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PREVIEW - Metro Uinvert Dock Icon Set COMING SOON

By dAKirby309


Well... here it is, the PREVIEW to my BRAND NEW DOCK ICON SET!!! This one is based off of my Metro UI Tile Dock Icon Set -…?

This is my response to not liking the way the Metro icons look as taskbar icons, I decided to make these because these would look much better! The Metro Tile ones are good for docks. So yea, nothing to download right now, I'm still working on them and all THE ICONS SHOULD BE UP IN THE NEXT WEEK OR SO!! There will be the same amount of THESE icons as there are icons for my Metro UI Tile set and both sets will be updated on the SAME DAYS!!!

The reason I named it "Metro Uinvert" is because the style of these are opposite of the Metro icons. These have no background and are colored with the background color!! Hope you enjoy these icons, I'm very excited for them! :D
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I am just asking, why 400 and not 725 like previous ?
Do You need any help ? ;)
Has the count of icons in previous pack included those reflected ones ?
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This Preview deviation is old, and has been updated several times since then. :)

And I do not count reflected as separate icons when counting the number of icons in the set, only the icon itself. I.E. I count .PNG, .ICO and reflective Firefox as ONE icon and not 3. :)
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i will use these in my other icon packs

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please release this asap!
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Unmmm.... I released this set over a year ago man!
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Excellent!!! BTW, could you also make one for UltraIso...
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Thanks! :D And I shall do my best, the set/an update to my Metro UI set should be up VERY SOON!! Would've been sooner but I have been very busy with school. You know how it is. ;)
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I could help you make some but you should tell me which one you didn't make yet !
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No, it's fine, I know the process for it the best ;) and I only have about 50 more or so, I have been VERY busy recently so I haven't had much time to work on it, but my goal is to get it done by Wednesday... hopefully...
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These will look awesome on the Superbar! Excited about this set. Great work as usual!
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awesome work you got here!
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I'm waiting them ^^
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Great! :) I haven't been able to work on them since Monday, but I will get to work asap!
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this looks spectacular - great job! - i can't wait for the release :)
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Thank you so much!! Neither can I! :) Should be up quite soon!!
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nice work, your a great designer.
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:D AWESOME !!!!!!!! finally you combined very nice the background with the tiles my good :thumbsup: !!!!!!
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Yeaaa! Thank you friend!! :) Thanks again for making the great background!! :D
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Tks for the preview
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