hit the link below for some reference!

15 to 60 minute sketch!!!!
DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 24th 2011 11am Pacific time/ 2pm Eastern

Rules and Info:

Info The DSC is posted Daily Monday-Friday at the Outcast Studios Artwork Forum:

Each topic is open roughly 36 hours and then closed forever.

Entries: The goal of the DSC is to make you pick up your pencil everyday. Quality/Time are not the goals. If you only have time to draw a stick figure that's acceptable and encouraged.
No Critiques: Because the entries are often quick simple sketches it's unfair to the artist who's participating to be bombarded with comments about the "Guys hand is wrong" when that artist chose to spend his time on shadows for this sketch. So no critiques.
If YOU want a critique post your entry on your personal DA page for that.
Encouragement Encouraged: It's hard to take the time to do this on a regular basis so be sure to let the artist know when you see something you like.

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