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Flat Colors Icon Set - PREVIEW #1

By dAKirby309
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Simply Styled Icon Set - 664 Icons | [FREE] by dAKirby309Simply Styled Icon Set - 664 Icons | [PREMIUM HD] by dAKirby309

This is NOT an icon set download!
This is a picture of only just a few of the dozens of icons I have already developed for this coming set! And dozens more are planned!

Currently the icon set's .PNG resolution will be 256x256. This set will likely also be available as high quality .ICO images as well!

Preview #2 can be seen here:…

Preview #3 can be seen here:…

This set will be very large when completed, AT LEAST 300-350 ICONS WILL BE INCLUDED!! Possibly more! Hope you enjoy! :D

I'm really excited for the release of this set and I hope you are too, I'm quite proud of it so far! :D
The quality and look of this set's icons WILL be improved where needed!

What are your thoughts of the set so far based on this image? If you have any suggestions on what you think I should do with the set, feel free to let me know!

And by the way, I am STILL looking for a name for the set, I haven't decided on what to go with yet so if you have any ideas, feel free to let me know that too! Thanks! :)
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i cant wait !! 
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Actually this set has already been released and you can download it now. It's been released for a few years. 
Simply Styled Icon Set - 731 Icons | [FREE] by dAKirby309
How do I actually add the icons? Do I go manually and change them myself?
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With my Simply Styled Icon Set (Flat Colors) FREE version, you'll have to figure that one out for yourself because I only the icons in .PNG to download. But if you get my Premium version, everything's all set up where you can change system icons automatically. :) Plus it provides you with a .ICO version of all the icons in the set
Then.. What's the point of the free version then?
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As images to change for docks and things. .ICO changes system icons, while .PNG are graphic images for more simple customizing... like changing dock icons and such, which many people prefer
So is telling people how to do that a bad thing?
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For some icons for windows, can you create them in more than 1 color? such as blue, green, red,...
It'll be more awesome!!!
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Not sure, what do you mean exactly?
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SO. AWESOME. :wow:
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Metro UI Flat Colors Icon set? seems legit
dAKirby309's avatar
lol good suggestion, but I don't think I'll roll with that. =p
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what do you think?
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Without going into too many superlatives, let me just say that this is breathtaking and amazing!

Despite the flatness, there is just so much "depth". And of course, I love seeing the Rainmeter icon ;)
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Thanks! Glad you like the set's concept! :) I really hope to have the time to get this done soon.
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... Also, watching. I gotta know when this comes out.
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Thanks for the name suggestions, a lot more creative than I could come up with!

And thanks for watching, I haven't had a lot of time to work on it recently, but I'm making progress... hopefully I can be done soon! :)
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Name:  SquareSplat? How does it sounds to you? amazing can't wait for  it
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Hmm, it sounds pretty cool, but I don't think it'd work that well for this set, it's not even square shaped. =P
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