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The Umbral Dragon

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Vampire Princess: A Daizua Neo Story (Non-Canon)

Episode 14


    All the unaffected vampires at the sanctuary look on in horror as Balaur ascends and lands on one of the taller towers, glowing red and purple.  He gives off an eerie laugh that sends chills down the spines of those present to hear it.  Even Twilight and Bloodmoon are speechless from what they are witnessing.  Twilight grew up hearing about Balaur, but never knew that he was truly this terrifying.

Balaur: At last... look what you have made.
Moonshire: What happened to Blackfang?
Balaur: My boy... I used Blackfang.  
His body was merely a vessel.  And now, it is time to finish what I started all those centuries ago!

    He makes his way towards Twilight.  The Umbral Dragon's veins glow even brighter, and he unleashes a powerful blast of purple fire from his mouth.  
Twilight gets behind a pillar, and once the flames cease, she then charges at Balaur.  The dragon is ready, though, and lashes out with his tail, the skull end of it opening up and glowing.  It unleashe another blast of purple fire.  Balaur tries to swat Twilight down, but she is more agile than the larger dragon.  She swings her sword, striking Balaur in the face.  He responds by snapping his jaws at her.  Twilight narrowly dodges the teeth.

Moonshire: I'll help her, Sire.  Remel, you get the Count and Zach back inside.  Go!

Remel doesn't question him and goes with Bloodmoon and Zachariah.  Moonshire attacks Balaur from behind, but that was a foolish mistake, as he gets hit with the tail.

Balaur: Foolish vampires.  Let your deaths be the final word in the story of Vlad the Impaler.

    He proceeds to devour them, but he suddenly feels a hard tug on his tail.  
It's Jumbo.  He's grabbed a hold of Balaur's tail and is dragging him away, and he throws him away from the castle.  Twilight and Moonshire cheer for him.

Twilight: Way to go, Jumbo!

    The rest of Twilight's friends soon arrive to help.

Balaur: How valiant of you.  But the power of the dragon is nothing to trifle with.  Stand together, die together!

    He lunges, but Jumbo grabs him by the jaws and holds him in place.  
He eventually shoves him off, but Balaur stands on his hind legs. towering over the giant.  Balaur then does something unexpected.  The skull on his chest opens up, and he unleashes a particularly powerful blast, which sends Jumbo crashing into a nearby mountain.

Twilight: He's more powerful than I imagined...

    Lycae, Fida, and Kamden try to cut his hide open but his scales are thick.  Kamden's axe eventually breaks.

Kamden: Thicker than the Szarlej's rocky hide!
Balaur: Don't make me laugh, Dwarf.  I laid low your warriors of old, I instill terror in the hearts of men.  I am the Lord of Darkness.

    Twilight jumps onto his back, stabbing him in the back, and it puts him in a lot of pain.  She holds on for dear life as he takes off into the sky.  As Twilight climbs up his back, Balaur starts ramming the mountain sides and scraping against them, trying to scratch her off his back.

Balaur: You cannot stay in the skies forever!
Twilight: Neither can you!

    He then rolls upside down.  Twilight hangs on for dear life.  Realizing she is losing her grip, she spots a dead forest of trees.  She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and lets go.  
She drops into the dead forest, sliding through thick snow that breaks her fall.  She gets up, a little bruised and with some blood on some areas.

Twilight: Well, that went better than expected.

    She sees Balaur land before her.  The dragon walks up to her, glowing more intensely.  Twilight finds herself trapped at the edge of a cliff.  He rears up laughing, his chest cannon opening up again.  Suddenly, Twilight's sword glows even brighter than before.  She gets up and holds the sword firmly as Balaur closes in, charging his cannon.

Twilight: Now Sword of Truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!

She then lunges at the cannon, and she drives her sword deep into the chest maw, piercing Balaur's heart.  The dragon roars in agony as he feels the blade in his most vulnerable region.  His lights fade, and he falls down the cliff, taking Twilight with him.  His corpse rots away, leaving nothing behind, and Twilight is unconscious from the fall.  Upon Balaur's death, the Goblins and Fiends shrivel up and die, while the Strigoi and Vampires are freed from his influence.  The Strigoi flee back into the forest.  While the Southern vampires surrender to the others.  Twilight's friends take notice of the commotion ceasing.  From Dracula's fortress, Twilight's grandfather sees light return to the sanctuary.

Grandpa: She did it.

    Later, Bloodmoon is leading a search party looking for Twilight.  They search for hours, but there is no sign of her.

Vampire: There!

    They see Twilight on the ground, wounded, unconscious, and not moving.  Bloodmoon rushes to her, trying to wake her up.  He hugs her tightly, shedding tears.  
After sometime, Twilight wakes up, bandaged.  The first thing she sees is her father.

Twilight: Papa?
Bloodmoon: Twilight!  Thank goodness!

    He walks over and hugs her.

Bloodmoon: I was afraid I lost you like your mother.
Twilight: I'm alright, Papa.  What happened?
Bloodmoon: Balaur is dead.  The Goblins and Fiends are gone.  The surviving Strigoi fled, and the Southern vampires have surrendered.  Twilight, what you did was reckless, but you have saved us all.
Twilight: Mother's soul helped.
Bloodmoon: What?
Twilight: Mother spirit helped me during the battle.
Bloodmoon: I see.  She would have been very proud of you.

    He rests his forehead on hers, and they smile.


    The next day, the Night Council is arguing about what to do about Moonshire.  Some are suggesting to spare him for his courage and pardon his crimes, other saying he is to be brought to justice.  Moonshire waits in the center of the hall while listening to them.  He stands there waiting, wondering what his judgment will be.  After the debate, Bloodmoon slams his staff into the ground loudly.

Bloodmoon: Order!  Moonshire of the Southern Clan.  Quite frankly, your behavior has been inexcusable.  But, in light of the fact that you helped save our clan, your punishment will be reduced.  Your punishment is exile.

    There is a long silence from Moonshire.

Moonshire: I will gladly accept the punishment.  I take full responsibility.  Just one thing, Count: I want to see Twilight one more time, so I can say goodbye.
Bloodmoon: Do as you wish.  I won't say anything about it.  And as for you, Remel.  Your payment as we agreed.
Remel: I will take half of it.

Sometime later, Twilight is waiting in her cabin.

Twilight: It was so hard seeing the others return to their territories.  But I'm sure our paths will cross again.

    She hears a knock on the door, and she puts down her book to answer the door.  
She opens it to see Moonshire.

Moonshire: May I come in, Twilight?
Twilight: Of course.
Moonshire: There's something I'd like to talk to you about.
Twilight: Come inside.

    She lets him into the cabin.

Moonshire: Well... the judgement went well... but...
Twilight: But what?
Moonshire: I'm exiled... That's why I came over, to say goodbye.
Twilight: Moonshire...?
We must all be accountable for our actions.  I'll be fine.
Twilight: Then I'll come with you.
Moonshire: Twilight... your place is here.  I don't want to leave you, but I want to put my heart in the right place.
Twilight: Are you sure you're fine with this?
Moonshire: I have to sort this out on my own.

    They have a moment of silence.  Twilight then bites Moonshire on the neck, drawing and tasting some blood and taking him by surprise.

Moonshire: What was that for?
Twilight: So you can remember me if we don't see each other again.  Now, do the same to me, so you can remember me too.

    Moonshire bites Twilight on the neck as well.  She groans as she feels his sharp fangs pierce her soft skin, and blood runs down her neck.  He then stops and tastes her blood.

Moonshire: You taste sweet.
Twilight: So do you.

    They share a hug.  Tears run down Twilight's face.

Twilight: I'm going to miss you...
Moonshire: I know.  I'll miss you too.  Until we meet again, in a year, or ten years, perhaps the next life.  Fate will decide.

    They share one final kiss and lie down on the fur rug making out.  The next morning, Twilight wakes up, but Moonshire is nowhere to be found.  She finds a note left by Moonshire and reads it.

Moonshire's Letter: Twilight, I know this is going to be hard for both of us, but things will work out in the end, as long as you keep your chin up and continue to be the brave young woman I came to admire.  Until we meet again in the next life should it be that time.  Sincerely, Moonshire.

    Twilight tears up.  Cassandra's spirit then appears from the sword.

Twilight: Mama...
Cassandra: I'm sorry, honey.  Truly, I am.  Moonshire may have atoned for his actions, but it does not change them.  He will find a way to make up for it.
Twilight: Really?
Cassandra: I always believed in second chances.  
For now, live your life to the fullest, I'll always be with you.
Twilight: But where do I even begin?  I feel lost now.
Cassandra: Well, spring is always the season of new beginnings.  Perhaps fate has something in mind.  Be brave, little one.

    The spirit fades away.  She looks out the window as the sun rises, wiping the tears from her face.  Far outside the Northern forest, Moonshire looks back in the clan's direction, then he departs on his horse.  Twilight had not felt this miserable since Cassandra died.  While doing some thinking and sitting, it clicked to her, what she wanted to do: help others in need in any way she can.  Yes, she decided it would be her New Year's Resolution.  Outside the forest, Remel leaves for his clan as well, followed by Zachariah.  In their lair, the three dragons recover from their battle.  As the sun now shines brightly, Twilight comes out of her cabin, ready to go about with her new goals.  She does not know what this may bring her, nor does she realize that one of these feats would eventually change everything in the Vampire territories...


To be concluded...

Characters & Story (c) Me, Dinossword , ethan2509 , TimeKratt 
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Bloodmoon : Twilight, what I'm actually trying to say was, I am proud of you. You've become so strong and brave Twilight.

Twilight : ( smiles ) Just like my mom.

Bloodmoon : ( smiles ) Just like your mother.

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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist


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I always think Dragons are myths because they are only based on Dinosaur's fossils. However, I don't quite know there are differen personalities of both Western and Eastern until I got interested in Dungeons and Dragons and I like it. This guy Balaur here will make a good example of an Evil Dragon with nasty tempers and God like Physique. I know it's crazy.

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I wonder if all of the Dragons in our world disguised as humans around the globe?

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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist

Not all of them. Dragon Shifters are actually rare.

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Oh yeah, I also noticed that Balaur's name is actually a Romanian Dragon. No?

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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist

That's correct.

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TeamDinosauria21Student Digital Artist
Huh, I didnt realize I related to Moonshire. I've made mistakes with you all, and I want everyone who sees this comment to know that I'm not gonna give up on finding a way to make up for my mistakes
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So is this supposed to be the finale of this story or not?
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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist

There's one more episode.

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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist

The darkness spreads, and light must seal it away.

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DinosswordHobbyist General Artist


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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist

Musra's reaction to the tale...

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DinosswordHobbyist General Artist

Yeah, Vampire Princess a dragonslayer.

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great looking dragon

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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist

Thank you

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