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daily speedpaint 83 - sea cave (video)

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 Fantastic! Its like the sorcerer dude is thinking about what to do with that ship. 
albrecht995's avatar
Dude, this is fricken gorgeous! Love how the cavern fades into the distance.
PrinceRevon's avatar
Mesmerizing work of art. Excellent!
4rmando's avatar
Wow so cool !  Great job!
DemonQueen-Karolina's avatar
Beautiful work! the color palete is just When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)  I love it *3*
UnfortunatelyCereal's avatar
You did a great job on this :D This was the first piece of work I've seen from you and it looks amazing!
CelestialFang's avatar
This scene is so magical and dazzling. ^^ I love the way you use the warm colours to show depth and space. It's such a unique style, and yet looks completely believable.
MeryAlex's avatar
this looks so cool! ;_; 
I'm glad I found your art
SoapyCats's avatar
The colors, depth perception, and everything mesh together so well! This is too amazing :heart: I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this is :jawdrop:
DaiSanVisART's avatar
thank you so much!
SoapyCats's avatar
You're welcome!!!
SoapyCats's avatar
And all in 30 minutes too!?
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