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Welcome to my commission info. This journal includes prices, examples and all information you'll need before commissioning me!

Before contacting me about commissions please check my art statuses, which can be found on my profile.  All notes and commission requests made when I am closed will be ignored. Please respect my art status, thank you!

Terms of Service

Outlined below are my TOS - if you have any questions or queries not covered below, please feel free to contact me.

  • I reserve the right to reject any commission for any reason.
  • Each slot equates to one piece of artwork. Additionally, I ask that you only claim one slot during each opening phase. At this time, I do not accept bulk commissions, sorry.
  • You may post the finished product and use it as you see fit, however, I ask you leave my credit on the image alone. (This does not include commercial use - read below).
  • Please do not send me any payment until I have sent you the sketch and you have confirmed it. Once confirmation of sketch has been received, I will invoice you.
  • Mature content commissions are accepted on a case by case basis. Please note me to discuss; I cannot say that I will accept such commissions.
  • Not happy with something? Then please communicate with me! I am more than willing to make changes to a piece to make it perfect for you.
    • Major edits or frequent requests to change things will result in additional charge(s).
  • For commercial work, please note me.

Note: I primarily draw anthro or animal artwork; however I am more than willing to attempt subjects outside of these two categories. That said, backgrounds, humans, and expressions are my weaker areas

WIPs are provided upon request. My average turn around is somewhere between 1 - 2 months. Please keep this in mind when commissioning me. I do have an updated to-do list that shows my progress and workload, so feel free to refer to that.My to do list and progress tracker.

Prices & Payment

All listed prices are starting prices and are subsequently not set in stone - prices may change depending on the complexity of a piece or my ability to draw it.

Additional characters cost 75% of a single character of that commission type, with a max of 2 characters a piece. If you lack proper references or require me to do the bulk of designing, that will add to the cost.

Prices will be discussed once I have finished the initial sketch. This also means that I do not want to be paid until the sketch has been sent to you and the price has been confirmed. Once the sketch has been sent, I will not complete the piece until the payment is received.

I only accept payment through Paypal. I will send you an invoice; please do not send me funds, because they will just be refunded. I do not accept points as payment - sorry.

Digital Commissions

All commission types include a texture / solid color background (or no background). Example here.

Headshots [ $30 ]

Salvador by Dakikr

Character from shoulders up.
Additional characters are not available for this commission type.
BGs may be added to the commission.

Half Body [ $40 ]

Eugene by Dakikr

Character from waist up (or equivalent).
Additional characters are not available for this commission type.
BGs may be added to the commission.

Full Body [ $55 ]

Kayce by Dakikr

Full character.
Additional character costs apply, capped at 2 characters in total.
BGs may be added to the commission.

Reference Sheets

Talon by Dakikr

Various options available; prices to be discussed, pending on what you are looking for.

The Twins by Dakikr


◄ +$10 — +$30 ►

Malthorn and Jarin by Dakikr

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