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Canine Adopts (Batch #2) [OTA] - open


More designs that were just collecting dust (along with several hundred other designs I just can't part with yet :') ).
This time these are slimmer built canine mixes ~ Along with a custom slot!  

These guys are offer to adopt - depending on the offers, I may also throw in additional art (feral or anthro) of the design.
If you're after the additional art along with the adopt, please state so in your offer!

Examples of adopts with additional art: Talon and Blushing Bride Ref Sheet

You'll receive the full resolution image of your design and I can make minor changes to it (eye colours, some scars, etc).



  • Money (£/$)
  • Art (please link examples)
  • Human Designs (realistic – no magic/supernatural)
  • Anthro designs (real species, real colours – no magic/supernatural)

Not Accepting:

  • Points
  • Species not above

Other available adopts from me:
Canine [OTA] - 1 left by Dakikr

Image details
Image size
1500x1093px 1.12 MB
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Hi Kitty

Would you accept $125 (since I don't do euros) for 003, 005, and the custom + anthro for the custom? I can pay more if you want.
Dakikr's avatar
Accepted <3 Note me details for the custom and any changes to 3/5 :D
DrazziElder's avatar
$15 and some chibi art for 007?
Bus Chibi by DrazziElder Gat Chibi by DrazziElder Folken chibi by DrazziElder
Dakikr's avatar
Do you do anthro or human chibis / would they be feral only?
DrazziElder's avatar
I've only done feral before but I could try anthro. 
Hullusinaatio's avatar
Would you accept $30-$40 for #006 with additional art (anthro)? c:
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