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-Starlight and Fluttershy(kaykeyser)COMPLETE!!!

-Starlight and Wanda(XxGamerBoi42xX)COMPLETE!!!


I wanna address this. Lately, I have been doing a number of Non-Pony drawings on Deviantart. Reason: I want to expand a bit outside of my comfort zone. So I decided to dedicate myself to drawing whatever comes up in my head, be it: Sailor Moon The Busy World of Richard Scarry Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Racer Garfield That doesn't mean I'll be shying away from Pony drawings. I'll still do plenty of em. But I wanna improve on my drawing skills, teach myself to draw other characters more often. So keep your eyes out on Non-Pony drawings, be it what I mentioned above, or others like Mickey Mouse, The Looney Tunes, Mario, Mega Man, etc. Whatever comes up in my head, I'll draw it.
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Once again, another Comic-Con has come to a close. The only panel I did today was the 2nd Cartoon Voices panel, and like the last one, it was crazy and chaotic. When you have Maurice LaMarche and Fred Tatasciore steal the show with their antics, they know how to pull in a crowd. Speaking of which, that room was jam packed. People came to see Voice Actors perform for them, and they hit it out of the park. Who needs Big-name hollywood stars when you got great actors, artists, and writers? Oh, and after a long time, I finally gave Maurice my drawing I did of Chancellor Neighsay and Pinkie Pie. And I'm glad he enjoyed it. Afterwards, I spent the rest of the con in the exhibit hall, making some last purchases, and even checking out a small play at the Diablo IV booth. Comic-Con 2023 is over. But I will post a post-con post later on. Stay tuned.
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Before I got up to Room 6BCDF, I was able to pay a visit to Brian Drummond once more and got his Autograph. After all, this moment was OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAND! But before the main event, I was given a treat of scenes from the Snoopy Show on Apple TV. They also showed the big difference between the shows of the past and the shows of today. And that difference is a whole lot in terms of backdrops. It's too bad I don't have an Apple TV account. Now onto the main event: Quick Draw. Every year, Mark Evanier brings in some of the best artists to give us all a laugh. This year, Scott Shaw, Tom Richmond and Floyd Norman took center stage, and they knew how to make everyone laugh with their sketches. One example would be to take a male cartoon character like Bullwinkle the Moose and a female cartoon character like Betty Boop, just to create something hillarious, or horrifying. XP Afterwards, there is also a Cartoon Voices panel. Like with Quick Draw, Cartoon Voices is an
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I may consider redesigning Coldnelius Snap, making him look older as a nod to DC Comics character Slade Wilson and Big Boss of the Metal Gear franchise(Sans eyepatch)

Hi! Thanks so much for your support, sweetie!

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Request: Mira Nova as a muscular squirrel (without clothing due to having fur, SFW, and it’s rated G). Mira is from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. The picture that I sent you is an art reference on what she looks like.

Mira is Glad 2023

My apologies, but I understand.

Keep up the great work!

Are requests open?