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Legion Papercraft

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Legion from Mass Effect 2 with an M-98 Widow Anti-Material Rifle. The model is approximately scaled to Xenonray's ME2 paper models for consistency.

I've used the alternative appearance textures that you get after finishing Legion's Loyalty mission. Original and alternative textures are both included in addition to legs that are not standing on a box.

Also my build has LED lights installed in it.

Difficulty: VERY HARD
Download [HERE]

Original texture and model belongs to Bioware
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LadyMaid-of-PokemonHobbyist Digital Artist
Is paper craft made out of paper?
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Yes paper, printer ink, and glue .. (well I sometimes use plastic for transparent parts, expanding foam (for internal hardening), wires, resistors and LEDs (to make it glow)

Or was it a trick question ? :)
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Hon3ycombHobbyist Photographer
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Sabi3293Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
"Difficulty: VERY HARD" .... can agree with it. I should build this one for a friend of mine, I guess I have to start a third time now. ^^" but it looks just so awesome! whish I would be this good in creating my own models since I'm an anime fan (especially SAO) and it's quite hard to find finished patterns :(
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Imagine working on it with wires and whatnot dangling in the insides :)

After I wired up the chest cavity the LEDs and resistors made such a jumbled mess I couldn't reach in with my fingers trough the arm holes when I fixed the head in place, it was a nightmare.

But I digress ... keep up the good work it is one of my cooler looking templates so your friend will definitely (or should I say better be ;) ) like it.

Also send me a pic when it's finished plz. :)
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Sabi3293Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'll do. :3 WHEN I finish it. xD
I first started a bigger Yoshi to make something which is not so difficult. ^^
I will continue Legion after that. but I guess it won't look so good (and it won't have light in it. xD) 
Even the weapon is quite hard to make. D:
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Yeah sorry 'bout that! (The hard to make template that is)

I've noticed my templates are starting to get a bit out of hand with their complexity (and thus my finished build output dropping drastically :) )
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Sabi3293Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
the more complex the template the better the result (too much "the" I hope you know what I want to say xD)
really... if there's a simple template the finished model is most of the time a bit strange and doesn't look so good...
if you have a quite complex template you have way more details and then the finished project looks as awesome as your things...

don't be sorry, be proud of it. :) 
it's not easy to make such templates in my opinion and that's why I easily get jeallous but still admire it. :3
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KuwashiifangirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks like he could just walk away....fantastic!
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lagunexStudent Artist
estan muy guapos tus modelos
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This is awesome! Legion is my favourite squadmate! Also, how do I show the fold lines in pepakura? It would be easier if the fold lines is visible for reference. Thanks. 
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Unfortunately you need Pepakura Designer to switch fold lines on and off. its in the settings menu I think maybe on edges and colors settings (not sure off the top of my head)
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I'm actually making this Legion papercraft right now.  I'm still in the legs part though. I tried changing the line colors through Pepakura Designer and it changed the edges but the lines inside the papercraft parts are still hidden. Am I doing it wrong?
DaiShiHUN's avatar
Ok so I've checked and it's in settings > other settings, mountain fold line/valley fold line.
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Woah! Thank you so much! I've been wondering about this fold lines since yesterday. Lastly, is it recommended to start making the Legion model from the feet then going up?
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I usually start with the head (since that's the hardest) then yeah: legs -> torso -> arms
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JeordieFishHobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is just great! Legion is my favorite character from ME.
I'm new to papercraft, I started something like 3 months ago but I have already built Tali, Javik and Mordin Solus. I want to try and build Legion, do you think it's too soon for me to try? :)

Also, how do I switch from the default model to the one in the picture? :)
DaiShiHUN's avatar
If you built those 3 I think you can give it a go. It will take more time so be prepared :)

You can load another texture under settings > texture settings
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SC4R3CR0WHobbyist General Artist
my pepakura skills aren't high enough to achieve this... i must level up
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Such a great work! Thanks for sharing. :)

Where did you hide the Batterie and the power switch? 

It seems that I can't get 180gms paper, only 160 Or 200gsm, any recommendation which one is better?
DaiShiHUN's avatar

The batteries are in the box under the left leg. (3 x AAA ones)

depends 160 gsm can have stability issues, I'd advice making the leg and the lower torso out of 200gsm paper, If you find the join edges are too thick you can change to 160gsm for the rest. or you can do the whole from 160gsm but reinforce the legs by gluing in some extra paper strips in the legs.
Isildra's avatar
Ok, then I'll order both papers, just in case. 
Ah, the Box! Guess it's bigger than it looks like.

Tnx a lot. 

A friend of mines stared at the pictures tonight and couldn't believe he is made out of paper. Hope she is that impressed too, when she sees mine. Should I worry about her suggestion to try something simpler first? ;) Hmm, the LEDs could bei a problem... 
DaiShiHUN's avatar
If you have never built a paper model before then definately don't start with Legion.

XenonRay has some nice ME themed templates that are much simpler than mine are, and look just as great.

As for LEDs please be aware that the template does not have any info on the LED placements and such.
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Oh, don't destroy my dream of getting Legion soon! ;)

But you are right, maybe it would be wise to start with a simpler template. Especially the body looks very complex. And about the LEDs: I thought so because I haven't seen them in the pdo. My plan was to study him ingame again and then decide where to put the LEDs in addition to the head (they fit perfect!). After finding out how LEDs and batteries work together, of course.

Which of XenonRays (also brilliant) templates would you call simpler?  Most of his models do have a difficulty from 9/10. Or does it mean Legion are a 18.75/10? ;)
What about Niftu Cal? He doesn't look difficult, only soft and cuddly....
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