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Dr. Spencer's Overview of Skull Island


Dr. Spencer's Overview of Skull Island

Overview    Since mankind first evolved to walk upright and leave his simian cousins behind, he has overcome innumerable perils exploring the four corners of the Earth.  By the last summer of the 20th century, only a few blank spots remained... and one for good reason.  Beneath the churning waters of the Pacific Ocean is the resting place of what some have called the most hellish place on Earth, a land where God did not finish creation: Skull Island.  Skull Island had long existed as a sailor's legend, passed down by word of mouth and in hastily drawn sketches.  No one believed the fantastic tales of prehistoric creatures still roaming the
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Walking with Trilogy 3D Adventure Extra episode

Walking with Trilogy 3D Adventure Extra episode

( want to put Extra episode for Walking with Trilogy retold that he didn't do like Majungasaurus, Microraptor, and Tylosaurus so i decide to do a Extra Episode for him) Walking with Monsters 3D Adventure: The Reptile take over: Archaeosyodon(Main Protagonist) Biarmosuchus(Main Antagonist) Estemmenosuchus(Minor) Kamacops Platyoposaurus Helicoprion The Calf who was a Reptile: Moschops(Main Protagonist) Anteosaurus(Main Antagonist) Jonkeria(Minor) Bradysaurus Tapinocephalus Styracocephalus Struthiocephalus Anomalocephalus Hipposaurus Eutonosaurus Eriphostoma Before the Dinosaur: Nyasasaurus(Main Protagonist) Nundasuchus(Main Antagonist) Kannemeyeria(Minor) Asilisaurus Cynognathus Diademodon Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Adventure: The First Sea reptile: Eudimorphodon(Main Protagonist) Thalattoarchon(Main Antagonist) Tanystropheus(Minor) Nothosaurus Placodus Henodus Mastodontosaurus Silesaurus Carniadactylus Wonders of the Sea: Plesiosaurus(Main Protagonist) Temnodontosaurus(Main

KOTM - Final Frontier New Kaiju/Mecha possiblities


KOTM - Final Frontier New Kaiju/Mecha possiblities

While I am still writing Zone Fighter: Hero of Humanity, I would still like to make this writing, as there is a teaser for Final Frontier, but I can wait long until we got the details. I was also feeling proud of myself on how my new OC Kaiju appeared for this, as my new guys originally will appear in the Zone Fighter but I am also making this as I had thought of some possible origins for each character, and I may add some more? Who knows? The new guys -Widow Uros: She'll be a female Spider Uros as I confirmed for the novelization is that the Spider Uroses have sexual dimorphism, just in color, and in size, with females being much larger, and have red, blues and some purplish, and are much more meaner. -Naggulifak (named by my good buddy @Zettotitan) She's a huge prehistoric mammal megafauna, a descendant of the Deinotherium, and evolved to adapt and live in colder climates and uses her chin tusks to shovel snow. She also has huge tusks like a real mammoth and they are used for

Walking with Trilogy 3D Adventure reboot

Walking with Trilogy 3D Adventure reboot

(For Upcoming Project ) Opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKP-vZvjbh8 Ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFdzNhJAdco Walking with Monsters 3D Adventure: Episode 1 Birth of Life: Haikouichtys(Main Protagonist) Anomolocaris(Main Antagonist) Hallucigenia(Minor) Opabinia Eoredlichia Episode 2 The First Cataclysm: Megalograptus(Main Protagonist) Cameroceras(Main Antagonist) Astraspis(Minor) Grapolites Isotelus Rex Episode 3 Landlubbers: Entelognathus(Main Protagonist) Brontoscorpio(Main Antagonist) Pterygotus(Minor) Guiyu Birkenia Megamastyx Episode 4 Armored Fish: Icthyostega(Main Protagonist) Dunkleosteus(Main Antagonist) Stethacanthus(Minor) Hynerpeton Acanthostega Hyneria Onychodus Titanichthys Bothriolepis Orthocanthus Stylonurus Episode 5 Giant Insects: Meganeura(Main Protagonist) Rhizodus(Main Antagonist) Arthropleura(Minor) Pulmonoscorpius Aphthoroblattina Crassigyrinus Hibbertopterus Balanerpteon Episode 6 Reptile's Beginning: Archaeothyris(Main

ZF: HOH AU Changes and Decisions

ZF: HOH AU Changes and Decisions

So about ZF:HOH, I like to announce that they'll be changes and decisions that I am making, as this version of the Zone Fighter story, is actually a separate canon from my best friend @Daizua123. So what I am doing is essentially a Novelization, but I'll also call it an AU for a nickname, so I do not have to constantly say Novel or Novelization. Anyhow, they'll be major changes and differences, but the story is essentially the same. Why am I planning to make the changes, It's probably for the better good, mainly to wipe away something I resented and hate... But I can let it die, as I can continue on, without that hater in the way. Anyhow... The changes will be listed below for the AU/Novelization -More scenes and dialogue -One written script and a screenshot (separate) -They'll be in Arcs, and Volumes, so I may do them as like seasons -Some of the older characters will get redesigns, and possibly new voices? -Some Kaiju will get redesigns (depends on the owner) -I also got

10 Godzilla questions Tagged.

10 Godzilla questions Tagged.

I've decided to make my first tagging journal, and what better way than to start with Godzilla. The people I tag are: @Daizua123 @Sideswipe217 @GodzillaFan1234 @SP-Goji-Fan @54godamora @KingGodAmeraMan @AntonellisofbBender @KaijuAlpha1point0 1. Do you prefer Godzilla to be portrayed by Suitmation or CGI? 2. Which old kaiju do you want to see make a return in Toho's upcoming World of Godzilla series? 3. Do you think Toho should make more Godzilla anime? 4. Do you think Muto, Behemoth, Scylla, and Methuselah should appear in a Toho Godzilla film? 5. What do you think the next Mechagodzilla incarnation should be like? 6. Should Godzilla vs Gamera become a reality? 7. Should there be a Godzilla/Ultraman crossover? 8. Should there be a Godzilla/Pacific Rim crossover? 9. Should Godzilla himself get a new roar or reuse some of his old roars? 10. Are you worried about Godzilla vs. Kong?

Contest Update

Contest Update

Hey guys! So I have some updates regarding my first contest. Now in regards to designing the Martians and their Tripods (aka Fighting Machines), I did some looking back across War of The Worlds as a series (which it kinda is admittingly) to help think on some criteria. In doing so I noticed something pretty cool. Across the various adaptions of War of The Worlds, the aliens' machines are always built in their image, which given the Martians attitude being described by the novel's original author H.G. Wells as one of egocentrism makes sense. Therefore, I feel it is important that you keep this in mind. My advice: design how you want the Martians to look first. This, in turn, will allow you to better design the Tripods they use :) I will provide links to War of The Worlds Fandom Wiki to help show you guys the correlation I'm speaking of. https://waroftheworlds.fandom.com/wiki/Martian https://waroftheworlds.fandom.com/wiki/Fighting-Machine In addition to that, I have some guidelines in

My First Contest

My First Contest

So after speaking with both @Daizua123 and @KaijuAlpha1point0 I've decided to try my hand at my first contest. So I've been thinking about how the Martians and their Tripods should look for my Godzilla/War of The Worlds crossover, aptly titled GODZILLA War of The Worlds. Part of me has been tempted to go with the designs from the 2005 movie (YES, I know they're not called Martians in that version), but I also feel that'd be a little too easy. So I figured why not make a contest to come up with original designs? And thus here we are. The contest will be held between June 4th until the 29th, the day that marks the 15th anniversary of the '05 movie's release. There will be prizes for the top 3 designs (I REALLY do wish I could give you real money, but with the current state of the world and my bank account hurting as a result... yeah :( ). 1st Place - 2,000 points 2nd Place - 1,500 points 3rd Place - 1,000 points Now ultimately whoever wins first place will be the designs I use for

Possible Dajji Zone Fighter New Universe?

Possible Dajji Zone Fighter New Universe?

Happy KOTMversary everyone I decided to do this journal because I had a random thought, the topic is relating with Zone Fighter. Even if I got the novelization worked, this is just a what if idea of a new universe, despite there is no plan, I just thought of this for my own fun, nothing important, as it's all up to @Daizua123 to flash the light. Some characters are reused, but not all, as I found some inspiration, like a smidge of Evangelion, but not a whole lot, and it's mainly thought like Spider-Man. Anyhow, The "what if" idea was a separate universe which is like my own Dajjiverse, but it focuses on Satoshi Takahashi during his life, and then the Hellfire, and soon, he becomes Zone Fighter, after exposure to a poison gas from the meteorite or became volunteer of a test thing, same for his siblings (if I am thinking of a space to add Angel and Junior). And the movies/seasons, Satoshi is a vigilante, with DRF and/or Sixth Extinction on his tail, but as he got older, and some


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Here's the episode list on what to expect for The Last Chronicle: 1. Grave News 2. Destiny of the Great Spirit 3. Search for the Gyradans 4. Out of Time 5. Disaster Predicted 6. Evacuation 7. Scavenger Hunt 8. Lethal Pride 9. Washed Away 10. Dying

The Last Chronicle

The Last Chronicle

This is it. One of the two Daizua/Dinosauria finales is next. Here are the details so far: -24 episodes planned -Some of Jinn's Dinosaurian friends from @Dinossword such as Scorch and Almaas will appear. -The Gyradans by @grievousvsdarkahsoka will make their debut here. -Each episode will start with a flashback diving deep into the Alayssian lore. -The god weapons are the key to saving Alayssia, and Jinn and company must embark on a quest to find them. -Jinn will have some new friends. -Several new characters are appearing. -Daizua will play a major role in this. -One of the main characters will be killed off to symbolize that natural disasters do not dictate when it comes to casualties. -Deinolayssia will be mentioned several times, but not by name, as it was known as Atlantis when Nathan Grady discovered it. -There will be a bittersweet ending. It's coming soon. Stay tuned.
So I got questions regarding Hayes' age in the Nikkuverse. Here's a solid answer: Dakota is five in Rise of the Kaiju, 2025. Teresa is 12 in The Mysterious Island, 2032. Wrath of the Seatopians takes place in 2039. I didn't lay out a specific ag

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Hey Nick so what Deviant are you going to do next?

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A two-part finale for one of my big series.

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Oh a Two-Part finale of your Own series? so what Big series your referring too?

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Daizua Neo. You may have heard of it.

Something very odd is going on with the Deviantart app and website.
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I haven't noticed anything strange lately.

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