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So I've been trying to think of something to write here to get rid of that old journal from November and keep coming up blank. So here's a quiz! Yaaay...

1. What is your DeviantArt name and what does it mean?
DaisyOfSarasaland. It means I was just as big a fangirl when I joined, but with less ability to think of something original to call myself ^^;

2. Why did you join this site?
I kept doing google searches for Mario/Luigi images and it kept bringing me to fanart here. So eventually I thought... "Hey! I should do that too!" This was when I was mmm... thirteen I think? Which means that all my early submissions here are SO TERRIBLE ;__;

3. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined?
Mariooooooo ♥ Especially LuigixDaisy. So... still exactly the same :3

4. How many people are you currently watching now?
Pffsssh, I don't know. A crapton, most of whom are dissappointed because they watched me way back when I was very active and very fanarterriffic. Sorry guys! :)

5. Your first gift ever was to?
On DA, you mean? God I dunno. Probably to :iconluigi-user:, who was my very first ever real friend here (he started watching me before I'd even submitted any art, lol, yet miraculously stayed an active watcher for the whole time I was an active Deviant :D)

6. List five things you are a fan of?
The Mario franchise, spiders, my boyfriend, The Beatles, and gummy worms ♥

7.) List four people you look up to the most?
My boyfriend, my Grandma Juanita, my mom, Michealangelo (the artist, not the Ninja Turtle. I love his painting style)

9. How many pets do you own?
A bazillion! lol okay not that many. Between five and seven, depending on how you define "pets" and "ownership".

12. Name 3 aspects of your personality?
Unmotivated, emotional, and easily amused/easy to please :)

13. If you could have a power what would it be?
A super power? Breathing underwater!! See, I'd want to fly, but you can't exactly fly around without attracting all kinds of attention. Like from the media. Or... you know... the military.

14. Who was the last person you talked to?
Ummm... must have been my mom

15. Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?
Probably my mom, if that's who I talked to last. But if not then my Gramma

16. Write the first five things that pop into your head?

17. What are the things you wish you could do better?
Draw, paint, and come up with creative ideas for drawings and paintings :P

18. Do you like who you are?
Well, I don't hate myself, but there's always room for improvement, right? ;)

19. Summer or winter?
SUMMER. Ughh I'm so tired of all this snow and cold ;__;

20. Rain or sun?
Rain ♥ But only in the summer, because freezing rain is not fun. Also there are no thunderstorms in the cold ;__;

21. List 2 odd things about yourself?
I'm a girl who loves/is fascinated with spiders, and unlike apparently everyone else on earth, I HATE ranch dressing.

22. Pop or Hip hop?
Pop...? I thought hip-hop WAS this generation's 'pop'.

23. How many scars do you have?
I dunno. I think... none? Unless I have a secret scar :O

24. Do you wear spiked wristbands, collars & belts?
Nah. I don't mind that style but it would look silly on me ^^;

25. Do you own anything from Hot Topic?
Heck yes! I got all my Mario shirts there!!

26. Steak or Chicken?
Steeeaaaak ♥♥

27. Favorite Color(s)?
Green :3

28. Anime or Manga?
Manga, although to be fair I've never watched any anime (unless movies count? Howl's Moving Castle is the shiz)

29. Beer or wine?
Neither XP Beer is disgusting, and I've given several different wines several chances to be delicious, and they all failed spectacularly. If I can taste alcohol, I don't like it XP

30. Goth or Emo?
Goth, because emo includes angsy poetry-writing skinny bass players with girl jeans, and goth is just an alternative fashion style :D

31. What is the most amount alcohol you ever drank in one day?
Like... one sip of (insert alcohol here)? I'm in the .0001 percent of kids waiting to turn 21 before actually drinking, because... what's the point of turning 21 if alcohol is already no big deal?? (Also I hate alcohol. My first drink will have to be smothered in fruit-flavors, lol)

32. Cold or Hot?
Hot (although maybe I'm just saying that because it's February in Michigan...)

33. Do you like your user name?
Meh. It's okay. If I could change it I'd make it a little more personal though.

34. Have you tried any drugs?

35. Do you have a myspace/Facebook page?
Facebook yes. Gawd I hate Myspace though XP

36. Are you a nice person?
I... would like to think so... O__o;; Although maybe not so much to my brothers ^^;

37. How old are you?

38. Do you like your music loud?
Naw. I get headaches.

39. Holden or Ford?
Ford (wth is holden?)

40. Annoying?

41. Do you like PLZ accounts?
lol I do, but I never use them because I always forget what they are :P

42. Do you keep secrets?
Sure, who doesn't? NO one is a truly open book.

43. Should they release criminals from jail if they have killed someone?
It depends on the circumstances (accidental car-wreck manslaughter, for instance, shouldn't have to rot in jail for eternity), but for the most part no :shakefist:

44. Are you a liar?
I HAVE lied, yes, but I wouldn't say I'm a liar.

45. Have you tried to kill yourself before?
Hoshit no O__o;; Even in my lowest moments, I'd be too chicken to try :XD:

46. Have you ever thought about killing someone?
Haha not in anything resembling seriousness, no...

47. Do you get depressed?
Yes, but not recently :3

48. Do you have many friends in real life?
Yes and no? I have many friends, none of whom I am super close to :( (what we have here is a failure to communicate)

49. Imports or muscle cars?
♥♥♥ MINI Coooooop ♥♥♥ Best car ever ;__;

50. Gay, Bi or Straight?
I'm straight

51. Do you get enough money each week?
Enough for what? I don't have a job or an allowance, but my gramma gives me gas money sometimes, so... yes? :shrug:

52. Fast or slow music?
Either, as long as it doesn't suck

53. Do you use XD or LOL a lot?
Yes, mostly XD

54. Do you have a boyfriend?

55. If so, who?
Well he's not on DA, and I doubt you'd know him, so... how am I supposed to answer this?? O__o;; lol

56. What is your favourite band(s)?
The Beatles, Bowling for Soup, Panic! at the Disco, Lemon Demon

57. Are you racist?
What? No, but even if I was, who would own up to that on an internet quiz? :XD:

58. Do you like quizzes?
*shameface* yes.

59. Do you own any weapons?
lots of swords and daggers from my "blades are awesome" days, back before it occurred to me that I have NO use for them. Also a blowgun which I never use, and my boyfriend's bb gun.

60. Do you own a pair of boots?
Yes (randomest question ever)

61. What is the best thing in the world to you?
My boyfriend ♥♥

62. What is your favorite Emoticon(s)?
^^; :shakefist: :shrug: :XD: :D

63. Do you like pie?
Who DOESN'T like pie??

64. Have you ever stayed up longer than 24 Hours?
Yes X__x;;

65. Do you like kids?
I love kids :3

66. Money or love?

67. Are you random?
I can be :D

68. Can you sleep through loud music?
Er... depends on how loud? I dunno :shrug:

69. Do you like where you live?
It's pretty nice :) Except in the winter XP

70. What do you feel like doing at the moment?
Nuthin, which is why I'm doing this quiz :P

71. Do you go on YouTube a lot?
I have dial up, so... ,__,

72. Are you a member of any other site besides this one?
Lots, but not art sites because I don't know of any ^^;

73. If so, what ones?
Facebook, Twitter, Neopets, yahoo mail if that counts, TegakiE (oh! I guess that one's an art site! lol)

74. Are you glad this quiz is finished?
Meh :shrug:
  • Listening to: New Bowling for Soup :3
  • Reading: Hannibal
  • Watching: Old home videos
  • Playing: Harvest Moon DS
  • Eating: French Bread
  • Drinking: Grape Juice


Me, Jay
United States
Current Residence: My house
Favourite genre of music: Anything that's not rap or pop
Favourite photographer: DJ McNeil <3
Favourite style of art: Hard to choose, I love paintings and marker pictures (I can't use marker to save my life though
Operating System: Windows
Favourite cartoon character: Luigi!


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