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Current Setup - December 2020



2017 setup: Current Workspace - January 2017 - lots of changes
2015 setup: Current Setup - April 2015 (Cause Why Not?)
2013 setup: My Current Desk Layout - 2/2/13 - MESSY!

I know I haven't really been active on DeviantART for quite awhile, and to be honest, I don't really have plans on returning very much right now. But it has been almost 4 years since the last time I shared my latest setup, so I figured I'd share what I have now! Quite a lot has changed.

All pictures were taken on my LG G8 ThinQ, so sadly, I couldn't include the phone in any of the pictures. 

Computer specs:
CPU: Intel i5 7600K
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
Storage: 128 GB NVMe SSD (OS), 480 GB SATA SSD (Games), and 1 TB HDD (Games/Storage)

Additional Computer:
iMac 2008, 21" (with 256GB SATA SSD) - Corner Desk

Logitech MX Master 2S - Standing Desk
Logitech MX Master 1 - Corner Desk shelf
Logitech MX Keys Keyboard - Standing Desk
Logitech K360 Keyboard - Corner Desk shelf
Logitech Z-213 - Standing Desk
Logitech Z-340 - Corner Desk
Standing Desk - Vizio D24-D1 Smart TV (24", 1920x1080, left),
AOC C24G1A (24", 165 Hz, 1920x1080, middle),
Acer X223W (22", 1050x1680, right)
Corner Desk - Hisense 40H4C1 Roku TV (43", 1920x1080)
Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch
Logitech G923 racing wheel, Xbox One S controller (black), Nyko Clip Grip Power - multi-purpose grip for Switch Joycons 
MisFit VaporX ( I got it when they were on sale for a steep discount. Otherwise, the watch is not amazing)
Other Accessories:
Standing Desk - Dual device holder (one holds the Xbox controller, the other holds and charges my phone),
and an Echo Dot with a Grogu/Baby Yoda-themed holder for it. :)
Corner Desk - Echo Dot, standard iMac Mouse and Keyboard, and a Magic Trackpad 1st gen.
I use two Echo Dots to connect to both sets of speakers so I can control music with them and get a rich, room-filling sound! And the subwoofers can be felt through the whole house.

Both desks and everything on them work together very seamlessly. The desks are on opposite sides of the room, because of the space I have to work with and also so I can see what's going on, on screen wherever I'm standing in the room. The triple monitor standing desk setup is primarily for work and day to day activities while the corner desk is primarily for gaming and for media consumption on a big screen. 

The large TV is set up to mirror my middle display on my standing desk, so that way I can play games or watch videos, and see them on either screen I choose. The TV is also used as a secondary display for my iMac, and of course for console games. Having the Logitech G923 wheel mounted to the big screen's desk is excellent for immersive gaming (and the wheel is not obtrusive to me when I work on my other desk). The corner desk's mouse and keyboard are in the shelf right below the wheel. The speakers on both desks are also perfectly synchronized. So I get deep, room-filling sound.
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