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Dsc 2022-11-25 Hawkgirl by theEyZmaster
DSCBlade1 by TULIO19mx
Dsc 2020-12-16 Shang-chi by theEyZmaster
DSCRoadRunner by TULIO19mx
2017-2018 Daily Sketches
Moon Knight (Daily Sketch Challenge) by jameslink
Invisible Woman - Fantastic 4 (DSC) by jameslink
Human Torch - Fantastic 4 (Daily Sketch Challenge) by jameslink
Constantine (Daily Sketch Challenge) by jameslink
The Gill Man by BeeEmDoubleU
The Old Witch by BeeEmDoubleU
Inktober - 28 - Ramona Flowers by BeeEmDoubleU
Weekend Sketches
DSC Vivien Leigh by DarkKnightJRK
Inktober27CoatMorbius by TULIO19mx
Morbius the Living Vampire  by Number1Exile
WSCCarpentersTheThing by TULIO19mx
Winter vibes by Cruiseneil
DSC - Superman Sketch by LaceGyver
Wolverine inking challenge for WSC by RJN16
DSC - Shang-Chi by RichDoes
DSC Rey of Jakku by DarkKnightJRK
Inking Jack Kirby's Nick Fury by IanJMiller
DSC Lady Thor by DarkKnightJRK
Navis by Vimes-DA
DSC Archives 2012-16
Bayonetta - Lock and Load by HungryRiku
Dr jekyll and Mr Hyde by PingChowChi
Penelope Pitstop by PingChowChi
DSC Bettie Page by DarkKnightJRK
DSC Archives 2 2011-2012
Sterling Archer 14.3.12 by Super-Josh
Sterling Archer DSC by rockie-squirrel
DSC 120312 - Mugen by Cyberborg
Archer by showe
DSC Archives 2009-11
DSC 6.5.12 - Elephantmen by A-Rob
DSC 6.4.12 - Superman by A-Rob
DSC 6.1.12 - Lynda Carter WW by A-Rob

Mature Content

DSC 5.31.12 - Jaws by A-Rob
Finished sketches
Sketch of October Halloween DTYIS Challenge 2022 by CarlaSimone
DSC Hilda (finished) by zueme
Firestar by BeeEmDoubleU
Sunfire by BeeEmDoubleU
DSC 2019-2020
Mr. Freeze by BeeEmDoubleU
DSC 2021-2022
Dsc 2022-12-02 Princess Mononoke by theEyZmaster


ANYONE is welcome to join the DAILY SKETCH CHALLENGE! Check the group's Journal every day for a new subject to draw and post your drawing of that subject each day!

You dedicate about 30 min to a sketch on a day's subject. You can't just submit any old sketch and it's best not to submit finished work (although it probably won't be rejected). The idea of the Group is to promote warm-up sketching to free your limbs and prepare you for better work right after or even to create roughs for future use as finished pieces.
In the Studio Ghibli animated feature PRINCESS MONONOKE, San is known as the “Wolf Girl”. When San was a baby, the wolf goddess Moro attacked her parents, who had been damaging the forest. San’s parents threw her to the wolves to save themselves. Moro raised San as her own daughter and San treats Moro as a mother and her pups as siblings. San’s goal is to protect the forest and the creatures who live there.
Today, you are challenged to draw PRINCESS MONONOKE (aka San) (aka Wolf Girl) for a half hour!
The deadline for today’s challenge is Sat. Dec. 3, 2022!
Reference images can be found via the links below…
In the comic book series SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN, Erica Slaughter is a young hunter that is dedicated to destroying Tulpas, imaginative monsters that manifest through fear and terror of the mind and prey on young children. She is a member of a secret order known as the Knights of Saint George although despite the formality of the order Erica herself is more of a loner and a bit of rebel.
Erica's exact origins are not quite clear but what is known is that her family was killed by a Tulpa that only she could see while the others could not. She was later adopted by the Knights of Saint George and became one of their fiercest and most capable agents. The reason she was able to see these unseen malevolent forces is due a strange mark along her temple.
While its full nature is uncertain it has been obliquely implied that this mark grants her the ability to see these monsters. The mark also gave her eyes an odd unnatural color, a bright forest green to be exact, something that is shared with other members of House Slaughter and a stuffed animal totem that houses a demonic spirit along with a stylistic death mask and crest tattoo.
Today you are challenged to draw ERIKA SLAUGHTER for 30 minutes!
The deadline for this challenge is Fri. Dec. 2, 2022!
Reference images:
The Joker first appeared in BATMAN #1 in 1940 and was created by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane. A criminal mastermind with a severe smile smeared across his pale, white face under a hairline of bright green, The Joker has since become Batman’s archenemy--the antithesis to all he stands for. Much remains unknown of the Joker's origin, motivation or goals beyond the sheer joy of creating chaos and mayhem while smugly joking about his crimes.
Today, you are challenged to draw THE JOKER for a half hour!
The deadline for today’s challenge is Thurs. Dec. 1, 2022!
Reference images for the JOKER can be found via the links below...
Solomon Kane is a pulp anti-hero created by Robert E. Howard. A late 16th/early 17th century Puritan, Solomon Kane is a stark and serious man who wanders the Earth with the goal--to destroy evil in all its forms. Solomon is described by Howard as a tall, gloomy man of pale face and cold eyes, shadowed by a slouched hat. He is the original man in black and his weapons of choice are a rapier, a cutlass and a pair of flintlock pistols. In one story he was seen with a musket as well. In later adventures, N’Longa, an African shaman, gifted him with a juju staff that protects against evil and functions well as a weapon that is revealed later to be the mythical “Staff of Solomon”, a talisman older than the Earth and unimaginably powerful!
Your challenge is to draw the Grim Pilgrim Solomon Kane in a half hour or so!
The deadline for this challenge is Wed. Nov. 30, 2022!
Reference images can be found via the links below…
Tank Girl is a British comic created by Jamie Hewlett ( one of the creators of the Gorrilaz ) and Alan Martin. Originally drawn by Jamie Hewlett, the strip was also drawn by Rufus Dayglo ( A friend of Outcast studios ). She first appeared in Deadline Magazine #1, beginning in September 1988.
Tank Girl is a British comic created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. Originally drawn by Jamie Hewlett, the strip is currently drawn by Rufus Dayglo, Ashley Wood, and Mike McMahon.
Tank Girl originally worked as a tank operator and soldier for an ambiguous organization. When the organization gives Tank Girl the task of delivering a colostomy pouching system to a president with bowel problems, her tank gets appropriated and she is unable to make the delivery on time. After this she leaves the organization, and becomes a modern day bushranger, living in her tank and using it to her advantage while finding herself in a number of surreal adventures. She did her best to save the world during the 2000 apocalypse, but was more concerned with killing the ones responsible.
Today your challenge is to draw Tank Girl for 30 minutes!
The deadline for this challenge is Tue. Nov. 29, 2022!
Reference images for the TANK GIRL can be found via the links below...
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