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June 8th

Good news the suspension was removed from my Patreon account. I was pretty the worried the staff would take ages to respond however it only took them a day.

I will admit whilst my patreon page was in suspension, i did take the time to go through and remove anything I deemed as 'rule breaking' these were mostly group hentai scenes, however the girls were clearly enjoying themselves. But still I wanted to make sure..  I also stated in the email (i sent to them when i received the suspension) that i was willing to change/remove anything the deemed unfitting. I would meet them in the middle, everyone wins..

Heres a copy paste of the email they sent me:
"Adult content falls into a grey area, especially with fetishes like bondage where it can easily be perceived as non-consensual. 

I looked over your page and it is okay. Your account has been reinstated. 

As a note - by continuing to use Patreon, you agree that you will not re-upload any of your removed content and that you will not fund content that violates our Community Guidelines moving forward.

I've seen more patreons accounts get flagged recently and i urge you guys, just to remain calm and email their support team asap explaining the situation. Since they've been going through may accounts recently their waitlines might be getting a little longer, but hang in there i'm sure it will all work out.

I'm still going to have a overhaul of my patreon, change the banners/looks etc. But i'll still be drawing kinky fetish art for it regardless, however i'm thinking of just making it clear its all "consensual" to keep everyone happy.. 



June 7th
Hi everyone, just wanted to keep you in the loop.

Recently my patreon got a "temporary suspension" i'm not really sure why but i've contacted the staff so we can work out the issues and get it all up and running again. For those that are currently pledged with me, if this happens to take longer than a month do not worry you will not be charged. When an account has gone into a suspension pledges are paused until everything is working again. 

I'm not really sure what the cause of this was, but either way it will all be fine. ^_^
So just be patient with me for the time being and yes i still am working on the image pack regardless. :)
Happy new years eve all, as you can imagine my arts slowed down a little bit. I have friends visiting tonight so i'm taking it easy for today and tomorrow. After new years, my art will be back in full swing. I should be able to get all your orders done pretty quickly after that. Also i'll be adding a few new things to my commission list for the new year. (Fear not the prices ain't changing ;p)
Hope you all have a lovely new years eve, our party is going to consist of food and videogames. Great stuff hehe. Any of you got plans or taking it nice and easy?
Hi everyone,
So in a few days i'll be off on my long awaited honeymoon.
Me and my hubby decided to delay it by a year so we could save up and have a wonderful time together.
I will be gone for 2 weeks, so i won't be replying on taking on any commissions (duh!) during that time.
For those who are wondering where we are going, Japan. :) 

Of course when i return it will be back to the usual of drawing cute girls and stuff.
And i will open commissions again to recover from this. XD
I have set one or two pictures to upload during my absence, so make sure to leave lots of comments and favs. :P

Toodle-loo til the 16th ~
Commissions are OPEN, i have spaces available. 
Please read on for more info/prices~
You can either send me a note with your order or email me. ^_^
(My email is - )

General Rules
1. Note/Email me with your Idea, character references and paypal email.
2. I will send you the invoice, once the picture is paid for i will begin.
3. Do not beg or harass me to hurry with your work, i like to take my time. 
4. When it is finished i will send you the full size image, and upload a smaller version here.

----See below all prices and information.-----
Commission Prices 2018 by Daisy-Pink71
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Two spaces are open for 'not comic' commissions. (Pinups, DID, Facesitting etc)
I currently have two large comic projects i am working on for a customer. 
I will let you know soon when comics become available to commission again. ^_^

---- Current commissions in progress ----

Drake - Sketching*
Space available
Space available

*Pending - Not started

Also not to cause a fuss but i do not do point commissions.
:star: If you guys want a commission from me all the info can be found here. ~ Commissions
Send me a note and we can sort something out.