searched far and wide across the internet expecting that SOMEONE would have made some custom Win8 tiles to download. To my surprise... NO. I couldn't find a single Metro icon anywhere. So I decided to make my own! I used PowerPoint 2010 cause that's what I had at the time.

Using PowerPoint to originally make the tiles was quite a challenge, but quite a bit of fun too. No Illustrator, no image editing software, just PowerPoint and Photoshop to place the white icons on the colored background. I posted my icons to DeviantArt and they immediately got lots of views and downloads... and comments of people asking for more! So I gave 'em more as best I could with what I had!

Every single day since then, the Metro UI Icon Set has gotten anywhere from 400 to 2,000 views in a single day! There was never a day (except for the very beginning probably) that it didn't surpass 100-400 views in a day. That still runs true to this day. In fact, at the end of the day for the past couple years or so, whenever I check the set's stats, the counter was never below 400 views. I can't believe how that happened.

This is what gave me my start in freelance design and development of my graphic design skills. I took a few classes in school to teach me how to use the software and the rest was self-taught. I'm still taking classes on graphic design in college to further my skills in hopes of becoming a professional one day. It's such a blessing to see how all this has happened. God has blessed me with a plethora of things these past few years, really leading me into this path of what He apparently wants me to do, and something I love doing! I couldn't be more thankful.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting me through all the tough times and good times. :)
I know it's been a while since I've been very active on DA. But that doesn't mean I'm not working on anything! Lately I've been working on an update to my Simply Styled Icon Sets (Free and Premium)

Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [FREE] by dAKirby309     Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [PREMIUM HD] by dAKirby309

The update I'm working on will not only feature a ton of NEW icons (not done yet because I'm trying to catch up with all the requests), but I am also reworking, redesigning, and improving current icons. I'm making my icons more consistent, many of them easier to view at small scales, and so I can have my own iterations of the icons because many of them, especially Google icons, are nearly identical to the actual corporate Google logos. I've realized this is bad and a potential copyright issue so I'm redesigning as many icons as I can to be my own version - similar in execution and perhaps color/style but different visually and composition-ally. :)

Please feel free to tell me if you like them or what you don't like about them, this will help me out! Also, not all these in the screenshot are completed... some are still going to be changed a bit.

The update progress thus far (several more changes to come):

Click image to enlarge!
SS Icon Set Progress by dAKirby309

The update should be ready to go pretty soon, so keep an eye out!
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The "Windows 10 Google" or "If Google Made Windows 10" project is taking off, and we are here with some more information and another teaser today, this time of a news app:

Windows 10 Google: News App (Teaser 3) by wwsalmon

It's a little cryptic, we know, but maybe it'll give you some ideas.

Here are a few more important details:

1. Dates have been set. As you may have noticed, we have been following a weekly release schedule with updates being posted on Monday; August 10 was the official project announcement, August 17 was the Mail App teaser, and today, August 24, is the News App teaser and a bunch of more details. We will be sticking to that schedule, with a big release scheduled for September 7, where Phase 1 (see below) will be revealed.

2. We started the project with big plans and no real schedule. The one-release-per-week schedule was established as the concepts started being finished up (see above), and now we are starting to set longer-term goals. We have divided up the project into two phases.

The first phase is that of redesigning the desktop environment and apps and putting them into a first concept, with a bunch of teasers on the way. The release date for the final Phase One presentation is September 7th, so save that date!

The second phase is taking our desktop redesign work and shaping it into a mobile operating system. This phase will also include refinements to Phase One work and lots of other fun stuff. There is currently no deadline set for Phase Two.

The third phase is a broad one that is completely open as of right now. We have plans for a video series explaining our work, as well as a behind-the-scenes "making of" video with all of the software that we used and the process of doing the project. We might even mock up some concept hardware to launch on. Keep tuned in general for updates on this.

3. We are open to suggestions! If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments below! If we use any of your ideas you will be credited!

Keep tuned for a lot more that will be coming!

Windows 10 Google Project Team
I will be participating in a collaborate project that essentially imagines Windows 10 as if it were designed by Google with their new 'Material' style.

A while ago, 
wwsalmon teased a "New Project" on his profile, with an invitation to guess what that new project would be. This was the beginning of something huge. Over the next few days the date August 10th was given, and it was let leak that it would be a huge collaboration between some of the best designers on DeviantArt. Today is Monday, August 10th, and it's time to unveil the Windows 10 Google Massive Collaborative Project.

Collaboration participants:

Here's a teaser:

Windows 10 Google: A Massive Collaboration Project by wwsalmon

Teaser #2: Mail Client


- Redesign Windows 10 as if Google had made it. This means a complete material design redesign of the whole operating system, first-party applications, etc., also adding in Google services like Chrome and Google Now as default. (Redesign those, too, if they don't fit the material design standard).

- Preserve the mission and what makes Windows great as well as what makes Google products great. This means we have to preserve the power of Windows but also the simplicity, transparency, ease of use, and customer importance of Google. This is a little contradictory, so we use color and design psychology to help us. When ease of use needs to be stressed we use complete transparency, such as in the taskbar. When power needs to be stressed we use dark colors, such as in the action center. When user control and figurative transparency needs to be stressed we use material design to help us - when things on screen look like real materials, the user feels more in control of the software.

- Microsoft's continuum is a mission of its own. We need to build in the feel of one universal platform across all devices (MS philosophy), but give the user a lot of control (user satisfaction/Google/anti-Apple philosophy). This means that our concept stretches out to the mobile realm as well, redesigning first-party apps in mobile form, making the ui consistent across the two platforms so it just feels like the same platform on a different scale rather than a whole other platform with a few weak bonds to its sibling (current state of MS Windows).

- The quality standard: that of a first-party design agency. For one hobbyist or student designer, this is a daunting task. But when some of the best young designers on DeviantArt come together, we can do huge things.

- Be bold. Make art meet application. Bind the art community together. That this many designers from all over the world can collaborate on one intrepid project? That's the DeviantArt mission. But more specifically, we want to create a product that interests others, that stirs up something in the community; and to do that, we follow this rule of thumb: create something that is familiar enough that it follows the design philosophy of whatever you are mimicking, but be fresh enough that people can say with confidence that your project is unique and a work of art. A deviation from the norm, you might say.

EDIT: Concept is released and can be seen here:

  V4 Windows 10 Explorer Concept - Re-Imagined by dAKirby309


A journal for those who are interested, I am developing a NEW Windows Explorer concept. This new concept will be consistent with the OFFICIAL Windows 10 design language (as much as possible because the language is still kinda confusing and inconsistent here and there) and will feature a few new ideas that I have yet to see anywhere else (not saying this to brag, but to say that I'm not copying other people's ideas). The concept is the result of quite a bit of sketching, thinking of ideas, a bit of inspiration, and trying to figure out how to keep Explorer simple but also present a brand new overhauled design with fresh ideas.

The concept will take a few ideas from the V3 concept I designed a few months ago, but will feature a revamp. I.e. I will reuse some ideas but try and make things more streamlined, touch and mouse/keyboard friendly, and consistent with the new Windows 10 design.

V3 concept here:  V3 Windows 10 Explorer Concept - Reimagined Ribbon by dAKirby309

Sketch of some of the ideas (I know they're sloppy lol):  V4 Sketches by dAKirby309
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Simpline Icon Set - Office 2013 Expansion by dAKirby309

I'm working on a new icon set (probably)! I call it "Simpline" and it will (if the idea is popular) an icon set based off of the 'simple line' style that many companies and OS's such as Windows 10, iOS 8, etc. are doing lately.

My plan is to release different segments of the icon set in different deviations based on relation. What I mean: a release for Office 2013, OS-specific icons, social media, popular apps, etc. So that way it is more tailored for what you want. If you don't want, for example, OS-specific icons, you can just get what you wanted in the set, such as popular apps. :) So each segment of the set will be in separate downloads!

I may charge a little bit of money for each set (depending on the amount of icons involved), I will not charge very much however.

I actually plan to release a Simpline set for Office 2013 VERY soon, perhaps even tomorrow!

:bulletgreen: Here's a sneak preview ;)
Preview by dAKirby309

:bulletorange: I am only charging for the actual icons used. So in this case, there are 26 icons in THREE different styles! The icons will be in black, white, and colored. I will not be counting the other colors as separate or additional icons. :)

:bulletblue: What are your thoughts/suggestions?

By the way, I am still working on my Simply Styled Icon Set, and that will continue for quite some time! In fact, look out for an update in the coming weeks. :)

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If you use OneDrive and/or need to store files in the Cloud, then this can interest you. Microsoft is offering over 200GB of free storage to anyone who uses OneDrive!

I started with just 7GB of free storage when I signed up for OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive) over 3 years ago. Because I had the account (I never used it) for quite a while, they offered 10GB more storage. Later, I got an extra bit of storage for Camera Backup, which gave me another 15GB free storage, 3GB for Camera Backup on Windows 8, and other little things which totaled up to 40GB of storage! ...Which is more than I'll probably need for a long time anyway.

Now, MS is offering an additional 200GB of storage to those who do their promotional stuff... totally free and easy.

To get these promotions, check these out:
Promotion 1 (ONLY available in the US): Go here and click on Join now, once you sign up, you will get an offer for 100GB free for 2 years!
Promotion 2 (ONLY available if you have a Dropbox account): Go here, click Verify and get my storage. It will have you sign into Dropbox and save a small file which you can delete. Follow what it says and you will receive another 100GB of free storage for 1 year!

Yes, these promotional upgrades won't last forever, but they may be worth it to you! Good luck. :)

Here's some proof it works (screenshot of my account): Capture by dAKirby309
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:bulletorange: I am NOT posting it for some kind of self-gratification or something, I posted my concept there so it can get some votes and possibly, maybe be noticed by Microsoft!

:bulletgreen: If you would like to throw in a couple votes for my concept on the Windows 10 UserVoice, please feel free, I'd really appreciate it. :)

You can vote for it here if you want:… :)

The concept I'm talking about:

V3 Windows 10 Explorer Concept - Reimagined Ribbon by dAKirby309
:bulletblue: The reason I want it noticed is because it has some ideas in there that I, as a consumer, would LOVE to see implemented... not because I came up with the ideas.

Let's give the File Explorer some attention in Windows 10! :D
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EDIT: Version 3 here! Check it out!

V3 Windows 10 Explorer Concept - Reimagined Ribbon by dAKirby309

Some of you know that I've been working on a Windows 10 File Explorer concept.. and I've released V1 and V2!
V1: V1 Windows 10 File Explorer Concept (HD) by dAKirby309     V2: V2 Windows 10 File Explorer Concept (HD) by dAKirby309

I've made and released a V3, which ISquite different in some aspects from V1 and V2!! In my first two concepts, the Ribbon menu/bar is still there... and I moved the Quick Access Toolbar onto the same line as the Ribbon to be able to put tabs at the top and to fill blank space. BUT, I feel MS will be partially moving away from a Ribbon idea to a more to-the-point idea which I think is overall brilliant... (but to be fair, the idea has existed since Windows XP days)

I have an idea I think is pretty good as a solution to the Ribbon altogether! It's based off of the idea MS is doing for the new MS Office! Check it out:…

Basically, the ribbon is still there (but not in my idea). So in the new Office, it will be more touch-friendly.. so the major functions/buttons will still be there on one click but it's coserved to a single line instead of several lines (like the space the expanded Ribbon menu takes up) and the less-used buttons will be hidden within a down arrow next to more commonly used buttons.

This takes up much less vertical space, removes the need for a ribbon (more or less), is touch and click-friendly, and keeps consistency, simplicity, removes the need for a Quick Access Toolbar, and gives more space while keeping the same/more functions!
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Hey! So as some of you may know, I'm working on a concept for the Windows 10 File Explorer. there are many areas of the Explorer that need an overhaul in design and/or features. The Explorer currently in Windows 10 is basically just the same (so far) as Windows 8's File Explorer.

I really think it's time for some things to change on it, don't you? There are some improvements made to Finder in OS X Yosemite such as tabs and a few other little things. And I think Apple handled Yosemite very well, it looks and acts very elegantly.

That being said, MS is falling a bit behind in their file manager. There are many things that can be improved.

So what are your ideas for the File Explorer? What would YOU want to see in Windows 10 regarding the Explorer, the taskbar, etc.? Lend me your thoughts and I may include the ideas in my concept (which I want MS to notice possibly) and I want people's ideas incorporated! I will also credit the idea of it's not mine in the description of the concept when it's done. :)
:bulletgreen: The update to my Simply Styled Icon Sets are out now! :D :D Download it now!

:bulletblue: Thanks for your patience while I was developing the update, I've spent most of the past few weeks working exclusively on it to get it done by today.

:bulletorange: You can check out the sets here (Premium & Free):
Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [PREMIUM HD] by dAKirby309     Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [FREE] by dAKirby309

Icons Added:
Adobe Edge Inspect
Adobe Edge Reflow
Adobe Flash Player
Autodesk Folder
BitTorrent Folder + alternate
Firefox Developer Edition
Firefox Nightly
Gmail alt
Google Blogger alt
Google Canary alt
Google Chrome alt
Google Chromium alt
Google Drive alt
Google Maps alt
Google News
Google Translate alt
iCloud Folder + alternate
Mac App Store alt
Maxthon Nitro
Microsoft 3D Movie Maker
Music Bee
Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker
OpenOffice alt
Opera alt
Podcasts Folder + alternate
Recent Places
Revo Uninstaller
Skype alt
Sony Acid
Sony Vegas
Steam Folder + alternate
Sublime Text
Terraria (game)
Twitch TV + alternate
Twitter + alternate
uTorrent Folder + alternate
Wamp Server
Zuma (game)

Icons Changed:
ALL FOLDER ICONS (24 folders redesigned)
ALL LIBRARY ICONS (8 libraries redesigned)
Firefox (redesigned for cleaner look)
Folder Options + alternate
Google Calendar
iTunes alt
Office 2013

Enjoy the update, everyone! :)
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Just trying to keep everyone up to date on the progress I'm making on the coming update to my Simply Styled Icon Set! :D

It's going to be a massive update with well-over 70 new icons! And numerous currently existing icons have or will receive changes/a redesign!

So yeah, gonna be a huge update, potentially larger than the Filetype Update that was released a couple weeks ago. :P And this update has icons the average user cares more about.

I've been working almost tirelessly the last couple weeks on the update, trying to get through the long list of requests by people, and I'm almost finished with requests. I have also added several icons I would like to see included, so those took up a lot of time as well (such as a folder redesign and an alternate color scheme for the folders). I'd like to get done very soon because I want to finish before I start college classes again in mid-January.

There are still a couple icons IN THE INCLUDED PREVIEW that still need to be fixed based on requester input (such as Averon25's Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker icon and ntim007's Yahoo! icon) so I will address those as well before it's updated. :)

Check out the progress in this screenshot:
Capture 1-8-15 by dAKirby309

:bulletred: ALSO, earlier this week I asked if the new folder design should have shadows. Almost every vote I received said "No shadows," there was a vote for shadow for depth, but no glyph shadow. ANYWAY, I decided to go with a shadowless design AND I PLAN ON LIKELY RELEASING A SHADOWED VERSION ON A SEPARATE DEVIATION AS A DLC/EXPANSION PACK TO THE SET!!
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I'd like to know what you think would work better for an alternate folder design I'm working on for my Simply Styled Icon Set for the set's NEXT update!

I've redesigned the shape and I think I'll stay with this shape... I've already remade all folders in the set (relatively same color scheme as current folder design) and I am planning to add an ALTERNATE style for the folders as well! The alternate style will be the same shape/design as the yellow folder, but the colors better match the individual glyph/icon for which the folder is representing. (Does that make sense? lol)

My question is: Which design do you prefer? Where the folder's glyph has an inner shadow and has a shadow on the top part of the folder to indicate depth, OR would you prefer NO shadows, which likely flows better with the set as a whole but doesn't look quite as detailed IMO.

You can see the comparison here:
Yes-Folder---No-Folder by dAKirby309

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Just a reminder in case you happened to miss my previous Journal about this:… I am taking requests for my Simply Styled icon set! If there is an icon(s) you want added into the set, then leave a comment somewhere saying what you want me to make!

I have a short list of about 10-ish icons that people have requested, those are: Revo Uninstaller, FRAPS, mIRC, Balabolka, Origin (EA games manager), Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, Virtual 3D Movie Maker, Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker, Synthesia, and LMMS.

And a screenshot of icons I have developed, not including these in the list ^ is right below:
New Icons Capture by dAKirby309

So if what you want isn't on that list and you want me to make something for the next update to the set, then feel free to ask. :) Thanks!
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Hey! I know I just updated my Simply Styled Icon Set but I am now working on another update, which will be smaller but will include a wider range of social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. As well as I have changed/fixed a couple icons such as iTunes alt and Office 2013 which had some parts that I didn't like about them, particularly when I zoomed in and checked 'em in detail.

You can see the progress so far (it's not too much yet).
New Icons Capture by dAKirby309 Click it to see better.

SO I have a question, do you have any icons you would like me to change and/or add to the set in a coming update? Because I am now taking requests and suggestions for possibly just a short amount of time! :D

So lend me your thoughts. :)

And Merry Christmas.

BTW, the app I'm using to show off these icons is StarDock Fences 2.0
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Hey everyone! It's finally updated! Simply Styled Icon Sets, Free and Premium versions, have been updated with nearly 90 NEW icons and 15 pre-existing icons have been changed!

You can check them out and download them by clicking one of the thumbnails at the bottom of this Journal Entry! :D Both sets will tell you what features they include and compares them to the other, so you can decide which one you prefer!

This is the Filetype Update because it's mainly centered around adding lots of filetypes and new system icons to the set! But this update also includes tons of new application icons as well! So it's a huge update!


:bulletblue: Icons Added:
Action Center
Administrative Tools + alternate
Appearance and Personalization
Audio CD
Clock, Language, and Region
Color Management
Connect To
Credential Manager
Date and Time
DeviantArt alt
Device Manager
Ease of Access Center
Family Safety
File History
Filetype - AVI
Filetype - BAT
Filetype - BMP
Filetype - CHM
Filetype - GIF
Filetype - HTML
Filetype - INI/INF
Filetype - JPG
Filetype - MID
Filetype - MP3
Filetype - MP4
Filetype - MPEG
Filetype - PNG
Filetype - REG
Filetype - TIF
Filetype - TXT
Filetype - WAV
Filetype - WMA
Filetype - ZIP
Floppy Drive
Folder Options + alternate
Hardware and Sound
iCloud alt
iCloud alt 2
Internet Options
iTunes alt
Mac Calculator
Mac Finder alt
Mac Game Center
Mac Notes
Mac Preferences
Mac Reminders
Muse (Adobe app)
Network and Sharing Center
Network Share
Power Options
Programs (for installed software)
Safari alt
Searches Folder
Security Parental Controls
Security UAC
Settings - Printers and Faxes
StarDock IconPackager
StarDock Launch8
StarDock ModernMix
StarDock WindowFX
Steam alt
Storage Spaces
Sync Center
System and Maintenance
System Restore
System Storage
Taskbar and Start Menu
User Accounts and Family Safety
Windows Defender
Windows Firewall
Windows Update

:bulletorange: Icons Changed:
Computer + alternate
Control Panel
Desktop Mac Folder
Desktop Mac
Desktop Windows Folder
Desktop Windows
File Explorer
Mac iPhoto
Shortcuts Small

Here are the sets, enjoy. :)
Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [PREMIUM HD] by dAKirby309     Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [FREE] by dAKirby309
First thing's first, I'm not a sports person. I could usually care less about sports. I only enjoy PLAYING (not watching) soccer, hockey, and dodge ball. Other than that, meh. BUT the Kansas City Royals have been on fire this year and the whole city is going crazy about it. I am from Kansas City so the Royals is my home team. And to see them make this big of a comeback and make it to the World Series for the first time in 29 years is a big deal.

I'm not gonna go on about it, cause I don't have the time right now and I don't want to but I'm pretty excited about it. Yesterday was my mother's birthday and the World Series game #2 out of 7 was on that day. She thought the best gift ever would be for the Royals to win.... and they did! 7-2. My mom and dad were really happy about that!

And it means even more to them because the last time they made it to/won the World Series was in 1985, 29 years ago... or more specifically, a year after my parents got married.

So I'm rooting for the KC Royals! Not out loud, cause I don't see the point at yelling at a tv screen yelling at players to strike the other team out, or scream when the team scores a goal, or get mad when the other team does... my parents are doing that for the Royals this year, and... well... my ears hurt. :P

But I'm looking forward to a good game! Good luck, Royals! Make this city proud.

BTW, if you aren't from America or have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm talking about baseball. Major League Baseball teams. And the Royals represent the baseball team of the great state of Kansas. And the World Series is the series of the 7 final and most important baseball games of the year. Only two teams make it, and the Royals are one. The other is the San Francisco Giants. The Giants have been in the World Series almost every year for the past several years, haven't lost a game since 2010... until last night.