Simon Williams was made into a being of pure ionic energy by Baron Zemo and became the impossibly powerful Wonder Man.  Meant to destroy the Avengers from the inside, he joined their ranks briefly before betraying them--and defeating them for the Masters of Evil.  Simon then found himself sympathizing with the  heroes and joined them to defeat Zemo in his scheme, though it cost him his life.  Or so they thought.  Instead, Wonder Man had entered a period of suspended animation only to emerge years later, alive and still a powerhouse--but with great fears of an existence similar to the "death" he'd survived.  While he slept those years, Ultron had used his brain-patterns to create the mind of The Vision in his own attempt to destroy the Avengers.  Overcoming his fears, Simon went on to become an Avengers mainstay as Wonder Man!
Today, you are challenged to draw WONDER MAN for about a half hour!
The deadline for this challenge is Sat. Feb. 27, 2021!
Reference images for WONDER MAN can be found via the links below...
Max Eisenhardt, aka "Magneto", the "Master of Magnetism" is a powerful mutant with the ability to generate and control magnetic fields. Magneto regards mutants as evolutionary superior to humans and rejects the possibility of peaceful human-mutant coexistence; he aims to conquer the world to enable mutants, whom he refers to as Homo Superior, to replace humans as the dominant species.
Today you are challenged to draw MAGNETO for up to a half hour!
The deadline for this challenge is Fri. Feb. 26, 2021!
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Agatha Harkness is a very powerful witch. Supposedly, she was one of the original witches from the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts. She somehow survived and later became a significant figure in Marvel continuity and Fantastic Four history, protecting Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Sue Richards, as his nanny and mentoring Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) in magic. Like most witches, she has a familiar named Ebony, a weird cat-like creature that could sense the presence of mystical beings.
This challenge is to draw Agatha Harkness for approximately 30 minutes!
The deadline for this challenge is Wednesday, February 24, 2021.
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Once the servant of a being known as Shuma-Gorath, Nightmare realized that his power was far too great for him to be a mere drudge. He escaped Shuma-Gorath by diving into a Splinter Dimension known as the Dream Dimension. Once there, Nightmare took over the realm and grew in power with every horror he cast into a mortal mind. Without knowing, Nightmare soon became dependent on the fear he caused, and soon, he required fear to live.
NIGHTMARE was created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee and first appeared in Strange Tales #110.
Today you are challenged to draw NIGHTMARE for up to 30 minutes!
The deadline for this challenge is Wed. Feb. 24, 2021!
Reference images for NIGHTMARE:
MEPHISTO is an eternal adversary to all that is right and good in the world. He is an immortal demon who has seemingly endless power to do anything from mesmerize one soul to manipulate reality itself to his liking. He is not the Biblical devil, but he sometimes wears that skin for fun and games. He has hounded every hero in the Marvel Universe at one time or another, but seems to take special glee in tormenting the purest of souls, such as the Silver Surfer.
Your challenge is to sketch the malevolent menace that is MEPHISTO for up to 30 minutes!
The deadline for this challenge is Tue. Feb. 23, 2021!
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