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Sit and Stay - Newsletter design I did for class


NOTE: I guess it's showing the PDF rather than the preview image I put together... so scroll around and take a look at it!

:bulletgreen: The top left page is the back of the newsletter
:bulletblue: The top right is the front
:bulletgreen: The bottom left is the inside-left
:bulletblue: The bottom right is the inside-right

This is something I did for my Layout class recently. We had to choose a nonprofit organization and design a fake newsletter for them using their articles and other forms of research and relevant information in a creative way.

I did the no-kill animal adoption organization named Best Friends ( We had to come up with an effective title for our newsletter, I came up with "Sit & Stay". It sounds relevant, it's easy to remember, and the idea behind it was you sit to read the newsletter and an animal stays with you (and feels at home) for the rest of their lives (AKA adoption).

The most fun I had was coming up with a design for the masthead (Sit & Stay) and designing the typography for Kitty Corner and Dog Tales (tales being a pun of tails, of course). Designing the infographics was also pretty fun (there is a mistake I caught in the bottom-left infographic though, do you see it?). :P

Anyway, I had quite a bit of fun with this! The process work was long and tedious though. And messing with bodies of text isn't all that exciting.

Do you like it?

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Wow ! Well done ! That's look very professional !
Which program you used ?
What they have said in class when they saw your newsletter ? :)

Keep up the great work ! :D (Big Grin) 
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Sorry about the late reply. But thanks! It was the first newsletter thing I did so I thought it turned out okay! I used Illustrator for the typography and graphics, Photoshop to retouch and recolor the photos, and InDesign to lay everything out. :) My classmates said they like it a lot, they especially thought the color scheme (we were limited to only 2-3 colors plus black and white) and the graphics turned out very nicely.

There were some rather impressive designs by other students in class as well! :D Thanks so much for the feedback, glad you like it, I'll do my best to keep it up. :)
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For your first newsletter, it's pretty amazing ! But it could be hard to do this without adobe programs ... I use them personnaly and they are so usefull !
It can be expensive for some peoples :/ However, this is not the tools that make the artist. :)

Anyway, I'm eager to see your next creations ! :D
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Thanks. :) Yeah, Adobe apps can be stupidly expensive, but they can do that since they're the industry standard and almost no other programs can compete. I'm thankful that students get 50% off the monthly payments (at least in the US, not sure about elsewhere), otherwise I'd be running out of money pretty quickly. Anyway, I'm glad you like this project! :D
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That's the counterpart, but like you say, they are the best in their domain ! ^^'