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Google Chrome Concept - Material Redesign

■ I think it's time for a modern redesign of Chrome. The UI style has hardly changed for years and what better time to remake it than now?

■ In this concept, I stuck with the 'Material' design philosophy that Google is implementing and this is my interpretation of how I think it should look.

■ It's not super "Material-y" and conceptual because too much of a change from the current design/layout is sure to confuse many users. So this is a mix of the old layout along with the modern Material design.

■ What do you think, and do you think that Google should redesign their browser UI yet?

:bulletred: Wallpaper used: DaKoder's Dark Material Design Wallpaper

:bulletred: Typeface used: Roboto by Google

■ I am also considering working on a TRUE Material concept alternative when I get some time for it. The alternative design would be much more conceptual and would incorporate the Material design even further (floating action buttons, etc.).
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You'll be happy to know a similar design is out on Canary.…
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A material design is also present on iPad too. Looking forward to the visual revamp when it's ready. :)
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Love Chrome and can't see myself using Microsoft's Edge browser without extensions, so I can't wait for Google to update Chrome with a material design. Looks good Michael!
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I only use Edge occasionally to watch videos because YouTube plays incredibly smoothly on there for me. And to do research. I prefer Chrome and Firefox for sure for everything else.

One reason I switched to Firefox as my main browser lately was, aside from annoying performance on YouTube videos, was because I was getting sick of Chrome's current design. It's starting to show its age and I can't wait for a refreshed UI. Glad you like the concept!
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AWESOME! You should send this to Google!
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Nice concept!, have you tried to send it as feedback to Google Chromes feedback and suggestion portals? maybe they would hear and love it too.
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Nah, that wouldn't make a difference because they are already working on a Material design for Windows and Mac's Chrome. :) Plus I found out after I made this concept that the design is actually very similar to my design.
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Wait, wait, wait, wait, what? I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! :D
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what do you think about the new logo?
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I find the new Google logo sort of plain.  I like the idea but I felt the execution could have been better. Idk, the letters seem to thick and simple, might just be me though. They just changed their logo a couple years ago and I thought they were going to sick with that one for a while. I didn't love it, didn't hate it, just thought it was 'okay'. It's nice but I'd probably rate it a 5/10 personally.
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Nice work! I love the makeover you gave Chrome.

By the way, what program utility(s) did you use to modify(or apply your modded browser design) to the Chrome browser? I've been searching for decades now in trying to locate one online. I've already got all the resources such as the icons, animation GIFs, and other design elements. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Actually, what you see in this picture was made entirely out of objects and icons, etc. designed by me (some closely modeled after Chrome's Material icons). Unfortunately, this isn't real, just a picture. :( I used Adobe Illustrator to make it.

However, if you want a real makeover for your browser, you can't do so on Chrome as far as I know (which sucks). But you can do so on Firefox by using extensions like Stylish (and, and some 3rd party themes. With those, you are able to make your browser look pretty much any way you want it as long as you know what you're doing. :P
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Oh okay, thanks! The picture still looks very nice in my opinion. :) (Smile) 

I just wish Google would allow the same modification privileges that Firefox allows for their browser. I recently tried a very outdated browser modification program called Chromium Themer(Not officially by Chromium), and when I spent a good 2-3 days recreating all of the icons for my would be theme, I ran into tons of problems. Turns out, Google doesn't allow such types of modifications like icon and tab appearance altering. :(
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Thanks. :) Yeah, it sucks Chrome is so limiting. I wish there could be a perfect mesh of good things about Chrome and good things about Firefox in a single browser. Each one has their pros and cons.
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I hope Google should use the Material Design on its Chrome updates then.
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They'll update the UI on Mac and PC eventually. iPad already has a mostly material design, and Chrome OS is starting to get it.
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I like it except for the url bar. I feel if it just had a simple bar around it like the search just below it then it would look better.

All my opinion of course but it's still better looking than the current chrome. 

I also hope that Chrome gets a material design remake. They've already started converting some parts of the browser so there is hope.
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"I feel if it just had a simple bar around it like the search just below it then it would look better."

I am not sure what you mean by this^

Also, someone commented on this concept yesterday saying that my concept looks almost exactly like the new Material design for Chrome on their iPad, and apparently they are correct:… so it seems my concept isn't too off from the design Google will probably be eventually implementing on all platforms.
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The drop shadow around the url bar is what I'm talking about. It looks nice but I feel it complicates the UI a little bit.
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wait i just noticed the bookmarks bar is missing you should add that in 
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I'm considering making a full and TRUE Material concept (with floating action buttons and other Material features) when I get some time and more ideas to do it. :)
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