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[RELEASED] PREVIEW #3 - Simply Styled Icon Set


This update is released and can be downloaded now by clicking on one of the following links:

:bulletpurple: Premium:
:bulletblue: Free:

Here's a preview of a handful of the icons in a coming update to my Simply Styled Icon Sets!

Check out Preview #1:

Check out Preview #2:

This will be yet another huge update to the set! However, there will most likely be more updated designs to pre-existing icons rather than new icons this time around!

FYI Some of these icons are bound to be changed/improved before the final release. (Such as the Wordpress icon and one of the Netflix icons - they still need some work)

:bulletorange: This update will include new iconsnew filetypes, updated icons and filetypesa more consistent style, and larger elements to make them easier to see at smaller scales.

Please feel free to give questions or concerns regarding the icons made thus far. If you'd like any of these icons in the preview changed, let me know!
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Hello dAKirby309,

I'm interested in purchasing your premium icon set but I'm still waiting.

When are you going to offer your latest complete update?

Or do I get free updates after purchase?

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I guess I forgot to mention it on this submission. This update has been released for several months now. Also every update is free once purchased, you just re-download the set with the same account you bought it with. :)
Ok, thank you for the notice. Do you offer your icon pack at or at paypal? I've already bought a lot via gumroad from deviantart and it's fast and safe.
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No gumroad and no paypal. Thanks for the gumroad info, I'll check it out. :)
It would be great if you can offer your items at or When I pay at deviantart via paypal it takes only a few seconds but I've to wait up to 15 days until I can download my purchased item. It's annoying.
charlesmilette's avatar
Perhaps a Vivaldi icon?
dAKirby309's avatar
I'll add it to my requests!
Gandalforce's avatar
Any updates Kirbs?
dAKirby309's avatar
I've worked on them a little bit since #3 but it's not ready. I've been busy with life, sadly.
Gandalforce's avatar
*SpongeBob narrator voice* Awww, life, ze most important thing of things"

Thank you for your hard work!
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I hope this isn't a lot!
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Can I suggest a discord Icon
dAKirby309's avatar
It's in the works :) Once I actually find time to continue working on the set, the next update will definitely include an icon for Discord!
IronManMark20's avatar
The blue I icon on the third row, fourth from the right. Is that Autodesk Inventor? I normally associate the icon with being an orange color.... But over all, great icons! :D
dAKirby309's avatar
Actually that icon is Infraworks. ;) The Inventor icon is orange and a different shape.
IronManMark20's avatar
Ah! Apologies. I see that now. I don't use Infraworks, didn't know it existed. Sorry. :D
dAKirby309's avatar
No worries haha, I don't use any AutoDesk programs (I used to use 3ds Max a bit). So I'd have no idea these apps existed unless I did research. :P
Rahilu14's avatar
I spy with my little eye..
2 icons that I suggested! =)
Orphydian's avatar
it seems autodesk rebranded  again...
dAKirby309's avatar
Meh I don't think I'll bother changing them again, it takes a while to change 30-ish icons lol. Plus their 2016 icons are more 2D-esque. The new ones have a more 3D aspect so I'll probably just stick with these. Thanks for the info though, didn't know they changed their icons AGAIN.... cause it's you know, it's 2016 still so you'd think they'd use 2016 brand graphics.
Firmaprim's avatar
Oh, a windows live messenger icon ! Is someone is curently using messenger ? o.o
Anyway, I love your work ! :)
dAKirby309's avatar
Lol yeah I don't think it's used very much anymore but I figured the Live Messenger icon needed a new look, might change it some more though. Good eye, I didn't think people would notice it since it's half covered by a block of text haha.
Firmaprim's avatar
Actually, It doen't exist anymore since Microsoft bought Skype who replace it :)
I don't think lot of people use it now ^^' (If it's possible to use it, that will seem really odd)
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