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Paper child - Princess Peach

So I took this pic a few days ago, but I thought it sucks ^^; but now i need your opinion ..... do you like it :) ? oh dont worry if you dont I wouldnt be mad... just a little sad :cry:

jfhdjfkgd i couldnt think this would reach 200 favs

PS: Peach is a really good artist :XD: dont say bad things about her drawings (or I'll poke you :turbopoke:)!!
so enjoy please ^^
Peach (c) Nintendo
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♥SO CUTE!!!! I love Princess Peach!♥ :D
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this is soo cute!!
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:iconlooolplz: shes writing mario a letter againö....
luigixpeach's avatar
I love this idea!
Subarufoxboy's avatar
That makes for a good effect :)
shinyshard's avatar
HiddenSideKick's avatar
whow did you do that?
LeOnOkOoPa's avatar
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this is rllly cute <3 i wonder how u were able to have peach hold the pencil so well .3.
venusheart's avatar
wow that looks so realistic <3

i Love It
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Heheh! Clever! Peach looks so cute! =p
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Waou! cette photo est très bien prise
on voit un tout pitit peu ton doigt au dessus^^
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C'est la deviation la plus marrante de ta galerie.
DaisyDrawer's avatar
ah bon ? tu trouves ça marrant ?

Je ne vois rien de rigolo là dessus..
ZeFrenchM's avatar
Je la trouve marrante par son originalité, je l'aime bien ;)
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whaaha I love it!!
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this is great is she drawing mario
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:iconiloveitplz: This is sooo cute! I :heart: paper child stuff X3 i like what you did with peach's pose, goes really well with the way shes holding that pencil! TOP STUFF! Original and adorable!!

:iconstarplz: = SUPA FAVED!! :D
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