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I've seen it: It's Coming -- Stay Tuned!
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My Bio
>Hai-yoi-sho~! Daimyo is a Visual Artist extraordinaire. Quite capable in media of Drawing, Painting, Ceramic Figurines & Pottery, Printing, Posters & Signs, as well as Other Traditional Crafts. No job is too much for his legendary artskills, if the price is right! (Even if done for free, expect only the best!)
>Daimyo is a lover and connoisseur of East-Asian Art and Culture. His interests include History, Nature, Folklore, Health, Martial Arts, Beauties, Manga, and Video Games, and he considers himself a Taoist in the ways of life. His cause is to better himself as a person and as an artist, to make friends and to collaborate in art, and to develop new fantastical works that draw from rich Eastern style/philosophy, for the betterment of tomorrow's youth.
>Currently attending college at TCC (for general education) and VCU (for arts & animation). Also enjoys working part-time with father in construction and home-improvement. Once was a pristine fan-artist, helping to herald in the "Kirby Renaissance" to the now-ruinous Rainbow Resort. Today, is creating new original ideas and characters based on his Asian-interests, right here, at the grand ol' dA~!

Favourite Visual Artist
Immortal Old Masters (all long-dead) from China and Japan
Favourite Movies
Drunken Master, Kung Fu Panda, Disney's Mulan, and surprisingly, Gran Torino, starring Clint Eastwood
Favourite TV Shows
Bevis and Butt-Head (heheh,huhuh~)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Soul Flower Union/ Mononoke Sumit, Oingo Boingo, Traditional Japanese music from various artists, most prominently, bon-uta: Ondo !
Favourite Books
Tao Te Ching, Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump, "A Dictionary of Chinese Symbols", and a book on all sorts of Japanese mythology and folklore that I know I have lying around somewhere, but I cannot findit for the title.
Favourite Writers
Lin Yutang, Richard Wilhelm, Lao Tsu, Chuang Tsu, I also really enjoy reading the sly-comments and brutally-honest critiques of things by Bimblesnaff and Mints :)
Favourite Games
All Kirby-Series Games, period. Ganbare-Goemon series, Okami Series, Mario and Pokemon, kinda.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Products, old and new. But not too-new.
Tools of the Trade
TRADITIONAL ART RULES. Paper, Pencil, Ink, Brush, Marker, Colored pencil, Super Sculpy polymer clay, Acrylic paint, sometimes GIMP/Paint, and my very own potters wheel I never use, sadly...
Other Interests
Asian Culture, Women, and Cooking. Martial Arts and Animation. Complete, unwaivering loyal friendship, or Total, secluded personal hermitage. I'm very dualistic...

April Fools Day: Like me, it comes but once a year

April Fools Day: Like me, it comes but once a year

I tend to get active this time of year. Please follow me over on Instagram, if you have not done so already. It's so easy, just follow this link--  https://www.instagram.com/matabei Take the bait! Take the plunge! Catch this fish on the flipside, yo! So, I just got done marathon-uploading all of my old Kirby art from KRR, and am I ever exhausted... It was nice strolling down old memory lane, but that place is dead and festering, so let's only look forward from now on :) At least the past can be preserved here (while DeviantArt lasts, that is). Curious to see who actually still uses DA...? I mean, It's nice to archive stuff, as I've said, bu
I've uploaded a metric tonne of old works for April Fools Day! Go and check 'em out in my gallery, if anyone even cares anymore~ If you happen to be a die hard fan of mine, and still haven't followed my Instagram yet, what are you waiting for? Please...
https://www.instagram.com/p/By3ZPL3pcWn/?igshid=162kq4tqs38pg Just found out I can share stuff to DA from Instagram. I may continue if this attempt is successful~

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Thank you!
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Happy Birthday man :)
Daimyo-KoiKoiStudent Traditional Artist
Thanks a bunch, Jamesman :)
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Have a great birthday!
Daimyo-KoiKoiStudent Traditional Artist
Thank you sOoOo much!!!
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Hey no problem, hope you're having a fun day!