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Luigi X Daisy - Nothern Lights

Idea from: :iconlarry-tails-luigi:
thanx!! :) enjoy

EDIT : just saw that I forgot to color some things... like the blank space near daisy's arms ...

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Hypocrisy! Shame on you!!! Rage Disbelief Stabbed with a Fork! A good spanking... 
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I knew you would do this >:|
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J'adore le fond que tu as fait. Les couleurs sont super. Et Luigi est trop mignon. ^^
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You see, this is one of the perks of not being in love with the princess who keeps getting taken by Bowser. Daisy is MUCH MORE bad ass than Daisy. THERE! I SAID IT!!! Daisy and Luigi are BETTER than Mario and Peach. GREAT job with the picture.
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This is amazing and beautiful!! *crys in awe*
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wow this is beaultiful
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i put this draw in my vid to daisy and luigi :)
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Awesome!!! I like Luigi's new clothes! ;P
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Awwwwwwwwwww :iconawwwplz: this is so cute!! ^_^

hehe, i like them like this.. :) just sitting next to each other and not doing anything naughty XD ya know.. plain simple cute love :love:

awesome work on the northern lights :wow: beauty!! :aww:

Instant fave! :star: :D
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thanks you a lot !!
I work hard on it so I hope that a lot of people like it :aww:
and thanks for faving :dance:
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Youre very welcome :aww: yes, i can see you worked hard on it.. :nod: and it looks beautiful :love: keep it up!! :clap:
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wow!!!:omfg: How do you make those transparent!?!?!!?!
DaisyDrawer's avatar
with a spetial program ^^
MadamK456's avatar
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epic coloring job and the background and characters look really fine :) congrats :w00t:
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This is so cute ^^
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WOW!!! :wow:
I LOVE THIS!! :omg:
the colours are so amazing! :+fav:
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