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My Bio

My name is Reyisa Danae Magee and I have been drawing ever since I was 10. According to my mother, I have been doing good on drawing. Sometimes I have thrown away my old drawings. I am now also a meme maker and kinda into foot fetish.

I mostly prefer traditional art over digital art. Oh, and I also speak in three different languages, English (American), Spanish, and French and I'm currently learning to speak the Indonesian and Japanese languages.

Favourite Movies
Madagascar (1-3), Despicable Me (1-3) , Big Hero 6, Ice Age (1-5), Sing, and Abominable
Favourite TV Shows
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race, Scooby-Doo!, Amphibia, and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Miranda Cosgrove/Skillet
Favourite Books
The BabySitters Club graphic novels
Favourite Games
Pokemon Sword, Splatoon 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Pencil and Paper (smartphone only), Google Drawings (Samsung Chromebook only)
Here's the list of main characters of my upcoming animated television series, Super Teenagers. Super Teenagers Michael Kaufman/Electric Blue (completed) Michael Kaufman a.k.a. Electric Blue (will be voiced by Ben Schwartz) is the main protagonist of the series. He is a 16-year-old Jewish-American leader of the team with the power to control electricity from his own hands and manipulate it at will. He's dating his teammate Akari Ongaku whom he had a huge crush on since childhood. A running gag is that he can tell funny jokes and puns, which constantly annoys his teammates. Michael lives with his loving and sometimes overprotective mother Bethany and his 11-year-old sister Gloria who likes to snitch on him when he gets in trouble. Michael can transform into Electric Blue by shouting out his transformation call, "Michael, Super Teen of electricity!" Akari Ongaku/Bintang Pop Merah (completed) Akari Ongaku a.k.a. Bintang Pop Merah (will be voiced by Tania Gunadi) is the 16-year-old
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So I finally watched the animated musical film titled Vivo on Netflix, and I loved it! The colors were pretty loud, especially in the Miami scenes, the animation was glorious, and the music and songs are unforgettable! Out of all the characters in the film, I really adore Vivo, but my favorite character is Gabi Hernandez because she's free-spirited, courageous, and is also a music fan just like me. Oh, and my favorite song would be My Own Drum in both the film and end credit versions. I hope you'll like my review on Vivo.
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Here are the 10 personal facts about my Super Teenagers OC, Akari Ongaku. Akari is a tomboy, which means that she can't stand girly things. Akari is bilingual, which explains that she can speak in both English and Indonesian languages. Akari has been taught into all kinds of martial arts, including karate from her paternal uncle Shinobu in order to protect herself. Akari has learned to play video games by her own late mother Kagami, which explains why she live-streams video games every weekend night. Akari is a vegetarian, which means that she can't eat anything meat related. Akari's favorite sport is basketball, which explains the reason she joined the girls' basketball team at her high school. Akari has been currently raised by her paternal aunt Reiko and uncle Shinobu ever since her parents died in a horrible car accident. Akari's favorite drinks are protein shakes and water. When Akari was 13, she got her pinky toe amputated in order to save her life from a sepsis infection on
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Do you prefer Chaotic or X-Men Evolution

I don't watch neither of these shows.

Elsa Frankenteen in casual outfit wearing sandals that expose on their in labcoat and Blue pant jean

NO. I no longer take requests. Got it?

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Oh hey there! I like your Gene and Jailbreak arts so much, back in 2018! I haven't seen you in a long time and it's nice to see you again this time!

Oh, hey. It's nice to see you again too.

Yeah. Also, I recently broke up and I'm single again.