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From Fullmetal Alchemist: Restored!Al and Ed

Because I was very, VERY unhappy with the FMA ending.
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This is really nice, and cute.
Yeah I didn't like the ending either.
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Adorable, simply adorable. The expression on Al's face is perfect for the situation, and the little poster is a great touch. Neko!Ed is the most adorable thing ever. >///<

And you're not the only one that didn't like the FMA ending. It was positively HORIBBLE. I died. T__T
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oh my god, this is soooo cute. i love the ed pinnup. great job!!!

im upset the way the movie ended too. im mainly upset about the whole edxwinry thing. i mean ed supposed to be the genius, why cant he see that winry loved him? he didnt even really say good bye. uhhhg, if i could punch him for ONE thing, THAT would be it
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does it have a fanfic to go with it? if so tell me what it's called and where to find it as i'd really love to read it
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With which ending were you unhappy? With the ending of the anime? Of the movie? Of the manga? (I think the manga isn't ended yet).
The pic is great, as all of yours. Alphonse is God!!!!
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i hated the ending too!!! i thought it was so silly...

lets devote our lives to Alchemy, spend years and years practicing and getting help from all these wonderful people... then throw it away to live in a world where no one knows us and we can't do alchemy?!!!??

wtf. Al and Winry need to grow old together and have babies, damnnit. :XD:
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I know. As long as the Elrics are stuck in the other world, they have effectively cut off all possibilities for more sequels. What's the point of calling it Fullmetal Alchemist without Alchemy?!
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Wonderful but the movie is great but the ending makes no sense XD
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I know. I was like 'what!? That's it?!' I hope they make another movie.
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Hell yeah.. They had to friggin go to the other side where they can't use alchemy so what's the point of actually calling it fullmetal alchemist without alchemy? I swear they have to find another way.... But you know what? There are mini OVAs and Ed lived up to a hundred OoO
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So true! or we could have Ed and Al's kid coming over to the other side and can use alchemy. But then that wouldn't be the same anymore.
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T_T you mean Ed and Al's grandchildren who looke exactly like Winry, Ed and Al? XD Lol to this very day Ed lives to be a 100 years old XD
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thats cute XD and the movie starts where the series ends so watch it when u can is on youtube
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Thanks. The movie was pretty cool, although I'd hoped there'd be more alchemy. ^^
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well u could always write a fanfic about it and everything like in the near future when they are lil older when Ed or Al gets a girlfriend or when Roy finally confisess his true love for Riza and everything like that XD
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Ahhhh, yet again, I love the penning <3
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Niiiiiiiiee !!!!!!!!!! :clap: =D yea the ending T_T , i wish it was longer ..... but the movie sorta made up for it .... Great work =D
Bravo!!!! :clap: Blackrose:
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Thanks. ^^ Thank god for the movie, it wasn't what I had liked, but at least the brothers are reunited.
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your welcome =D :blackrose: , yeah the movie it's true their together but what about .....poor Winry ....she's been waiting for along time T_T
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Great drawing. Yeah, I was VERY mad at the ending, because I hung in there to the very end, and they ruined it!
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Thanks. ^__^ They did, didn't they! Ed deserve so much better!
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woahh really pretty
i like the way you shade and your overall style so cool
al looks so cool here haha and ed looks so cute!
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