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To Do List

Sat Aug 13, 2016, 1:45 PM
Wanna RP or chat? Find me on 'Souls RPG or drop me a message on discord: Kitty#2969

To Do List:

Please check my main page for my commissions and trade statuses, as well as information on pricing and how to commission me. This list is purely for my organization; an empty list does not mean I am necessarily open for commissions!


Headshot for Xtian

Character: Nellie Cormier
Payent: Paid


Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Refining by LostEventideStudios

Headshot for Nuki

Character: Moon Moon
Payent: Not Paid

Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - Planning by LostEventideStudios

Headshot for Jace

Character: ?
Payent: Not Paid


Sci-Fi Progress Bar - Blue - 1 by LostEventideStudios

Personal Projects

Below is a list of personal art that I am working on or other projects of a personal nature.
  • Meme with Gil
  • Headshots:
    Alcor, Tierney, Dareios, Leonardo, Sloan, Nivosus, Thiago, Trident, Frisco, Talon
    Rapture, Gin, Diego, Todd, Helion
  • Tam birthday present

Completed, but other side still needs to finish:
  • Art trade with Marcy
  • Art trade with Dark

  • Find me elsewhere?!
  • I am primarily active on DA. However, I do post WIPs and other content from time to time on Instagram (which then posts everywhere else)!

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August 13, 2016
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