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Better Late than... NEVER!

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Mattemashita~! This is what we've been waiting for! Finally, after months of grueling digital detailing, The Great Daimyo's Grandiose Group-Pic, debuting the official Never Knights of S.O.F.A., is at last prepared for your viewing pleasure. Without further ado, let's jump right in and find out just who each of us are... (clock-wise from the upper-right)
:iconmadgoblin:1) Squeaky-Bimblesnaff-Bogg: The obscene, green, unofficial leader of the team. Snaff is a seasoned warrior of weirdness from countless worlds. In the never-ending nightmare known as his daily existence, Bogg has delved dungeons, broken barracks, and been to hell, space, and practically everywhere in between. Despite the siege of adversity, he is the only one to ever get anything done. Beneath Gobbo's seemingly-insane shell of rants and raves lies the ingenious mind of a true guru that continues to guide this ship of fools into the future. He rides his signature dino, Spunt, back from the dead, and this time dons prosthetic-mechands attached to shoulder guards, to fully assert his wily force!
:iconvaporchu8:2) Super-Mecha-Vaporchu8: The chibi daikaiju robo, chrome-painted orange. Veech, as his engineers have dubbed this metal monster, is a fusion of various popular entertainment outlets from the land of the rising sun. Being mechanical, he is a master of media, able to analyze and synthesize many a digital element. His sturdy exterior enables him to endure a lot of abuse, yet he is known to be quite prone to delay and slowness associated with outdated tech. Like a chameleon, Veech is capable of changing his internal element (currently fire) by inserting new compact disks into his chest-drives. A good way to power up!
:iconrexranarum:3) Mintman-the-Ometon: The cold and callous, blue 'borg brother of Bogg...(alliteration, much?). This prickly spheroid transcends time, from a frigid future where all known reality has ended and technology has somehow peaked. When things break, we can be sure the Ometon has the programming skills and wherewithal to fix/ vastly improve whatever it may be. Traveling throughout time, 'Ton has witnessed the origin of myriad myths and undertaken challenging quests, consistently devising new cybernetic gimmicks to assist the limbless letch in his pursuits. Here, Mints mounts an equally cyborg version of Nidhogg, a dark dragon who he managed to reconstruct five-minutes-to-midnight, for perverted purposes~ Watch out, Samus!
:icontopmonhit:4) Wind-Wizard-DuthOlec: The wordy blowhard, repping indigo in our rainbow spectra. It may not be fair to call Duth a windbag in the formal sense, as he is really more a writer than a talker, however, the same can not be said about such name-calling in the literal sense. “The Cloud,” hailing from Cuckoo Land, actually is a weather-warlock in training, capable of conjuring-up all sorts of storms in an instant. Mr. Olec is accomplished enough in wordplay to author entire spellbooks, but instead uses his vocabulary to liven-up the atmosphere of our group. Like other such Muppet magicians, his spells don't always go as planned, but when he goes all “Topmonhit Tornado,” foes beware!
:iconkirazy:5) Sparking-KiraKira-Razy: The krazy red-razy kritter who does dat' digital art. Kirazy evolved from a Blink Batamon to some sort of newty-tadpole, complete with more false-faces than you can shake a stylus at. This amphibian is truly insane and unpredictable, yet surprisingly conservative underneath it all. Stark contrasts and imbalance abound his world and views, yielding a friendly rivalry with another fellow aquatic artist of Never. Razy can use his unique talents to quickly sketch whatever comes to mind fast as lightning on his handy tablet, then bring 'em to life to do his bidding. Razy rides in on one of the creations in his lengthy repertoire, an immense draconic Moby the whale! ...And who is playing Ballad of the Wind Fish?
:iconjamesghost11:6) Shaman-Sam&James-Ghost: The freaky duo, a yellow dog and his human-ghost pet. For lack of any better idea on my part, Sam is now a sun-baked Aboriginal shaman from the Australian outback, whereas his spectral sidekick wanders where the dead men lie- a land called the “Never Never”. Despite his mad-dog appearance, the Maban mongrel takes his traditions and spirituality seriously, and is eremitically in-tune with the dry, dead earth. He practices the healing arts, but can also lay a deadly curse on those who oppose him. Though Sam is earthbound, James is free to float about. However, most of the time he is imprisoned in the bone-staff of his owner, lest he escape and possess a body of some poor recently-deceased sap!
:icondaimyo-koikoi:7) Daimyo-Takeda-KoiKoi: The royal purple traditional artist of Asian persuasion. My belated introduction~ I herald from a prefecture of paradise past the 4th Dimension, a great Japanese Garden known as Shangri-Land. Through my efforts as benevolent ruler and celestial artisan to the land, I have managed to keep things pure and balanced. Now I take time to relax and hang with the gang of Never for fun and games. Being a fish, I am a pretty swift swimmer, but on land, I am only good in moving in rough aragoto-style katas. Not a flaw in my opinion, as my whole being is Kabuki-based/ rooted in Oriental essence and philosophy. Of course, there is more to say about my illustrious art mastery here, but this textblock is already too long. Also from Shangri-Land, you may spot my Dragonfly former-mount, Tobi-Tombo, flipping me off his back with a flit of his wings. The jerk!
:icontogeyosh:8) Peeby-the-PowerBox: The monochrome misfit. PB is but a tool to be used at our leisure. Other than that, he is testament to my superb design-sense. “Pb” is the chemical symbol for lead. Lead is colored grey and is used to insulate batteries and contain radiation. A battery is a power box. The + and - prongs on top a battery can look like nuclear reactors. The radioactive symbol sorta looks like a face, just add shades. Add some no-effort hands and feet. Ta-da! Sheer genius. What do you mean that doesn't have anything to do with the real PB? Be honored I just didn't leave him out of the pic like the rest of ya'!

~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~! (tilde-bang)
All that in one picture, plus our Alliance's signature Ship Of Fools, an amalgamate treasure-boat (Never-Land-Cruser) composed of everything under the sun... including the sun, itself! Well then, that's what you get when Daimyo commits to something-- unwavering dedication, all unloaded in one, huge, steaming, dump. Still my best color-job thou', especially in digital. Let's start something really good now...
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vaporchu8's avatar

I'm utterly blown away by how spectacular this is.!!!!
MadGoblin's avatar
My brain just exploded with a color-injection and a side of ass-kickery.
If you told people that this was your, what? Second piece of digital art, BS would be called against you. I still have half a mind to invoke the clause.
Where do I even begin with what super-awesome is awesomely super? From robo-Veech to the "now that's a cloud" Duth to the Carnivale-esque ship-sofa, I ... I don't know where to begin. I can't begin. My brain is pudding right now.
Great job, more than worth the wait. And this won't make Daily Deviation. Pfft.
RexRanarum's avatar

Once again, your attention to the smallest character details -- and the ability to make them up for those lacking 'em -- is astounding! Then you one-up it twice over with an equally attentive text-block backstory and digital skills that would leave no one thinking it wasn't your primary medium! More exclaimation points!!

Better late than never, or well worth the wait? No, wait, I see what you did there. Yours is punnier.
Still crazy worth it.
JimiGhost's avatar
wow Diamyo, this picture just goes to show how you can soar in any form of art!
(yes I still haven't reached that level of digital colouring.)
This picture is truly magical to gaze upon, and that Sam made me have the biggest smile on my face.

also loving the small influences from Akira's art.
Topmonhit's avatar
German, vocabulary, no doubt!
Robo-Veech is the successor to the Diskirbal Unit, right?
Clap clap clap, superb job. When all's said and done we're all gonna have different characters and designs, and I'm not gonna know which ones're mechanical and true fluff.
RexRanarum's avatar
I thought the same thing. Well, that it had some Diskirbal properties, not that it was the successor. Doubt Daimyo intended it, and I really dunno if Veech would approve of being that.
Topmonhit's avatar
Yeah successor wasn't really the right word.
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