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Hi and welcome to the Princess Daisy fan club !


~Joining the group~
:orange: How do I join ?
:bulletyellow: Just click on "join our group"

:orange: Who can join ?
:bulletorange: Only if you're a fan of Daisy or you simply like Daisy, you can join this group. Haters coming to shove their art concerning Princess Daisy hate or whatever are not accepted.

:orange: Can I join as an Admin ?
:bulletyellow: Ask the founder.

:orange: Why when I click on "join our group" this message appears: "Sorry! Join requests are closed at this time."
:bulletorange: The problem has been solved. You can now join for free.

:orange: Can I invite my friends ?
:bulletyellow: Of course, though as a simple member you can't send invitations (blame deviantArt) so either ask us to send an invite or tell them directly to join through the group home page.

~Sumbitting deviations~
:orange: How do I sumbit deviations ?
:bulletorange: You must be a member of the group.
:bulletyellow: Go to the gallery, then click on "+ Sumbit to this gallery" on the edition bar.

:orange: What deviations can I sumbit ?
:bulletorange: In the picture, princess Daisy must appear (she can't just be mentioned).
:bulletyellow: Comics are allowed.
:bulletorange: OCs and pairings are allowed.
:bulletyellow: Mature content is allowed.

:orange: What deviations I can't sumbit ?
:bulletred: Pictures where Daisy appears as an idiot, where it says that she's a jerk or something on this category are not allowed. (anti-daisy art, just pointing out if you're a doofus)

:orange: :new: Is there a submission limit ?
:bulletorange: Yes.. but each type of member has different limits :
Founder : unlimited deviations per day
Co-founders : 10 deviations per day
Contributors : 5 deviations per day
Members : 3 deviations per day
If you want to submit more deviations than the limit, submit it the next day.


:orange: Who are the admins of this group ?
:bulletorange:Founder: :icondaisydrawer:
:bulletyellow:Contributors: :iconnintendo-god011210: :iconcosmic-ribbons: :iconjmr-mobius-1:

*Note to the admins : if the founder leaves, one from the co-founders takes his place (this group cant be left without founders, that's the rule) and if there's no more co-founders, well a contributor takes over...
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Thanks for being so numerous members!!
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Here are our affiliates !
:bulletgreen: We can affiliate with all sorts of groups
:bulletgreen: Feel free to affiliate :D our list will always have a space for your group.


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SarahVilela Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2020  Student General Artist
Sorry again, friend... I didn't realize that I posted the wrong design (drawing), again. Set it all aside, please.
SarahVilela Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2020  Student General Artist
Sorry, friend... I didn't realize that I posted the wrong design (drawing). Take this off for me, please.
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Mario Tennis Aces Edit- Daisy by MarioLuigi721  
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I hear Daisy has finally gained a spot in Super Smash Bros :D
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Press The Link below to See Daisy in more games please all Daisy fans! 
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If you want I can take the Leader role, I'll take care of this group while affiliating it with We Are Daisy!
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Hello everyone, I have links to share with many of you for those who want Daisy to be in everything!

Such as this petition!…

Here's another for Daisy's on game!…

And now Nintendo poll where you can vote Daisy in!…

Share these with many supporters of Daisy, this is a great boost to her into all games!
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