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BETA - Metro UI Icon Set (CLOSED)

By dAKirby309
Uploaded: 11/13/12
Last Updated: 2/20/13

:bulletred: This set is no longer available for download here, the official update has been released and you can get it below!!

Check out the official set here: [link]



(change tiles with OblyTile)
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This BETA set is no longer available for download, the OFFICIAL set has been updated and you can check it out from here:…
- dAKirby309
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thanks for the reiteration =P
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How to download them all?
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As stated in the description, the official set is here:…
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Microsoft Publisher 2013 please
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The beta is closed, please see the official set... and I'm currently NOT taking requests, sorry. :/
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and Origin
and Games For Windows Marketplace
and Uplay
and Axialis IconWorkshop
and EZ CD Audio Converter

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please make a tile for steam
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...? The Beta is closed, please see my official Metro icon set. And I have had 2 different Steam icons available since the very first release of the set a year-and-a-half ago. :)
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wow thanks for your hard work, great!
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No prob, glad you like it! :D
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hey Ive got aproblem with Oblytile. My tiles created are displaying as "Run" icon
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Open OblyTile. Click 'Rebuild cache' at the window. done
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Sorry, I don't know how to fix that. :/
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can you post this issue on their forum !!! I cant do that
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Really great job, bro! Thanks and gratz ^^
I'm missing though some Misc icons just like abstract "Internet", "Media", "Utils", "Games", "Design", "Education", "Programming" and so on, you know. Would be nice to add them =3
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Thanks a lot but for the time being I'm not taking requests, the update is almost done and I wouldn't really have time to implement more, sorry. Maybe on a future update! :)
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I'm following this project and I think you should post a changelog of every update (if you want) wich are awesome by the way like every single icon you created.
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I could but I don't really think I need to now because it should be totally completed either by next week or the week after, finally! :D
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"Busy" = Minecraft ?
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