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I found my red leggings! And the match my Christmas lights.
Yes, it's February. No, they aren't coming down.
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Looks super cozy.

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Love your space! I have definitely missed your lovely toes!

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That's Y I call those Winter lights! Those lights are just best at all those dark months!

Looks like U have a really comfy place :)

And U are right, your leggings are match those lights :3

And they sweet your sweet legs.

U have lovely feet!

Take care! And may go a bit easy on your Big toe-nails ;)

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I usually call them fairy lights so I can get away with them being up year round!

I usually keep my toes painted to cover up my nails so they look "normal". I have psoriasis on my nail beds. There is a nail there, it's just the same color as my skin and the photo didn't capture it right.
If I have time I'll paint them tomorrow so no one is worried about them 😊
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Uh yea sure they are fairy light ^^

Love it!

Now I can see your nails ^^ Interesting :O I also have psoriasis. On my hands, Ankle and Elbow. But this view is new for me. Now I just hope that my psoriasis do not move there. cause that is what it do. Sometimes it's just on my knees some times just my elbows ...

It's sure hard to care :O I use a lot of creams, but how do you cream under your nails :O cotton swab?

Well Nice idea with that Nail polish. Well in the end Nail-Polish is always nice :P

But now I do not worry so much abut em any more ^^ Your feet just look cute ^^

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I take a high dose of vitamin D which seems to usually help with under the nails. But really no way to get the creams and stuff under there.
There are treatments, like the lasers, that can help there but that a bunch of doctor appointments, and I like to paint my nails anyways so just easier to do that.
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Oh those Vitamins help? ... I know, when ever I took some, I was able to learn bather. My mind just got clearer.

I see.

:3 Nail-polish is just great :D

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Gorgeous and kissable feet and legs

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I bet they taste delicious;)

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