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CONCEPT - Cortana Reminders - Lists

As it stands right now, Cortana reminders are a bit disorganized and are not able to connect to other reminder services such as Apple's Reminder app or other reminder services. This means if you use reminders a lot and you don't use Cortana on your mobile device (or recently started using the new Cortana app on other platforms), you may have reminders from other services and maybe you feel limited on Cortana. Cortana's reminder feature-set isn't as versatile and customizable as other apps like Apple's Reminder app. I thought I'd show my idea on how to give a flexible organization feature to Cortana.

Introducing Reminder LISTS! Lists aren't new, but they are nowhere to be found in Cortana. I designed a concept which introduces reminder lists while staying as close to the original Cortana design as possible.

This allows you to add lists to put certain reminders in a particular list like reminders which are school-related can be put into a "School reminders" list (you can rename your lists to whatever you want!). Or your grocery list can be put in a list dedicated to groceries. You can colorize the reminders/lists so they are easily distinguishable and you know what reminder is in what list.

ALSO INCLUDED: You can download the .AI working file so you can see it and edit it in Adobe Illustrator. I recreated some of the Cortana UI as pure vector. :)
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Good idea :) Can I add some comments?
Pic2. It is not obvious, that "Reminders" is an active element. Is there a way to mark it as droplist?
Pic4. Observation from using Wunderlist, Trello and calendars: First I think "I need to create a reminder about ***" and only after that I think about "To what list should I add it?". What if I start creating a reminder, but have not created appropriate list beforehand? Is there any option to create a new list at this stage?
Pic7. Some colors are close to each other. And some users have bad monitors. How about marking selected color in swatch? Checkmark or something else?
Anyway, nice approach )
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Thanks so much for the constructive feedback! I appreciate it.

Pic 2: Yeah, I didn't think it was obvious, which is why I had the red arrow directly pointing to its hitbox - to suggest it's clickability. But you're correct, it isn't very obvious. I wanted to stay as close to the original Cortana design and layout as possible. But I'll see what I can do!

Pic 4: It would be plausible that a "+ New list" button will be available when choosing a list for the reminder.

Pic 7: I did include a visual indicator letting the user know which swatch they selected, look at the bottom swatches (the green ones), you'll see the color I chose is outlined with a blue indicator. I used the same indicator style as the Settings app uses when you choose your theme accent color. I know it's not very obvious, I'll tweak it some.

EDIT: I changed some things, how is it now? Not sure how I feel about the change (added ellipses button to Reminders header).
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Like it :)

Pic2:  May be "ellipses button" is not canonical droplist symbol, but now user clearly sees that there are some options for reminders.

Pic4: Thought so, but wanted to refine it.

Pic7: Was this indicator there before update? If yes, then we should consider not only "bad monitors", but also "very observant users" lol )
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Pic 7: The indicator was indeed there but it did blend pretty well with the background. I made it based on the accent color more, it's much more noticeable since it uses bright, saturated colors... still not perfect though.
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Really like this idea Mike and totally agree with you ! As I transition over to using Cortana, Edge, and Bing regularly I still find myself using Google Keep and or Wunderlist for reminders. Once Microsoft develops Reminders for Cortana in similar style your idea I'll be able to use it more full time.

Great work as always ☺
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Thanks so much! Exactly, I'd totally find myself rather using Google Keep or iCloud Reminders than Cortana's reminders because Cortana's features are so limited in comparison. I really hope they'll add more to Cortana soon!
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