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Dsc 2020-03-30 Spider-ham by theEyZmaster
R3TheChild by TULIO19mx
Inktober28RideWitchHazel by TULIO19mx
DSC 7-4-19 Sly Cooper grey by XanexCaligula
2017-2018 Daily Sketches
DSC 7-10-20 Chuck Rock grey by XanexCaligula
DSC 7-9-20 Ristar grey by XanexCaligula
DSC 7-8-20 Knuckles grey by XanexCaligula
DSC 7-7-20 Scud the Disposable Assassin grey by XanexCaligula
The Gill Man by BeeEmDoubleU
The Old Witch by BeeEmDoubleU
Inktober - 28 - Ramona Flowers by BeeEmDoubleU
Weekend Sketches
DSC Vivien Leigh by DarkKnightJRK
Inktober27CoatMorbius by TULIO19mx
Morbius the Living Vampire  by Number1Exile
WSCCarpentersTheThing by TULIO19mx
DSC - Superman Sketch by LaceGyver
Wolverine inking challenge for WSC by RJN16
DSC - Shang-Chi by RichDoes
DSC - Karnak by RichDoes
DSC Rey of Jakku by DarkKnightJRK
Inking Jack Kirby's Nick Fury by IanJMiller
DSC Lady Thor by DarkKnightJRK
Navis by Vimes-DA
DSC Archives 2012-16
RISTAR by zookeeper02
DSC Spider-Girl by DarkKnightJRK
DSC Rorschach by DarkKnightJRK
DSC Power Girl by DarkKnightJRK
DSC Archives 2 2011-2012
Sterling Archer 14.3.12 by Super-Josh
Sterling Archer DSC by rockie-squirrel
DSC 120312 - Mugen by Cyberborg
Archer by showe
DSC Archives 2009-11
DSC 6.5.12 - Elephantmen by A-Rob
DSC 6.4.12 - Superman by A-Rob
DSC 6.1.12 - Lynda Carter WW by A-Rob

Mature Content

DSC 5.31.12 - Jaws by A-Rob
Finished sketches
DSC Hilda (finished) by zueme
Firestar by BeeEmDoubleU
Sunfire by BeeEmDoubleU
Daily Sketch Challenge Moon Knight by Gossamer1970
DSC 2019-2020
Daily Sketches Blade by fedde


ANYONE is welcome to join the DAILY SKETCH CHALLENGE! Check the group's Journal every day for a new subject to draw and post your drawing of that subject each day!

You dedicate about 30 min to a sketch on a day's subject. You can't just submit any old sketch and it's best not to submit finished work (although it probably won't be rejected). The idea of the Group is to promote warm-up sketching to free your limbs and prepare you for better work right after or even to create roughs for future use as finished pieces.
Blade, aka Eric Brooks, was born in a whorehouse in the Soho neighborhood of London, England. Eric’s mother, Tara, was a prostitute at Madame Vanity's Brothel. When his mother experienced severe labor complications, a doctor was summoned who was in actuality Deacon Frost, a vampire who feasted on her during the child's birth and killed her. This inadvertently passed along certain enzymes in his own blood to the infant that resulted in Blade’s vampiric abilities, including a greatly prolonged lifespan and the ability to sense supernatural creatures, as well as an immunity to complete vampirism.
At age nine Eric saw an old man being attacked by vampires and helped the old man, who used a silver cane to kill the vampires. The man was Jamal Afari, a jazz trumpeter and vampire-hunter who then trained the young Blade in music and combat. Before long, Blade had become an Olympic-level athlete and a formidable hand-to-hand combatant with expertise in edged weapons. His crusade against the undead had begun!
Today you are challenged to draw BLADE THE VAMPIRE KILLER for about a half hour!
The deadline for today;s challenge is Wed. Jul. 15, 2020!
Reference images for BLADE can be found via the links below…
Set in a prehistoric world, the show PRIMAL follows a caveman, a formidable hunter at the dawn of evolution, and a female Tyrannosaurus on the brink of extinction, brought together by tragedy into an unlikely partnership as they fight to survive the violent creatures that also live in their world.
Spear (voiced by Aaron LaPlante) – a caveman whose tragedy begins with the death of his mate and two children. This violent event is the source of his continued internal struggle to find peace, and although he overcomes his initial suicidal depression, Spear is still learning to cope with the loss. Due to this trauma, Spear is able to find a unique companionship with Fang, but unlike her, he very much wants it to be a partnership, which she is reluctant to do so at first. Eventually, Spear develops a deep bond with the tyrannosaur and is willing to make any personal sacrifice to protect her.
Today you are challenged to draw SPEAR from PRIMAL for about a half hour!
The deadline for this challenge is Tuesday, July 14, 2020!
Reference images for SPEAR can be found via the links below…
Chuck Rock is a prehistoric-themed platformer starring the eponymous caveman Chuck on a quest to rescue his wife from a jealous rival. Chuck's main form of attack is a stomach bump with a limited range, but he is also able to take advantage of rocks littering the stages to attack enemies from afar.
UK developers Core Design originally created Chuck Rock for the Atari ST and Amiga computer platforms, and it was subsequently published on many home consoles of the era by Sony Imagesoft and Virgin Interactive in Europe and the US. It is perhaps best remembered for its rock n' roll theme tune.
Caveman Chuck Rock must save his wife from dinosaurs by beating down enemies with his stomach and by hurling rocks in this side-scrolling action game.
Today you are challenged to draw RISTAR for a half hour!
The deadline for today’s challenge is Saturday, July 11, 2020!
Reference images can be found via the links below…
Ristar is a humanoid star and the main character from the Genesis classic of the same name.
Today you are challenged to draw RISTAR for a half hour!
The deadline for today’s challenge is Saturday, July 11, 2020!
Reference images can be found via the links below…
Knuckles the Echidna is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a red anthropomorphic echidna who is determined and serious, but sometimes gullible. He has the ability to glide and climb up walls, and is a powerful fighter with spiked hands. He serves as the guardian of the Master Emerald, a huge gemstone that controls the series' integral Chaos Emeralds.
Knuckles debuted in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 in 1994 after Doctor Eggman tricks him into opposing Sonic and Tails.
Knuckles is a treasure hunter. He likes to hunt precious artifacts like chaos emeralds. Knuckles is the protector of the master emerald which has the power of 14 chaos emeralds combined.
Today you are challenged to draw KNUCKLES for a half hour!
The deadline for today’s challenge is Thursday, July 9, 2020! Reference images can be found via the links below…
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