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Dsc 2020-12-16 Shang-chi by theEyZmaster
DSCRoadRunner by TULIO19mx
Dsc 2020-03-30 Spider-ham by theEyZmaster
R3TheChild by TULIO19mx
2017-2018 Daily Sketches
DSC 3-22-21 Aquaman grey by XanexCaligula
DSC 3-22-21 The Flash grey by XanexCaligula
DSC 3-18-21 Huntress grey by XanexCaligula
DSC 3-19-21 Iron Fist grey by XanexCaligula
The Gill Man by BeeEmDoubleU
The Old Witch by BeeEmDoubleU
Inktober - 28 - Ramona Flowers by BeeEmDoubleU
Weekend Sketches
DSC Vivien Leigh by DarkKnightJRK
Inktober27CoatMorbius by TULIO19mx
Morbius the Living Vampire  by Number1Exile
WSCCarpentersTheThing by TULIO19mx
Winter vibes by Cruiseneil
DSC - Superman Sketch by LaceGyver
Wolverine inking challenge for WSC by RJN16
DSC - Shang-Chi by RichDoes
DSC Rey of Jakku by DarkKnightJRK
Inking Jack Kirby's Nick Fury by IanJMiller
DSC Lady Thor by DarkKnightJRK
Navis by Vimes-DA
DSC Archives 2012-16
Daily Sketch Challenge Jimmy Woo by Gossamer1970
Daily Sketch Challenge Frozone by Gossamer1970
Daily Sketch Challenge Uzaki by Gossamer1970
DSC- Lobster Johnson by jdcunard
DSC Archives 2 2011-2012
Sterling Archer 14.3.12 by Super-Josh
Sterling Archer DSC by rockie-squirrel
DSC 120312 - Mugen by Cyberborg
Archer by showe
DSC Archives 2009-11
DSC 6.5.12 - Elephantmen by A-Rob
DSC 6.4.12 - Superman by A-Rob
DSC 6.1.12 - Lynda Carter WW by A-Rob

Mature Content

DSC 5.31.12 - Jaws by A-Rob
Finished sketches
DSC Hilda (finished) by zueme
Firestar by BeeEmDoubleU
Sunfire by BeeEmDoubleU
Daily Sketch Challenge Moon Knight by Gossamer1970
DSC 2019-2020
Mr. Freeze by BeeEmDoubleU
DSC 2021-2022
Dsc 2021-06-18 Nite Owl by theEyZmaster


ANYONE is welcome to join the DAILY SKETCH CHALLENGE! Check the group's Journal every day for a new subject to draw and post your drawing of that subject each day!

You dedicate about 30 min to a sketch on a day's subject. You can't just submit any old sketch and it's best not to submit finished work (although it probably won't be rejected). The idea of the Group is to promote warm-up sketching to free your limbs and prepare you for better work right after or even to create roughs for future use as finished pieces.
Raised in a wealthy family by an abusive father and a protective mother, Daniel Dreiberg was fascinated by the legend of the masked hero, Nite Owl. He was able to uncover Nite Owl's identity by tracking him to his headquarters, and offered to be his partner, but the hero turned him down. When his father suffered a heart attack, the young Dreiberg waited before calling for assistance, causing him to die. At the funeral he was approached by Nite Owl, who took him on as an apprentice. Soon afterwards Nite Owl retired from crime-fighting, and three years later Dreiberg took up the mantle. While a costumed crime-fighter, he met and worked with Rorschach for a time, and was supportive of the formation of the Crimebusters, an abortive effort to unify the masked community. He retired in 1977 following the passage of the Keene Act, and became an ornithological scholar.
Today you are challenged to draw NITE OWL for 30 minutes!
The deadline for this challenge is Sat. June 19, 2021!
Night Thrasher is the founder and leader of the New Warriors, and head of the Taylor Foundation. Although he possesses no superhuman powers, he has trained himself extensively in many martial arts, and is adept at building technological devices.
Night Thrasher possesses excellent hand-to-hand fighting ability and is trained in various martial arts; he has been able to hold his own against the Punisher (Thrasher would have won, had the Punisher not managed to discharge a submachine gun against him at point-blank range). He is also an excellent acrobat, a talented designer of battle-suits and small armament, and a good computer "hacker." His strength was further enhanced, though not to a truly super-human degree, by his Mark II combat armor.
Today’s challenge is to draw Night Thrasher for 30 minutes!
The deadline for this challenge is Friday, June 18, 2021.
For reference images:
The four issue series that began in late 1972 and ended in early 1973 known as NIGHT NURSE was a medical drama/romance comic that focused on the adventures of three female roommates who worked the night shift at Metropolitan General Hospital in NYC: Linda Carter, Georgia Jenkins and Christine Palmer. After this series, Linda Carter was rescued by a superhero and began to pay the superhuman community back by providing her services as a nurse to heroes pro bono in some cases. Carter teamed iwh Doctor Strange in “The Oath” to help him recover a cure for cancer which had been stolen upon Strange bringing it to the Earthly plane.
Today, you are challenged to draw LINDA CARTER: NIGHT NURSE for about 30 minutes!
The deadline for this challenge is Thurs. June 17, 2021!
For reference images:
Created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum and originally intended for DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes, NIGHTCRAWLER debut in Giant Size X-Men #1 in 1975! Codenamed NIGHTCRAWLER, Kurt Wagner is a member of the X-Men and former leader of Excalibur. He possesses the ability of teleportation, above human agility, wall-crawling and has a prehensile tail. He can also disappear into shadows completely so as to appear invisible. A Catholic with the appearance of a demon, Kurt is also a highly talented swordsman and circus acrobat.
Today, you are challenged to draw NIGHTCRAWLER for about a half hour!
The deadline for this challenge is Wed. June 16, 2021!
Reference images for Nightcrawler can be found via the links provided below…
Dick Grayson is NIGHTWING, a former side-kick and partner of THE BATMAN. Dick Grayson is also the first to take on the name ROBIN, a vigilante crime-fighter who was adopted by Bruce Wayne after his parents were murdered. Wayne taught the young and angry Grayson to hone and focus his need for revenge into a more useful set of skills that he uses in his fight against crime!
Today, you are challenged to draw NIGHTWING in any of his incarnations for about 30 minutes or so!
The Deadline for this challenge is Tue. June 15, 2021!
Reference images for NIGHTWING can be found via the links below...
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