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Thank you very much for the points!! =n.n=

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Challenge me for 20 points (that's 20 cents!) :)
I take this more like training and entertainment (and a bit of help for those who don't have the skills yet, maybe), hence a challenge, since I'm not really a pro, but above are a couple of images I have photomanipulated, left was on request by a friend, right was on my own. I'm not hopping to become rich by doing this, as you can imagine, haha. I'm unlikely to get comissions and 20 cents is near to nothing, right? - But the fun can be priceless! :D

Let me know what can I do for you if you wish! These are some ideas:

- Custom centaurs or mermaids photo manipulations with you as the character!
- Custom captions of any sexual fantasies you enjoy.

Anything different? Send me a Note explaining your idea to me and if it is within my current equipment capabilities *sighs* (I could get a better one), my current expertise (I'm a hobbyst) and my current time available, I'll take it! Plus, I would be happy to receive a tiny bit of money ("points") for that. ... for the first time in my life, lol.

This started costing 50 points/cents but no one asked for my services so I'm lowering it to 20 points/cents to become a cheaper artwhore, rofl.





Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Dakini Avenger
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I finally decided to create an account to browse and favorite stuff in Deviant Art. I have a boardgame project in mind, still under design phase. It will need a professional artist (I'm only an amateur) to carry on with making consistent and fine looking art for the board, tokens, cards, box and rules book, so I am looking for the right profile for that, someone whose artistic style I believe best suits the concept.

Meanwhile it's hard not to get distracted by all the sexy stuff found in here *sighs* but I do try my best to dedicate some time to the project. Hopefully my boardgame idea sees light and materializes one day, as I think it would be awesome to give mankind a game like that.

UPDATE: It was my initial intention to just browse this site, but recently a person asked me to do a custom mermaid for her and I went for it (and I liked it!) so it might be the beginning of more submissions, who knows.

I put Andorra but I actually live in the recently proclaimed Republic of Catalonia, but until things settle down I can't find yet its name in the countries list (that sucks big time, you can't imagine). My first languages therefore are catalan and spanish, but I think my english is fairly decent must of the time (just so that you know it's not perfect always).

Also Dakini Avenger is just a pseudonim I go by here. I would have chosen "Dakini" all alone but it happened to be already taken by someone else so I had to think of a variant and Dakini Avenger came to my mind and I liked the way it sounded. As to what is a "Dakini" I'll leave this explanatory link here because it's certainly not a simple concept!…

I hope you enjoy my profile and your DeviantArt experience (and your life as whole, which is short).

The last place on earth where I thought I would find rudimentary people who did NOT understand what art is was DeviantArt, yet I have found a person (Mr. J. :heart:) who believes to be in the right to insult me and attack me for whatever reason his dark mind may have chosen. I know the reason though. It all can only originate in low intelligence on his side and the consequent big misunderstanding by him. All the information to not get me wrong is out there for everyone to see. He just... doesn't seem to get it. He is too angry in his misconceptions to actually be able to understand a thing I guess.

Well, I couldn't care less, to be honest, despite the whole experience being disgusting and me not having to go through any of this (Why do I have to take insults from an stranger who hasn't even understood a word of what I have been saying to OTHER person or to himself?). Luckily for him I keep calm despite all the crap he keeps throwing at me. I can only have compassion for a person like that... and for his parent(s), by the way.

As a general note for any morons thinking they can judge me or my art or my intentions or tastes or even my "fetishes" (he loves this word in his funny moralist crusade, lol), one single sentence to you all: This is art.

Let me just help you, in case you are having a lucid moment to understand a thing of what I say, ok?

Fav is not endorsement. Hello? Yeah. It's not! When I fav something I may do it for it's idea, concept, theme, colors, technique, or simply to have it handy for future reference. If you expect me to beg your pardon for that, well, I won't. By storing stuff to keep organized in collections I don't necesarily "mean" anything (if you believe I do, go find a pyschotherapy for yourself and good luck with that). If I create a collection with images showing photomanipulations of, for example, amputee people, I am not "desiring" that people gets amputations (I feel sorry for everyone who has been born or has inherited such limiting condition). Unless there's a morality police here and thought police like in 1984 It's not no one's business why another person collects here whatever he prefers to collect, but since I notice concerns as to why I collect images of a type I'll state it clear that by collecting such images I may just find them interesting, peculiar, shocking, beautiful, ugly, pleasant, unpleasant or simply collectable as belonging to a unique category of their own because of them sharing all together common traits. Also I realize (and you should too) that 99% of them are photoedits which I have considered to be very skillful, and if you don't appreciate that, that's your business, deal with it, but I do it, I appreciate the skill of their authors, and no, I am not going to say sorry for what essentially has nothing wrong in itself. I also have a collection of morphs and anthros and by doing so I am not "desiring" that people suddenly grows dog faces, or horse faces and hooves, or 6 pairs of breasts, etc. I also have a collection of centaurs and I'm not "desiring" for people's torsos to be attached for real by surgery to the corpse of a horse. I also have a huge and lovely mermaids collection and by doing so I am not "desiring" that people actually become half fish (I thought EVERYONE could understand this, but apparently not everyone does *sighs*). Whoever believes I "desire" any of these things or pretends to trace a map of my mind by looking at all of it is just terribly stupid, and I believe he or she will have a rather stressful life browsing DeviantArt as a whole, not just my humble little profile, as there is bunches, TONS of all that, around here. Why? Because This is art. It's called DeviantArt. If you can't understand and/or enjoy what art is... my sincere compassion goes to you and your rudimentary mind, in all honesty. I hope for your evolution sooner or later.

Also, if I am willing to create ART on any of those themes, as in fact I do, you are no one to judge it. Your moral opinions aren't my business. My art and collections aren't made to satisfy anybody, so it's no surprise that some of them may not satisfy you. But you know what? It's your lucky day! You got TONS of profiles to look at stuff that will more likely satisfy you. Go look at that and stop "whining and moaning" here and stfu ;)

If the only and best you can do (appart from insulting in exquisite words) is pressing a button on a expensive apparel, again, my sincere compassion goes to you too.

PD: No. I'm not saying sorry either for having a collection on beauty of people and throwing there pretty much anything I find to be beautiful. Are you gonna tell me what I have to find beautiful and what not?


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