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Metro Uinvert Start Orb

MY NEW START ORB based off of my Metro Uinvert Dock Icon Set

Please enjoy it!! :D

This was actually a VERY difficult Orb to make, but I'm proud of how it turned out, I tried at least 3 or 4 times, this one isn't perfect either, the "Pressed" view seems to be a bit buggy, but it's tolerable right? ;)

To change the Windows 7 start orb, I recommend you download Windows 7 Start Button Changer v2.6 here: [link]

Go here to check out the rest of my start orb collection: [link]
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How to download?
It says its too big.
Thats what she said :P.
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There should be a button on the right-hand side of the page that says Download, with a little green arrow. 
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The most beautiful start orb I've ever seen; but that bug...
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Thanks a lot! :D but the bug is tolerable, I used it for a few months and it was easy to get used to. :)
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What is the taskbar theme?
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The Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7, look it up. :)
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OK Thanks ;) but I can not find it can you give me the link? or if it is yours tell me so I can browse your page and find it.
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Nice work love it works perfectly with classic shell im on windows 8 release preview and i highly recomend classic shell
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Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :)
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im not sure if this is the bug when pressed but im seeing the blue normal image above the top when pressed
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Yep, that's the bug, a transparency issue due to placement on the .bitmap image. I don't like it doing that but hey, I can live with it.
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yeah im the same thanks heaps,
anyways keep up the good work
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Good idea and well done.:clap:
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permission to include with app, credits to you?
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Of course! :D I'm glad you like!
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