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Author’s notes:

I do not like FIM at all, but since I found there is no way to ignore it, the only way I can cope and deal with it is to make my own version of it. This is an ALTERATION of anything FIM was or is, so don’t give me any guff about characterization, and one-dimensions and stuff…

This is my world!


(The narration below)

Far off in the distant reaches of the dimensional universe, is the magical world of Unicornicopia, home to a race of genetically altered humanoid-shaped ponies known as the Space Alicorns. All were under the watchful eye of their leader-- The Tri Horned Alicorn, who unlike most unicorns had three horns instead of one. All of which were gold colored, but even he himself did not know the reasons of this astonishing phenomenon that was he.

Still, he kept a very watchful eye over his subjects.

Some of the alicorns lived in peace while others would train to become powerful warriors and join their Grand Ruler in his never-ending struggle against the forces of evil-- To become members of “Starfleet Magic!”

Trained well, and skilled with powerful weapons and magic-- Thanks to Starfleet and its warriors, the worlds had been protected from many evil forces…

However, there was one evil force that seemed almost too powerful for even Starfleet to handle-- A powerful hooded sorcerer who sought to destroy all that was good and decent, and rule the Dimensional Universe with hatred and chaos beyond imagination.

The sorcerer eventually attacked Unicornicopia. Starfleet tried to stave him off but proved to be nearly no match against such terrifying magic.

Fearing for the safety of his people and the Dimensional Universe, The Grand Ruler fought against the sorcerer and with the power of his golden horns, unleashed the mysterious magic of the uniforce and was able to render the sorcerer weak, but was not strong enough to effectively destroy him. So using the last of his available strength, The Grand Ruler sealed the sorcerer away on a distant dark planet, so that he might never again recover his power and threaten the worlds with his evil.

For one-thousand years, the threat was long forgotten and only remained in the memories of the past, but The Grand Ruler struggle against evil continued and Starfleet always would remain on guard for any new or recurring threats to ever rise

This story was passed down for a long, and was now long ago history, depicted in drawings on a large tapestry, and others like it.

Lightning Dawn was a white alicorn with a short brown mane and a golden horn, but as he was genetically altered, more than eighty percent of his body was human-shaped. He stood up straight, and had shoulders, arms, elbows, hands, knees, feet, toes. He wore a white armor vest with a code “AO0C” printed on it just below the planet’s insignia. He also wore a pair of white pants and black boots, and small white gloves on each hand.

He was just standing in his room of the royal palace, gazing up at the tapestry that told the story of the Grand Ruler's battle with the sorcerer, a-thousand years ago. It was one of his most favorite stories to hear and tell himself over and over as it really fascinated him.

Just then, his best friend and companion-- a small fairy with long blonde hair, and wearing a pink skirt. “Lightning...?" she said to him. "Are you still staring at that tapestry?"

"I can't help it, Krysta." said Lightning "Besides, it helps keep me calm. Remember, today's the day we start our new lives on the surface. We've both been living up here for a very long time."

Krysta nodded and was eager to go, but she herself was still confused by many things "It's been such a long time since you started training, and you still can't do any magic."

Lightning felt the same as she did. He also wondered many times why the Grand Ruler would take him as his personal apprentice above all the others. Lightning, although an alicorn was unable to perform magic like most of his kind; he had no natural magic in his blood. He could not use telekinesis; he could not walk through walls, teleport, transfigure objects, or use telepathy… nothing!

So for many years he lived with his master in the royal palace, which floated in the skies high above the surface of Unicornicopia, and he learned and was taught how to do things without the use of magic. He was especially trained in the art of combat and was exercised immensely in physical training. Now the Grand Ruler felt that Lightning was old enough, and was sending him to live on planet’s surface below, meet new creatures; make friends and a new life for himself, but he was to continue his studies and his training.  He had complete and total faith in his student and knew he would do well.

Lightning took one last look at his bedroom in the palace, knowing he wouldn't see it again for some time. “Well… I guess we better get going.”

Krysta nodded and they both flew off together, ready to start their new lives.

(Starfleet Magic)

(Opening Intro would be something like this)
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"The Tri Horned Alicorn, who unlike most unicorns had three horns instead of one."

A bit of redundancy there.  You really don't have to tell us twice that he has three horns.  Just 'Tri-Horned Alicorn' is enough.