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Icons in Inkscape - mini-tut

I tried writing a tutorial for Inkscape but I'm really bad at explaining things. It's a lot easier if I just show you :D

This is the basic process I go through when I make an icon or any vector work really. Created all in Inkscape, except for jpeg conversion.
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Good job. It looks really nice.
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is it just me, or is this extremely hard to do with a mouse? XD im trying to make several different things that arent square, and am having difficulty doing so
Nice way of showing details. Needs no words. Well done :)

Hey there!
Is it just my Chrome browser or why can't I see the whole image?
Oh $%&§, this IS the tutorial. I am sorry :) Great work. Keep it up ;)
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Thank you for your great tutorial! I'm fairly new to all this. I do have one question though, what is the best format to save icons to? When I save normally it will save it to .svg but I know I can export it to .png as well. What do u recommend? I would like to keep the quality as high as possible. Also, is it possible to save the icon in a format that window can use such as .ico? I am creating a set of icons for Linux/Windows and eventually for docks.

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I don't know what icon format Windows version above XP use...for XP it was .ico (restricted to 32x32px). If you create icons for Linux then .png is the format of choice. Linux also handles svg as icon format.

As said, I am not sure, but I guess Windows Vista or Windows 7 can handle .png as icon files too!?
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so, uh, i have the pic i want to tranform into an icon i'm just not managing to save it as an icon an have windons use it in good resolution...
like pretty vectory thingy

do you know how to make that?
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Thanks! This really helped my with those reflections...
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wait isn't that the libary stamp from sakai?
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I'm not sure what that is, but I released a version of this image as clipart and have seen it used in a bunch of places.
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awesome, that is great!
Nice! I like it!
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well done, good and clear, no words needed!
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how do you download it lol ?
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Excellent tutorial

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great icon you made
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Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing
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Yay! I've been looking for any kind of advice on using inkscape.
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Very well done! Thank you- brief, visual tutorials like this are much more helpful to me!
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Wowza... I swear I saw this somewhere else, probably in a Firefox skin, as the bookmarks icon. Well doneski.
how about one video about this? or svg...
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