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Princess Mononoke journey into the future


Princess Mononoke Fanfiction wallpaper fanart done for Benjamin L.
First time painting such detailed piece in that ratio. Really enjoyed the process and quite happy of the final effect :)

I need to share more stuff at all but definitely i should finish more detailed artworks



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Wonderful image and great imagination.

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Beautiful colors. You so good at landscape!

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Nie widziałam anime ale art i tak świetny 😃
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Gorgeous piece! <3

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Thanks for creating this wonderful piece of work for me. :D
You done I great job.
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Thank you too! It was soo fun to paint this :D
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This is incredible, the colors and details are gorgeous !

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R: Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

Although... considering the story, I feel like Mononoke would be like "holy sh!t what is this new threat to my forest??" xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd
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hahah thank you :D :love:
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