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UPDATE PREVIEW #2 - Simply Styled Icon Set

Here's a preview of a handful of the icons in a coming update to my Simply Styled Icon Sets!

Check out Preview #1:

 UPDATE PREVIEW #1 - Simply Styled Icon Set by dAKirby309

:bulletpurple: Premium:

:bulletblue: Free:

:bulletblue: In this preview I focused on adding new icons, improved pre-existing icons and redesigned all the Library icons! Instead of a blue platform, they are square boxes.

MORE ICONS COMING SOON! This will be yet another huge update to the set! However, there will most likely be more updated designs to pre-existing icons rather than new icons this time around!

:bulletorange: This update will include new iconsnew filetypes, updated icons and filetypesa more consistent style, and larger elements to make them easier to see at smaller scales.

Please feel free to give questions or concerns regarding the icons made thus far. Sorry for the long wait, but hopefully you like them. :)
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I have a little confusion. The Previews are great, but are they still coming, or have they been rolled into the icon sets already. Sorry I am somewhat new here and its not obvious to me yet how to tell which is which for whats here and whats still on its way.
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Sorry I haven't released that update yet, I got very busy with school shortly after releasing the update previews. I was going to try and release the update very soon actually. I'll see what I can do. I'm sorry for how long it's taken.
Hey, I appreciate the hard work you are putting into them, and understand the real world has to come first. Just don't think we aren't eagerly awaiting to receive them and thanks again for the work!!!
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Mike, take alook.

Windows 10 Insider Build 14328: File Explorer Icon…
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Thanks, already saw it. I don't know how I feel about it yet, wasn't a huge fan of the monochromatic/white icons of Universal Apps to begin with. :/
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Kewl. But I am sad because there is no Metro UI for newer applications and updated logos.
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Office Sway and stuff.
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You still working on those icons I suggested?

Links, if you forgot:
Corel VideoStudio:…
Corel ScreenCap:…
Action Alternative:…
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Yeah, still working on them. But I've taken a pause on the set because I'm working on lots of college work, which takes priority. I'll finish the set eventually, don't worry. :)
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Ok! :D

You done on that college work? If you're not, I understand.
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Nah college work doesn't really stop until college is done (except for long breaks in between semesters), still got like another year of college.
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Consider updating the iTunes icon and please add Dolby Digital Plus icon too. Thanks!
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Actually I've been working on a refreshed iTunes icon but can't seem to get it right, here it is so far:
iTunes-new by dAKirby309

IDK, something seems off about its color. any suggestions would be great!

Also, thanks for the request, I'll likely add that in the coming update :)
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Yay can't wait!
A suggestion: that iCloud icon looks strange among other icons...
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Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah, I thought so too. But I also thought the current iCloud icon looked strange... I'll see what I can do about it :)

Also, to be my own critic, I don't like the way that Windows Defender icon on the bottom of the preview is looking... I'll refine that one further too :P
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I kinda like the windows defender icon, looks like some kind of tetris game, it's cute.
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