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Simply Styled Icon Set - 664 Icons | [FREE] by dAKirby309Simply Styled Icon Set - 664 Icons | [PREMIUM HD] by dAKirby309

:bulletgreen: CHECK OUT THE THE ENTIRE UPDATE (Icons are still bound to change and more icons are on the way!):

:bulletred: NEW DRIVES!

Here's a preview of a handful of the icons in a coming update to my Simply Styled Icon Sets!

:bulletpurple: Premium:
:bulletblue: Free:

Those shown in this preview are only about 1/8 of all the icons that are included in the update. I still have some more to make and some that are shown either in this preview image or the stash link above are subject to change before the update is released.

:bulletorange: This update will include new icons, more folders and alternatives, updated icons, a more consistent style, and larger elements to make them easier to see at smaller scales.

I don't know when the update will be released but probably VERY SOON! No ETA, just count on soon. I'm almost done with all of it.

Please feel free to give questions or concerns regarding the icons made thus far. Sorry for the long wait, but hopefully you like them. :)
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Hi - I've read your CC licence - is there a way to use your incons in my commercial software package - i.e. how do I pay you for rights to use commercially?

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Nice work :D I love the blend between 2D and 3D
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Thanks :) Glad you like the style! I've never been sure if people like the mix of 2D and 3D or not.
Excellent job as always! Taking requests?
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Yeah, taking a few requests for the next update (in the works).
I was just looking for a few! Deluge, Minitool Partition Wizard and AIDA64. Love your packages, man. Glad I bought premium.
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Added to the Requests list for the next update :) Very reassuring to know Premium buyers don't regret the purchase :D Glad you like the set!
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Very good i can't wait :)
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I really like the look of these preview icons, especially the blue Steam client/folder ones. :) (Smile) 
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Thanks. :) I'm looking forward to getting the update finished.
Awesome. I know you'll do an excellent job, as always. Are you taking requests for this update?
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Thanks! Yeah, that's why the list of new icons is so long haha. If you want to request some, I'll listen. But I can't promise all of them will be added if your list is too long, unfortunately.
If possible, can you add this alternate ProTools logo?…
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I'll see what I can do. :)
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Ok this is looking AMAZING!   Good work!
You MAY want to think of making a Linux these with this, this style is popular right now, especially with the theses "Arc GTK" and "Paper GTK".   and some places actually do make money from the "premium" themes that they make (more app iconsand extra folder and system icons = "premium").  See any of the Nitrux-done icon themes...…
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Thanks! And thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind. :) Sorry about the late reply.
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Awesome as usual Michael. I especially love the Inkscape and Outlook icons. Can't wait for the update.

EDIT: Oh! And A new explorer icon! Even better. ;)
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Thanks! Looking forward to finishing the update. :) I may change up the Inkscape icon as it's nearly identical to the actual icon, so that is a copyright concern. But I won't change it too much.

Yep, new Explorer icon to accommodate Windows 10 :D I might add some more Windows 10 icons too, not sure yet.
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