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New KoiKoi November
As the leaves change, so, too, do the art styles and ways of creation. 
Oh man this is really living. So just try and relax, yeah cool it. Fall apart in my backyard. 
'Cause let me tell you something, little britches- If you act like that bee acts- uh uh, You're working too hard.

Hey, it's been quite some time since I worked on my "Shangri-Land" universe, so here is a recent design update/ glamour shot of Daimyo-KoiKoi, himself, to prove that I'm not slacking (believe it!)~~~

I hope to get back to my comic soon-- good news for those loyal few who've missed seeing it. But, I think some changes will need to be made moving forward. Maybe not with the story (unless some of you have any suggestions) but mostly in terms of how I create it. The first chapter was all made the same way, following this method:

First, a rough sketch of pencil-on-paper, drawing in the panel placement, jotting in characters and speech bubbles. Next, importing that drawing into Photoshop, and dragging the panel box borders out, with adequate spacing. Then, outlining the characters in black using a Wacom tablet + pen with an ink-brush effect, followed by coloring in the characters and the backgrounds similarly, but using a brush that simulates fine colored pencil texture. Lastly, I would type the script up into place and use different fonts depending on the situation. Done!

If the process sounds lengthy, well... obviously, it was! Therefore, tis no way I could keep up that level of work while continuing to put the story out regularly-- and by that, I mean at least a page a week. With the previous method of making the comic, I'd be lucky to post twice a month (accounting for real-life stuff, as well)! Don't get me wrong, I am still pleased with the results of the first chapter, but the previous pace is unacceptable in my opinion, and I am slow at making art, in general.

  • Drawing on paper is the only way I can sketch. If I try to free-hand stuff on the computer, it starts looking really wonky.
  • I love the look black outlines give using the Wacom, and it's so convenient -and safe- so much better than using actual liquid ink.
  • I like how I can manipulate the panels digitally, if I happened to draw them slightly off in the initial pencil sketch.
  • No two ways about it- coloring on the computer is just plain more beautiful. The colors pop, and can be easily edited and erased.
  • Likewise, digital text is integral to all modern comics. I'm no typographer (I barely grasp graphic design) but typed text is tits.
  • Saves on resources (pens, paints, pencils, erasers, etc.)
    • Always loathed the actual action of coloring on the computer. It feels so unnatural compared to something like colored pencils. Not to mention, it takes freaking forever to block in colors (granted, I'm a perfectionist). It's also hella hard to stay in the lines, but luckily, I've discovered certain blending modes for the paintbrush that allow this step to be less of a hassle.
    • When I work in digital media, I feel like everything has to be exact and lined up perfectly. You know, mathematical~! The problem is, I suck at math, and my OCD for exact digital alignment is a major time-waster. This is more of a personal problem...
    • No freehand. Every picture I've ever uploaded is done by hand, first and foremost, even if it's covered by a digital facade. I admit, I have weaknesses. The two-step process of traditional-to-digital takes more time than I would like.
    • Too artificial. I want my comic to have a story book feel, and digital art tends to detract from that, somewhat. Meh~
    I'm currently devising a plan of action for the comic, with hopes to have the next chapter started by next month. Any advice I can get, I'll take into consideration on how to proceed more smoothly. I have some ideas, but we'll just have to wait and see how they play out.

    Anyhow, enjoy my digital drawing here! I guess it's a banner for fall? Let me know what you think of the new style, which probably won't be seen in the comic :p
    Hat Kid - Super Smash Bros. Moveset Compendium
    La la la la La la la la La la la la Commissioned by: 007fluttershyizard La la la la La la la la La la la la 

    Hello, and welcome to the first official entry in my Super Smash Bros. Moveset Compendium: Hat Kid from the hit indie game, A Hat In Time!

    Hat Kid is a little girl with a lot of power! Using the various hats from her game, as well as her trusty umbrella, Hat Kid has all it takes and more to be an epic fighter and a special third-party newcomer. She's medium lightweight and quick, and has two normal jumps.

    Hat Kid's moves are mostly self-explanatory (I'll let the work speak for itself). However, I will explain a few of her actions below.

    Neutral Attack - Umbrella Bop, Umbrella Twirl: Hat Kid stands in place and chops with her trademark weapon every time the button is pressed and released. If the attack button is held, she will hold the umbrella straight out, spinning, for multiple, weaker hits.

    Dash Attack - Super Dive: Much like in AHiT, Hat Kid flies forward a short distance to attack and cover more ground during a run.

    Up Tilt - Umbrella Poke: (Like Link’s up aerial) Hat Kid stabs straight up with her parasol's point.

    Side Tilt - Umbrella Swing: Hat Kid bats the umbrella two-handedly, striking hard in front of her, but also slightly behind her.

    Down Tilt - Umbrella Drill: (Like Kirby’s Parasol Twirl) Crouching, Hat Kid will then jam her open umbrella below her and spin it a little. This move can combo well into her Down Aerial.

    Neutral Aerial - Kid Somersault: Hat Kid quickly curls into a ball, then stretches out her arms and legs, spinning up to 3 times. This move holds her aerial position the first time it's used after a jump, and can combo well into her Up Special.

    Back Aerial - Parasol Backstab: Hat Kid jabs her umbrella behind her, as if it were a sword.

    Up Aerial - Parasol Drift: A very useful move! Not only does it attack opponents above Hat Kid when it's opened in the air, but she can also hold the umbrella open and use this attack to drift in the direction Hat Kid's momentum is moving. The drift ends when the attack button is released, or if she's attacked, herself, Hat Kid will fall helpless.

    Forward Aerial - Parasol Hook: Using the crook of her umbrella's handle, Hat Kid attacks opponents in front of her. If it hooks an opponent, she will pull them behind her, where she can easily combo into a Back Aerial.

    Down Aerial - Parasol Pogo: Go all "Shovel Knight" on your opponent and use Hat Kid's parasol to pogo stick off some heads! When Hat Kid touches the ground, she can keep the pogo going if the attack button is repeatedly pressed. This attack falls fast and strikes hard, so be careful not to self-destruct.

    Up Smash - Completionist Fireworks: First, Hat Kid's regular hat changes to her 100% top hat while she ducks slightly, charging the attack. When released, she'll rise up and an explosion of fireworks pops out of her hat, hitting opponents that are a short distance above.

    Side Smash - Steampunk Sprinter: Hat Kid's hat changes to the maximum Sprint Hat, a special item in her game that allows for quick movement. After revving up, she zooms forward, attacking the longer the move was held for. Has a chance of tripping hit opponents.

    Down Smash - Dweller's Manifest: Hat Kid dons the ultimate Dweller Mask from her game, allowing for platforms and hidden items to be seen. This smash attack has a longer charge up, but when unleashed, two neon crates appear at both sides for great damage.

    Neutral Special - Brew Potion & Release: Hat Kid's hat changes into the Brewer's Hat, which allows her to concoct projectile potions, just like in her game. Here, Hat Kid can charge up the brew for 3 different damaging attacks (light, medium, and heavy). These are thrown at varying distances, and the largest vial holds a poison that can stick to the stage, damaging opponents who walk through it briefly- Hat Kid is immune to this effect.

    Up Special - Homing Attack: Sort of like the Super Dedede Jump, except safer, with less vertical rise, and is also less damaging. Hat Kid can home onto nearby ledges if no opponent is around. If contact is made with an opponent, jumps are reset, but not the Up Special.

    Side Special - Bumbershoot Beamshot: Using her game's Projectile Badge, this attack is similar to Robin’s Thoron, except the charge cannot be stored. Hat Kid shoots a medium-range, damaging beam from the end of her umbrella. Can be angled up or down slightly by a flick of the control stick before firing. Has quite the cooldown period between uses.

    Down Special - Icebreaker: Using the Ice Hat from her game, Hat Kid crashes down as an ice sculpture, similar to Kirby's Stone transformation. If it falls on an opponent, they'll be meteor spiked. The statue is resistant to attacks and hits hard while falling, but breaks when contact is made with the ground, unlike Kirby. The small after-shards of ice can also slightly damage surrounding opponents.

    Grab - Grappling Hookshot: Using her umbrella's handle like a grappling hook, Hat Kid's grab has great reach and can even be used for a tether recovery! Her grab strength is below average, though, and her pummel is a simple, low-damaging slap across the opponent's face.

    Floored Attack - Umbrella Roller: While rising back up after being knocked prone, Hat Kid rolls her open umbrella on the ground around herself on all sides.

    Throws - Some cool attacks here, ay~ Don't they look fun? haha~ Not going into detail on 'em~

    Final Smash - Time Stop: After activating the Smash Ball/ Meter, Hat Kid puts on her ultimate Time Stop hat and visor. She throws down a Time Piece (her game's collectible) to hit the stage or an opponent, shattering it, which sends an aura of sand and Time Stop energy spreading out in a circle. Opponents trapped in the Time Stop radius are frozen in place, while Hat kid seemingly disappears. Shadow clones of Hat Kid moving at lightspeed can be seen attacking trapped opponents and wrack up huge damage on those unfortunate souls. After a while, the aura will disappear and the shadow clones will merge back into Hat Kid, while the previously trapped opponents rocket to their death if damaged enough. Those that manage to escape the Final Smash are fine, as long as they don't enter the Time Stop while it's active.

    Thanks, 007fluttershyizard, for your commission! This was a lot of fun to work on, and it opened my eyes to the really cool looking game, A Hat In Time, which I've actually yet to play. If anyone wants to commission another Moveset Compendium from me, please see my recent Journal for info. I'm game, but may need to take a slight break, since this was a beast (but enjoyable!) to finish lol :D
    Spoiled All, Spoiled All~
    *Caution: Possible Smash Ultimate Spoilers*

    The Nightmare Before Christmas X How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    Well, this didn't go how I originally imagined. Given my girlfriend's advice, I wanted to have Jack Skellington and The Grinch crossover since I began this year's Inktober, but wanted to save it especially for Halloween. "Certain" events have unfolded since then, linking the new Grinch movie coming out this year to the potential full roster of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, coating the occasion in bittersweet relevance.

    I am an avid fan of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, and of Danny Elfman, the singing voice of Jack and the film's composer. Somehow, I managed to write a short song in the style of Skellington's haunting tunes relating to the "Grinch Leaks" of recent Smash news. Original lyrics by me~

    Happy Halloween, boys and ghouls of every age!
    Inuyastrife and Sephishomaru
    Inuyasha X Final Fantasy VII

    Surely, many people have made the connection between the demon half-brothers of a certain anime and the polar pro/antagonists of an infamous Playstation game. Basically, the evidence is all in their weapons- a thick, broad blade and a long, slim sword- and the characters' long hair. I really like Inuyasha and rewatched the complete series earlier this year. FFIV I've never had experience with, but the characters are so popular, they're hard to escape. Instead of fighting, as is the usual cliche, I wanted to draw them coming to a peaceful agreement. Rivalries have to end sometime, people~
    Aggretsuko X Oh Super Milk Chan X Crayon Shin Chan

    This amalgamation is three cute-but-rude cartoon characters rolled into one. Japanese anime is a passion of mine, though I only really like the ones that are as crazy or funny as these three. There's something about the land of the rising sun that can take such 'kawaii' characters and subvert them with crude humor~
    Moveset Compendiums by Daimyo-KoiKoi
    Greetings, fellow Smash Bros enthusiasts! I don't know if it's Smash fever that I've caught, or if I'm just manic to make more movesets~ Either way, I'm sure you have felt it too-- the want, the need, the overwhelming LUST to see your favorite characters (however unlikely) be portrayed in the Super Smash Bros style~!

    If there is a character that you've always loved and desired to be playable in Smash, allow Daimyo to make your dreams a reality. Unrepresented Nintendo video game characters are always a good choice, but even characters from other universes and different forms of media are on the table! I promise to give everyone a fair fighting chance-- EVERYONE IS HERE (potentially)~!

    In a grandiose chart similar to my recent Kamek and Takamaru concept arts, I can craft your character ideas into a visible, viable, and completely faithful moveset made especially for your Smash Bros dream match!

    These "Moveset Compendiums", as I shall dub them, are incredibly detailed and well researched; not to mention, all come with the Daimyo degree of quality-- you should expect no less from me, haha! Though, I sadly have no plans to make any more for free... not just because I've completed the only two fighters I, myself, wanted to see, but because of the overly-intensive and time-consuming nature that goes into creating such epics (up to half-a-month per moveset). However, that's where commissions come in!

    Simply send me a Note here on Deviantart or Email me your idea to render your custom character compendium. There are a few different pricing tiers I've been considering, listed below:

    • Low Tier ($55)- Includes a sketch; full-color chart of your character's 4 Special Attacks, Final Smash, and one extra move of your choice; and also a brief, blurb write-up.

    • Middle Tier ($115)- {Like my Kamek and Takamaru concepts, more or less...} Includes a sketch; simplified newcomer graphic/ title header; a full-color chart of over 20 different attacks in the complete Smash Bros playstyle; and also a detailed, descriptive write-up.

    • High Tier ($215)- Includes a sketch; "official" newcomer art pose, shaded and stylized graphics and backgrounds with character name in special typography; custom series icon, if new to Smash Bros; 8 alternate color pallets for the character; a full-color chart of over 20 different attacks in the complete Smash Bros playstyle; illustrations of all the extra flair animations, such as taunts and victory poses, etc; and also an in-depth write-up that outlines all the character's moves and goes into the character's background and history.
    In addition, I may consider an up to 25% discount on each Tier, based on if the character is simple enough in design, and/or if there's already an existing written or visual moveset of the character I can reference.

    My other Mission: Commissions are also currently open to those who would like to have smaller illustrations or clay sculptures custom made by myself. I hope all are excited to see more Smash Bros. and original content coming from me in the future! Until next time, I'll see you in the comments :)
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    Sage Matabei
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    >Hai-yoi-sho~! Daimyo is a Visual Artist extraordinaire. Quite capable in media of Drawing, Painting, Ceramic Figurines & Pottery, Printing, Posters & Signs, as well as Other Traditional Crafts. No job is too much for his legendary artskills, if the price is right! (Even if done for free, expect only the best!)
    >Daimyo is a lover and connoisseur of East-Asian Art and Culture. His interests include History, Nature, Folklore, Health, Martial Arts, Beauties, Manga, and Video Games, and he considers himself a Taoist in the ways of life. His cause is to better himself as a person and as an artist, to make friends and to collaborate in art, and to develop new fantastical works that draw from rich Eastern style/philosophy, for the betterment of tomorrow's youth.
    >Currently attending college at TCC (for general education) and VCU (for arts & animation). Also enjoys working part-time with father in construction and home-improvement. Once was a pristine fan-artist, helping to herald in the "Kirby Renaissance" to the now-ruinous Rainbow Resort. Today, is creating new original ideas and characters based on his Asian-interests, right here, at the grand ol' dA~!


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    You're greatly welcome! I can't believe it took me this long to follow, haha
    Thanks for the commission, again any time~!
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    On the other hand, I'm open to commissions if you're willing to pay, thanks!
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    here the image of me: Willy
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