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Sleeping Beauty [CloTi adaptation]

Made for :iconthesoldierspromise: Summer contest!

Sleeping Beauty is my favourite Disney golden classic!♥ But well, let me tell you how I got here with this(?)
First try: Me: Oh! I love Sleeping beauty! Let's use that theme. It didn't work. I tried to draw something four or five times and it didn't work.
Second try: Me: Ok, Beauty and Beast sounds cool. Let's try with that theme! But wait! I thought. How the hell I'm going to draw beast? And Hoe the hell I'm going to draw Cloud with beast apprearence? COME ON! I tried anyway. Three times, but it didn't work.
Third try: Me: Well... How about.. The princess and the frog? Yes, that's perfect! I thought. But guess what?! It didn't work! That fucking frog was hair-raising!!
Fourth and last try: Backing with Sleeping beauty! I'm going to do this, you fucking.. something! You're not going to defeat me!! (?)

And then I could draw this xD! THE END.
And no more to say... As always trying to do my best :') and I know, that background maybe is not the best but I couldn't get something better to fit good with the theme of the drawing.

• Pen and paper drawing (Don't scare, please): [link]

Characters Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII by Square Enix ©
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Cloud would say : original work ! ^^