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Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [PREMIUM HD]



UPDATE PREVIEW #1 - Simply Styled Icon Set by dAKirby309      UPDATE PREVIEW #2 - Simply Styled Icon Set by dAKirby309      UPDATE PREVIEW #3 - Simply Styled Icon Set by dAKirby309

Uploaded: 7/21/14
Last Updated: 4/30/17


:bulletblue: All 731 icons at 1024x1024 (HD) resolution (4x larger than FREE version)
:bulletgreen: All icons also have a drop-shadow version for a nice-looking popout effect!
:bulletpurple: All icons also in .ICO format for changing and customizing system icons!
:bulletred: Special Feature: StarDock Icon Package automatic install for a quick change of system icons (requires IconPackager installed, trial version can be used)!
2000 points = $20 USD


:bulletblue: All 664 icons at 256x256 (small) resolution

Click the thumbnail below to check it out!

Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [FREE] by dAKirby309

:bulletpurple: Please keep in mind, if you want to stay up to date, then please Added to my devWatch! me and be notified when it's updated! Thanks.

Request Info:

:bulletred: I am now taking requests! :)


:bulletblue: THIS SET CURRENTLY INCLUDES 731 1024x1024 HD .PNG Dock Icons!
:bulletgreen: Previously known as "Flat Colors Icon Set"

:bulletred: RULES FOR USAGE: You may use these icons however you like, BUT you are NOT allowed to redistribute these icons in any way! They are strictly for personal use, and selling ANYTHING that contains my icons in any way is strictly prohibited!




Thank you so very much! :)


If you're interested in using these icons or interested in having me make something for you for a commercial product or service, you can contact me by sending me a Note here on DeviantART!

7/21/14 Initial release
7/22/14 Minor change to Icon Package install instructions
7/25/14 Changed many icons and ADDED one!
8/28/14 Minor change to Icon Package install instructions... now it should be all good!
12/16/14 Added over 80 icons and changed 15!
1/19/15 Added over 100 icons and changed 45!
11/20/15 Added over 150 icons and changed 204! Changes: LARGEST UPDATE EVER!
4/30/17 Added 67 icons and changed 199! [UPDATE] Simply Styled Set CHANGELOG (30 April 17)

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© 2014 - 2021 dAKirby309
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link pls plsss

dAKirby309's avatar

This is the premium version. You can download the free version here:

Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [FREE]

could you send the preminium version please nnn

Great stuff!! Bought the pack. Just wish there was a VR icon haha. Probably end up discovering more "wishes" as I swap things out. But damn... you put some serious time into this. It's quality stuff!

dAKirby309's avatar
Sorry for the late reply...

I really appreciate it! This was a passion project of mine :)

Sadly the icon set is discontinued for the foreseeable future, as I am focusing on more professional and work-related projects (and life in general), but icons are still something I love making so I may come back to update this set some day! 

Not a problem. I mean... it's 731 icons haha. And a guys gotta work... and live in general. Thanks for the hard work on this set. :)

bvsilva91's avatar

I'm willing to buy this set if you add an Ableton Live icon and update the color on the Spotify one, could you do that? =P

dAKirby309's avatar
Sorry, this set is discontinued for the time being.
syoukibun's avatar
If I get these to I have to uninstall other icon packs first and does it work on Windows 1703 update? Thanks
dAKirby309's avatar
It should work with any version of Windows. Also I could be wrong but I think it replaces any other IconPackager set being used.
How do you apply it?
dAKirby309's avatar
It's a file I believe you double click it. Either that or you open IconPackager and then load it in by pressing the "add icon package" button.

Forewarning, the IconPackage doesn't apply a full set of my icons to the OS. IP is pretty limited as to what icons you're able to replace, sadly.
It replaces all the ones shown, right?
dAKirby309's avatar
All the ones shown on what, IconPackager?
countcardboard's avatar
this might help if you (like me) did not get this to work with Stardock Icon Package: you have to copy the folder with the ico files and the stardock file into the folder with the other stardock icon themes. otherwise nothing might happen after pressing "apply"
charlesmilette's avatar
I don't see any difference in the Camtasia Studio and SnagIt icon from the original ones, if I look at the preview
dAKirby309's avatar
You mean a difference between mine and the official ones? They are different.
charlesmilette's avatar
I just saw it! There is one, but it's so small that a quick glance can't differentiate the two.
Gandalforce's avatar
Add character map for new release?
dAKirby309's avatar
Good suggestion, I'll most likely add it to the set. :)
et-eito's avatar
This set is amazing, one of my favourite icon packs ever on any OS so far (the only one coming close is Paper).

It's sad that IconPackager is a complete piece of crap that doesn't work on Windows 8.1 . Regardless, buying is a good investment.
dAKirby309's avatar
Wow thank you so much! I'm thrilled that you like the set! :) Super thankful too.

IconPackager works on Win8 but it's pretty buggy, unfortunately. I have yet to find an easy and versatile alternative. :( If you know of any, feel free to let me know as I want the set users to get the full experience as best I can!
et-eito's avatar
Hey, I found some software called 7tsp when looking around what other packs use. I don't know how well it'll work, but it might be worth a shot; nothing's less functional than nonfunctional, after all.
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