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Lauren Faust's studio

By daisymane
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Making process of FaustiCorn↓…

Painting process of  FaustiCorn ↓…

“Lauren Faust’s Studio” diorama making process…
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Wicked craftsmanship:)
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This is really, really cool and beautiful!
How much time did you invest in this amazing work?
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How is she drawing with hooves?

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What about show based on this character: Princess Sally Acorn Redesign
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i wish you can come back fyre-flye 

GOOD LUCK!!!Free Sonata Dusk icon sour sweet EqG 3 (awww) plz Sci-Twi In Love Emoticon. Sci-Twi Blushing Emoticon. 
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Sooo coooooooooooooooool
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The talented, hardworking mare looks wonderful as she happily creates more and more artwork for her creation, and it's even more impressive that you could make such nice sketches for her all over. (It adds a lot of feeling to her.) The sculpture is fantastic, and the detailing of her studio, all cozy and bright against the winter evening outside. Nice flooring and great little flourish on the easel. The extra posters were a neat touch too. Thank you for sharing a peek at this artist's best working time.
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this is freakin' awesome. 

I applaud anyone who achieve's the perfect smoothness on their sculptures.. I have yet to master the art of Smoothies...  also I love the color blend for her mane/tail.  :)
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Thank you :) (Smile) 
I worked carefully over time to make a smooth sculpture
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Hey this is very nice.:) (Smile) 
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This is so awesome! Choco-Drink - FREE ICON 
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That looks pretty cool. 
Looks great, I love it!
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wait a minute lauren faust did the the iron giant? no way O o O
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That's really beautiful.
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