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Modern UI Tiles Icon Set - 616 Tiles



Uploaded: 6/5/13
Last Updated: 6/9/13

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:bulletpurple: Here it is! You guys asked for it and now I'm giving it to you! Here is my first ever icon set made exclusively for the Windows 8/8.1 Start Screen!!

:bulletblue: The set is based off of my Metro UI Icon Set

:bulletorange: THIS SET CURRENTLY INCLUDES 616 512x512 Metro Tiles for today's top applications, internet browsers, Operating Systems/system icons, 1-5 alternative icons for the top websites, AND MORE!

:bulletgreen: To put these tiles on the Start Screen on Windows 8, click here to download OblyTile! OblyTile is necessary for you to change tiles until Windows 8.1 is out! :)

:bulletyellow: Thank you all for being so patient as I get this done, was a bit of work but the result is well-worth it! :D


:bulletgreen: Orphydian has made some GREAT complimentary Metro Uinvert icons that you should check out! orphydian.deviantart.com/galle…

Q. "How do I install these icons?"
A. These are JUST IMAGES so you can use these any way you want. If you want to use them for system icons, then my .ICO's are needed and you need to use StarDock IconPackager or IconTweaker.

If you want to use them for Windows 8 Start Screen, my .PNG's are needed and you need to get OblyTile: forum.xda-developers.com/showt…
Or you can get these, made EXCLUSIVELY for Windows 8: dakirby309.deviantart.com/art/…

:bulletred: RULES FOR USAGE: You may use these icons however you like, BUT if you post them online for others to see, you must provide appropriate credit to me and this set and selling ANYTHING that contains my icons in any way is strictly prohibited UNLESS you are willing to give me a portion of your earnings via Paypal, on ANY site. Period!

Thank you so very much! :)

:bulletorange: For a Business Transaction:

If you're interested in using these icons or interested in having me make something for you for a commercial product or service, you can contact me by sending me a Note here on DeviantART! :)
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This is beautiful.