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Canine [OTA] - 1 left


These guys were just collecting dust, so putting them up here to find a home :D
Asymmetrical, extra fluffy canine designs. These guys are offer to adopt - depending on the offers, I may also throw in additional art (feral or anthro) of the design.
You'll receive the full resolution image of your design and I can make minor changes to it (eye colours, some scars, etc).

If you're after the additional art along with the adopt, please state so in your offer!

Examples of adopts with additional art: Talon and Blushing Bride Ref Sheet



  • Money (£/$)
  • Art (please link examples)
  • Human Designs (realistic – no magic/supernatural)
  • Anthro designs (real species, real colours – no magic/supernatural)

Not Accepting:

  • Points
  • Species not above

Other available adopts by me:

Canine Adopts (Batch #2) [OTA] - open by Dakikr

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Offers for Sunshine here please:
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Offers for Earth here please:
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Oh my goodness, they're all gorgeous ;; 

Not sure if prefer art or monies-- BUT I'LL OFFER EITHER 8D I'd be happy to do two photomanipulations (ferals only sorry ;; but I do like to experiment with hair 8D) of your choosing (half-body, full-body, etc.) -- details of what I do can be found here!
And here are some random examples: 
fire princess by Amphispiza Midge by Amphispiza North: Comm - Anos by Amphispiza R: Bjoorn by Amphispiza

OORRRR If you prefer money, would $50 be fair? -wiggles- Such a beautiful design, your art is stunning-- I have no idea how I wasn't watching you before now! ;; 

Or let me know if you have any combination of the two/ideas you'd prefer ;D 
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Accepted -- check your notes!
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Offers for Night here please:
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Heeey may I can take Night? <3 awesome boi.

I would give you two of my adoptables for him or.. err.. wait

Before VS Now: Fiona

(1st one is years ago, the wolf under her is a redraw from a few days)

Jaina | Canine Adoptable | 3 Points

Just one of my adoptables I would give then. ^^'

So what..?!

Another piece of art from me.

Space Travel~

And here something else, interesting for you? xD

Soo.. I would offer you 2 or three adoptables or.. something?.. xD

and btw I did not understood by 100% why you want to see Pictures but if it's cause you get gift them then I would give you that universe Thing and like I said a few adoptables. ^^

(Bad english xD)

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