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I want to be beside you on a midwinter day,
with the snow arriving just after we did.
I want this selfishly and perhaps evanescently,
but I very much want this, indeed.
I want to see the fruit of a pun bubble up from your smile
and to see happiness in your teeth;
laughter in the crinkles beside your eyes.
I want these things selfishly, indeed.
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Between the clouds eke drops of sunlight;
Pallid notions, they are an unexpected day
Who seizes me amongst the timber.
Dew silently unfolds the tales of night:
Poor ocean! she yearned to speak unafraid,
To lilt and melt; to grieve in timbres
By which one might deliquesce.
And so, she fell gently, upon the world,
Her craft so diligent and verdant,
That the whistling grass held resonance;
And tenderly over it, a hopeful breeze curled
For he may never again clasp such elegance.
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Empty Headed
there was a boy who wrote.
words spilled from his pen,
for often he was quite alone.
the night did not assuage him,
even though it alone was
the only thing that always came back.
it made sure the boy felt lost,
and it taunted him, ignoring flack.
the night in limbo mused;
it knew the boy better than himself.
how he had been scratched, scarred, used.
only his inkshed tears paralleled such wealth,
and the darkness snickered inside and out.
he knew the boy was worthless.
what would be the point of midnight shouts?
he asks. who responds to loneliness?
:icondaking9:Daking9 0 0
This Was Originally Specific
It is easier to write
When you know less about a person.
I can romanticise the ways
In which I may fall in love with your look.
Those rainy eyes and that little grin,
And those bangs.
Goodness gracious.
It is easier to write
when you know less about a person.
When you can slowly replace
your predictions with the truth,
And while content at first, be, perhaps,
ever the more pleased later.
It is easier to compose
when you can imagine they’re more like you,
Or discover an invented quirk,
or learn of a real one later.
The nuance of a soul can fill a room, and
my dear, yours is almost palpable.
:icondaking9:Daking9 0 0
March 21
Every cloud must have a silver lining,
But the dew of yesterday sticks
and tricks my humbled eyes.
They see only the promise of earth;
The present and its sticks, its dirt
While the future waits humbly in the skies.
:icondaking9:Daking9 0 0
silver eyes
there is a girl with silver eyes,
cognizant and beloved.
what a vivid life one must live
around the girl destined to give.
there is a girl with illuminated locks,
tender and golden leaféd.
how it would be to truly know
the girl who lives to know; to grow.
there is a girl whom spills her mind,
gracious and absurd.
what a fine thing it would be
to see the world through a lens as she:
the girl with the silver eyes.
:icondaking9:Daking9 0 0
Mature content
Too Deep :icondaking9:Daking9 2 1
(Excluded Excerpt)
I am homesick.
What iridescent riches I would give just to wake up with her warmth circumferent with my arms. The grasp would last for years upon years and to relinquish our embrace would be nigh upon impossible. How many weeks I would give just to spend a night of dreaming by the side of my own heart, sharing the most fantastic of adventures within centimetres to the most sublime flesh I have been blessed to touch before, and would be blessed to touch again.
My eyes pan my room, and I am deaf with solitude. Trophies dangle precariously from a shelf as though reflecting my own construct, and I am reminiscent of classic memories etched again and again not unlike the phonograph on my writing desk. Music hides throughout my room, and I wish upon hopeful wish that one might sing to me like she did. But alas, not steel nor nickel nor pine nor any material, truly, could reproduce such a gift. I clutch at the tarnished heartstrings hanging from my neck and caress the keys whose service give m
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Small Thanks
Thank you for not leaving,
Even when you thought you ought to.
(You know the time, and
We both know the tears.)
I think that, somewhere inside me,
That sparked something.
Your non-departure.
I didn't know it, but
I must have known,
From that moment, that
I could not dare let you go.
:icondaking9:Daking9 1 4
My heart beats down on my chest and shoves my lungs into the great pit of my mattress,
and you do not care.
I am nailed down by heartbreak and inadequacy into a board of spring and rot,
and you do not care.
I am trapped in a cocoon of dread-ridden fleece; I cannot escape myself,
and you do not care.
My throat burns with the ache of screaming at you,
and you do not care.
My fingertips callus, clutching for you,
and you do not care.
You are "freed" by tempered steel and shredded flesh,
and you do not care.
You are killing my friend, and
you both
have forgotten
:icondaking9:Daking9 0 3
Perfect Night
After we said our goodbyes,
the words "perfect night"
rolled off of my lips.
The air hung so thick with glee
After tired "goodnights, and sweetest dreams".
After we said our goodbyes,
I almost worked up
All the nerve I'd need
To show you my poetry
After tired "goodnights, and sweetest dreams".
After we said our goodbyes,
remembered that
I plainly… couldn't.
In the end, you're not yet free
After tired "goodnights, and sweetest dreams."
:icondaking9:Daking9 1 3
(midnight sketch)
Tonight is a strange night.
My mind is running rampant.
It smells like
My eyes are all ears
to taste what I cannot feel,
And my reminiscent reverie rushes to
and wracks me in the most whimsical way.
My body is sole, soul, but
My heartbeat is beneath your ribs, so
Reason renders rest wonderfully worthwhile.
:icondaking9:Daking9 1 0
The Good Left Undone by Daking9 The Good Left Undone :icondaking9:Daking9 2 2 Lucky by Daking9 Lucky :icondaking9:Daking9 1 0 Light a Roman candle with me. by Daking9 Light a Roman candle with me. :icondaking9:Daking9 1 0
Epic the Panda
Based on a True Story
Once upon a bright and cheerful Saturday morrow, there was a land. It was quite the lovely land: full of land and, um, love. Yeah. In this land, which will henceforth be called The United Isles of Bulgarslavia, the people frolicked and played merrily about. Outside of the isles, the rest of the world suffered from such terrible things as "booming industry" and "massive advancements in social and media technology". The islanders of Bulgarslavia were perfectly content with their wooden homes and solid fish export and strange customs, except when these happened to contradict each other, in which case strange customs always won by well over nine thousand points.
Today, one of those customs plays a monumental role in the lives of all teenage lasses on the main island, Turgia, which is home to the only massive harbour in Bulgarslavia and also where the only WiFi enabled Starbucks is located for islanders. These things are important, as is the following: it is ancient
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When did DeviantArt get so many character limits? Titles are squandered. Anyway, hello. I've uploaded some poetry. It's always on my tumblr first, but that's not a big deal if you don't follow that. I've been not dA'ing so much the past few years, so it shouldn't be a huge surprise that I'm still mostly inactive. I've graduated from high school. I saw my best friend for the first time in two year a few weeks ago, and it was heavenly. We had really good pizza, and I met her boyfriend, who's pretty cool. 

I also got a new laptop, which is much more exciting. It's not a netbook, which means that I can actually do things on it. Wow! Okay. You may see more concrete poetry, but what you're more likely to see is me on Steam as Two Loaves of Bread, and you may see me composing and arranging music for college (and fun). I intend on a Music Education degree at Florida Southern College, beginning in the fall. Finale and other things will run much better on a machine designed to actually run things.

Speaking of, it's a Lenovo X1 Carbon, which is a lot of fun because it has that TrackPoint pointer in the middle. The little red nipply thingy. It is a pretty stiff nipple, so I wouldn't suggest comparing your girlfriends' to it. I don't have much else to say. I hope you enjoy what I put up, but you don't have to. It's modest. Have a great day!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I enjoy:
Talking to myself
Talking to other people
Talking to my bestfriends
Talking to my hats
Talking to my pocketwatch
Talking to myself again

Also, video games and apparently breaking my own legs.
Scalloped potatoes with cheese is my favourite, and I really like lemons. They make my teeth feel really cool after eating them.


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