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My Little Pony Model: Rockhoof by BeardedDoomGuy



A couple of months ago, I made a commission to BeardedDoomGuy to make one of the Pillar Six for Source Filmmaker(With Garry's Mod for those who liked using that program).  Rockhoof was the obvious choice, and I was glad he got him into Source Filmmaker.  Obviously, this model comes with his iconic shovel that he used during Season 7(And the upcoming Season 8 episode: A Rockhoof and a Hard Place)

Anyway, Credit goes to the following for making this a possibility
:iconbeardeddoomguy: Not just for completing the Model, but also for creating the base that was used for the model(This base was also used to make Troubleshoes Clyde)
:iconlahirien: For making the Cutie Mark exactly like in the show.
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