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June 4, 2012
Metro UI Dock Icon Set - RELEASED - 484 Icons by ~dAKirby309 is a set of bold and colourful icons that can brighten up any design!
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Suggested by ntim007
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Metro UI Icon Set - 725 Icons

Uploaded: 1/21/12
Last Updated: 6/8/13

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:bulletpurple: Please keep in mind, if you want to stay up to date, then please Added to my devWatch! me and be notified when it's updated! Thanks.

Request Info:

:bulletred: I am currently NOT taking requests, sorry. :(

■ It's finally done! Here is the release of my Windows 8 Modern UI inspired icon set! 
Please Note: The Preview Image (above) shows icons with shadows and a thin black outline... the actual icons do NOT contain these shadows or black outlines!


:bulletblue: THIS SET CURRENTLY INCLUDES 725 512x512 Dock Icons for today's top applications, internet browsers, Operating Systems/system icons, manufacturers, 1-5 alternative icons for the top websites, AND MORE!


:bulletorange: ALSO INCLUDES ALL ICONS AS 256x256 .ICO FORMAT! (by request)

:bulletgreen: Due Credit: Thank you to the following people on DA:
fediaFedia Heavy inspiration for a handful of Metro icons came from Omnimo:

carlosjj for the Google service icons:
ipapun, I based a few off of their icon set…
n0M3n for one of the DA icons
arcticpaco for allowing me to recreate his Office icons in my set:

:bulletorange: If you want some AWESOME metro icon-styled FILETYPE icons, CHECK THIS OUT! Created by fabianopcampos


:bulletgreen: Orphydian has made some GREAT complimentary Metro UI icons that you should check out!…
:bulletblue: monkee98 has made most of my Metro UI Icons into .SVG FORMAT, if you want to have these icons ANY SIZE AT ALL, DOWNLOAD HIS PROJECT!
:bulletgreen: A few more GREAT ICONS like Eclipse and JDownloader made by murfad!
:bulletblue: Also featured by the co-founder of IconsPedia and many other places...
:bulletgreen: These icons are also used on AskVG's OFFICIAL website as default for download, and contact icons!

:bulletred: RULES FOR USAGE: You may use these icons however you like, BUT if you post them online for others to see, you must provide appropriate credit to me and this set and selling ANYTHING that contains my icons in any way is strictly prohibited UNLESS you are willing to give me a portion of your earnings via Paypal, on ANY site!

Q. "How do I install these icons?"
A. These are JUST IMAGES so you can use these any way you want. If you want to use them for system icons, then my .ICO's are needed and you need to use StarDock IconPackager or IconTweaker.

If you want to use them for Windows 8 Start Screen, my .PNG's are needed and you need to get OblyTile  Or you can use my Modern Tile icon set, made EXCLUSIVELY for Windows 8! (see image below!)




Thank you so very much! :)


If you're interested in using these icons or interested in having me make something for you for a commercial product or service, you can contact me by sending me a Note here on DeviantART!
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Muchas gracias Man

Pixellated-Turtle's avatar

Is there a version with a flat colour palette?

dAKirby309's avatar

I am not sure what you mean. All of these icons are flat colors, and all of them are .PNG.

its suppose to be png

Pixellated-Turtle's avatar

No, but some have gradients... Also I found another one anyway 😀

dAKirby309's avatar

I just finished looking through the icon set, and I haven’t worked on it in years so my memory on all of that isn’t the freshest, but I don’t recall putting gradients in any of the icons, as that would make the icon set style inconsistent. Which icons are you referring to which have gradients? Because they all seem flat to me.

Pixellated-Turtle's avatar

Oh, on my screen at least some icons seem to have shadows on them... It shows up with A LOT of shadow colours when I use them as a palette.

dAKirby309's avatar

Shadows on them after they are downloaded? Years ago when I made this presentation image for the icon set, I thought that the shadows were a nice design touch for aesthetics. I wouldn’t do that if I were to make the presentation image nowadays. But yeah, the icons themselves are totally flat.

Pixellated-Turtle's avatar

Ah, that would be it. But I found just the colours anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

Pixellated-Turtle's avatar

Literally ALL i want is a metro UI colour palette in the .png format, but literally all of them are in .css!

On which site can I convert it as an icon in 128x128 icon format?

dAKirby309's avatar

I already explained where and how.

Here is what I mentioned: To resize the icons to 128x128, go here, or google something like "resize icons" and find one that works. Select 128x128 for resize, and then upload and download them after it's done.

I did it, when I convert it to icon format, the image looks bad in the folder, I get it in 128x128 png format.

dAKirby309's avatar

Well as I mentioned, you can try another site by googling some. This was just the first result I found. how can i convert this set to 128x128 image lossless like in this site

dAKirby309's avatar

If you're talking about converting PNG to ICO, I don't remember. I maybe used something lke this or to do it. It was years ago, so I don't remember very well.

it doesn't look big like this, the icons on the icon archive site look like this, there aren't any of these icons there the contents of this file look small

Ekran Alnts
wallofchaos's avatar

i cant download?

thats the best icon pack in the world :) but can you pls add an epic games launcher icon?

You, sir, are astonishing!

me gustan mucho buen trabajo

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

I Dont Know How To Use These, But They Look Really Great! There Could Be Some More Icons, Though. Such As:
Chrome App Launcher, UNDERTALE, And Task View.
Also, What Do You Use To Make Those Icons? I Would Like To Learn How To Make An UNDERTALE Icon.

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And Stuff Because This Is Just A Spacefiller And Stuff, So Uh Yeah Please Ignore This Sentence.
Sorry I Had To Type That, Its Just The Minimum Is 100.
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