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Rebuild of Endgame - SPATICUS

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Time for the main six Kaiju villains for Evolution.  I could have reused my other Spaticus model, but I wanted the Rebuild models to be completely new with recycling kept at a minimum.  The armor is smoother, and he has actual teeth now.

His roar will be a mix of Grigio Regina from Ultraman R/B and GMK Ghidorah.


Herald of Space

Theme: Heart of Courage (Two Steps From Hell): www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRLdhF…


Height: 120 meters
Length: 190 meters
Mass: 80,000 tons
Faction: Mutants
Category: 6


According to Lemurian legend, Zenoprimus created six powerful gods to keep the empire in balance.  Legend also foretold that if Lemuria fell to corruption and sought world domination, the six gods would awaken to end the world, and only Zenoprimus could help defeat them.  The GDF determined that finding these six gods was a major priority.  Fortunately, Princess Makiiyaa defied her tyrannical father to help the human race outside Lemuria, claiming she had clues to their whereabouts.

Based on Makiiyaa's research, the fifth Zenoprimus shrine, located in China, was the resting place for the God of Space, SPATICUS.  Spaticus has abilities to affect space itself, and so caution is very highly recommended with this Kaiju.  We can only dread how powerful the last god, Lugzanor, could be.


-Energy Blast from mouth
-Tail Laser
-Gravity Field
-Energy Wings
-Can exist in any location
-Able to move any object anywhere throughout reality
-Can warp or rearrange space

Character (c) Nick Dodge (Me)
Redesign (c) Nick Dodge (Me)
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MiguelofKingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Genius Design, He comes up in some series, doesn't he?
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Kaijuzilla99Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Space Controller.
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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist
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Very cool kaiju
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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist
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Kaiju Dialga
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Daizua123Hobbyist General Artist
Palkia, actually.
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Damn it! XD
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