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Rosalina - Wrapped Up

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Been working on some Damsel fanart from here - Damsel Suggestions

Luma has brought some friends to have fun with Rosalina!
Super happy with how this one turned out, its so soft and cute. <3

For those who've been watching me for a looonnggg time might remember this picture i posted back in 2014.
This was kind of a 're-make' to see how much i've improved. And whilst i still love it its kinda nice to see how much cleaner my work has become. ^^
Rosalina in Ribbons by Daisy-Pink71 

**All characters shown are over the age of 18**

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A True Goddess For My Pleasure.
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Rosalina: I wonder what happened.
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i haven't seen such Rosalina bondage art as good as this one for a while now
this is such a masterpiece, i gotta say
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This is great. Good Job.

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Great and sexy pic.:love:

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You could never go wrong with Rosalina ;)

I absolutely adore the way you draw her, easily my favorite on the site! You did just a fantastic job with this one just like the Original! ^_^
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Thank you so much! little star 
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I Got A "Bad Feeling" About this...


Nice Pic Miss as Ever.Well Done...

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Excellent picture.
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Great pic, the proportions here are really nicely done.
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This is fantastic!
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rosalina shines so brightly that even her stars want a piece of her XD 
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Thats adorable ^^ little star 
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