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:new: We have 5 positions open on our staff! :new:

If you are interested in becoming a staff member, review our requirements and current staff here: dailylitdeviations.deviantart.….
Guidelines here: dailylitdeviations.deviantart.…

Poetry Administrator
0 openings

Prose Administrator
1 openings

General Administrator
0 opening

Foreign Language Administrator
0 openings

Please send all inquiries directly to spoems or SilverInkblot. Do not reply directly to DLD. Send spoems or SilverInkblot a note :note: titled with the position for which you are applying and with the following questionnaire completed to the best of your ability.

:star: If you are applying for the General Admin Position please select one piece of prose and one piece of poetry for question 5.
:star: If you are applying for foreign language please select a piece that has an English translation for question 5.
1)  How old are you? Are you in school or do you work? How much time do you spend on dA each day?

2)  What is your favorite part of DeviantART?

3)  How long have you been a deviant and what groups, contests, or projects have you been involved in?

4)  If it comes down to a choice between one piece or another for a feature, what is the key factor that you will look for in choosing one over the other?

5)  Please go into dA's gallery area and find a piece that you think should be a DLD feature. Choose according to the position you are applying for--Prose or Poetry. Please do not use work from the most popular galleries and do not choose pieces that already have a DD or a DLD. You can look in the comment areas to check for the DLD announcement to the artist. Take your time and choose what you believe is the very best. I prefer that you do not use pieces from your fav gallery, instead please use the dA galleries. Link the piece here and note everything back to me. Happy Hunting! :D

Good luck!

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hypermagical's avatar
I'm going to give this a go. :la:
nosedivve's avatar
I old love to sign up for this, but I am two years shy from the age requirement.
DailyLitDeviations's avatar
Thank you for thinking of us, anyway.  Hopefully, we'll both still be around in a couple of years if you're still interested. :)

nosedivve's avatar
ayemotional's avatar
hey, I have some poems here :)
QuiEstInLiteris's avatar
D: I neeeeed more tiiiiiiiiime!
Too much moving and stuff. I'll check back in a month or so, yes?
LiliWrites's avatar
We usually have openings a few times during the year, so definitely check back! :nod:
LadyofGaerdon's avatar
Is the process any different if we're already an admin? I admin for poetry but would be interested in applying to be a prose admin as well.
DailyLitDeviations's avatar
You don't need to send in a note. :) I'll keep you in mind for prose! :heart:
LadyofGaerdon's avatar
Aww. :aww: I actually thought about it and changed my mind - I'd rather apply for the general admin position, if that's okay. Do I need to fill out an app for that?
LiliWrites's avatar
Just note me to answers to questions 4 and 5, and remember I need one prose and one poetry for #5. :D
CJWilde's avatar
Can I apply to begin in a certain period of time? I was very interested in applying before, but unfortunately I thought I had better wait until after my course finished. My final exam is on June 11th, and then I will be free until October. Is it possible to apply to work June 11th onwards? I would love to apply for a prose admin position. :aww:
LiliWrites's avatar
You can certainly send in an application. :nod: Make sure you add the time constraints to your note or I will forget lol. I will be fair and tell you that if someone who better meets the requirements applies, I'll likely give the position to him/her rather than wait. But I'd rather have someone in the wings than not. :D
CJWilde's avatar
Of course! I will understand entirely if my timing is off, but it's worth waiting in the wings; just in case. :lol:
IveDiedInside's avatar
Well this sucks, I'd originally jump at the chance but I don't fit the age requirements >.<
LiliWrites's avatar
We plan to be around for a long time! You'll have your chance. :heart:
IveDiedInside's avatar
I sure hope so, I love reading the things you feature on here ^-^
malikvamp's avatar
What are the age requirements?
VicariouSoul's avatar
2 position now in Poetry, eh?

Anyway, I still hold interest in becoming an Admin of Poetry.
DailyLitDeviations's avatar
All applications are still in review. :heart:
VicariouSoul's avatar
I figured, but it's always good to keep showing interest, that's all.

I'm pretty serious about this position.
haijinik's avatar
i just sent a note to ~damina today, do i need to send one to you now? :D
DailyLitDeviations's avatar
No. Dawn forwarded it on to me. Thanks!

:heart: Lili
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