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Many comments have been made, many people have hauled off and jumped and are now wondering what is really going on, many tears have been cried (at least by me cuz y'all--y'all are mean. Enough said about that, it doesn't matter. I wish everyone all of the best and more.

I would like to take a few minutes to say two things:
1) Many have come through DLD and been better in this literature community for it. Dedication and hard work helped forward their already progressing talent. Not me, not Will, not Lili or any other running administrator--just dedication and hard work. We have present and former hats, badges and most of all the owners of coveted Daily Deviations; all have come through here and I am damn proud to have been a part of the sacred space they passed through. I'm sure the sentiment is shared by many, many others.
2) I've been checking on this account for the last two years and have not seen any real growth that directly effects the literature community in a positive way. DLD has been doing the same things--rote, yes contributing to the success and exposure of unknown literature (though many of the same people seem to get recurring DLDs including staff members which has ALWAYS been a big no-no in my book) but not furthering its place in the community. No regular and new/exciting contests, no excellent forum management, no group oriented projects to contribute any number of things to the community, no outpouring of support for ongoing projects like FFM, Not-For-Sale, NaPo/NaNo, etc and so on, hell--no daily answering of fricking messages... there were one thousand nine hundred and sixty-two messages in the inbox when I came in to take down an article the other night. Basically admin has been enjoying the benefits of DLD rank and not running the account in the way I and others (especially Lili) worked so hard to lay out. Admin isn't just the fun of suggestions and the hardest of work when you get none and the recognition for being a part of something special--admin is every nook and cranny plus room to grow and give more to the lit community on dA.

That was my plan, that's what I spent near 24/7 doing for more than two years until we finally had a team that could function as a unit. This is all my fault though. MINE. I, in 2 years, have not had the wherewithal to step in and correct the errors, support the running admins as a team player and set it all to rights. My life interfered. My plan to close began to itch at the edges of my mind. DLD became stale and I did nothing but make an executive decision that pissed my most trusted admin off and got bent. Then I hastily--should have stuck with my gut instinct and just took that down and left it alone--posted the history. But no--I told the story as it had been told to me and announced the closing all in one breath. I apologize. There was a better path and I missed it. I only hope to be forgiven by those that seem to be hurt.

More later on how to leave the account sitting so the exposure for all in the past is still there and then there's the issue of points...

“We have art lest we perish of the truth.” –Nietzsche

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Thank you for all the hard work and devotion.
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No! DLD helps others get recognized; it's a big honor! Can't another group be made like this one just for spiffy features??
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Can't something new be made???
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not cool at all to have removed all the devs that got DLDs in the past ... especially after saying you wouldn't. not cool.
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A lot of this is my fault. I just got too busy with RL to have time for dA. I still don't have time, even for this very important discussion. But I am sorry that I didn't hold up my end of the deal here. I've nothing but respect and love for everyone who has been a part of this project, no matter what happens with the account. :heart:
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I love you Lil, I'm sorry she goes down in flames. I got backed into a corner and we know how that turned out. Thank you for all you have done for DLD! You and me and Elaine and Kaz and some of the other girls rocked some girlpower on this ship before I sank her...after I set her on fire and killed all the passengers...
I should feel bad about that...ok I do. Good times, Good things will be remembered! :heart:
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I, for one, do want to thank you for being involved in this ongoing project and for featuring me a few times. This whole thing inspired me to fall back into my writing and continue to embrace what I can bring to the table. (Even if I don't post much of it online.) I plan to continue following with the new group and I am sad to see this end, but I can't say I don't understand. Thank you. Thank you so much for all you and everyone else put into this.
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I'm glad that DLD helped you--that was the  (one of the) point. Thank you for your comments, we all appreciate them. :heart:
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I don't really totally understand all of what's happened - nor do I particularly want to hear all the gory details. I said I wasn't going to involve myself in this, but I read this journal, and from what little bit of this mess that I know, I just wanted to offer my two cents worth.

I do not see the sense in closing DLD. At all. I understand (and somewhat agree) with what was said above, about it being stale, about nothing changing or progressing, but I don't think that's a good reason to shut down what has been - just in my opinion - a really great group. It would make more sense, to me at least, to try to fix this stagnation. Stir the waters, so to speak. If the issues addressed above are the real reason for all this drama, then it doesn't seem to me that it's really that huge of a deal. Patch things up, move on, and try to build something better with the foundation that's already here.
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I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I apologize for any rude behavior  I may have shown. I regret acting out of emotional fuel instead of from a rational standpoint. I appreciate all that you and DLD have done for our community, and I wish you the best. :iconbowplz:
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I appreciate that but there are no apologies necessary by those just out to save an institution they love. I thank you.
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Hey Lisa,

First I want to thank you for everything you did for DLD; I was absolutely blessed to have been a part of this group. The growth I experienced both as a writer and an admirer of literature through DLD is immeasurable, and I know for a fact that this group was a big part of my integration into the Lit community here on dA, as well as a big part of the identity I found here and my sense of belonging in something bigger than me.

I also wish to express that as an admin, albeit a minor one, I feel quite slighted by this whole sensationalized event. First off, to use Shane as a strawman pseudo martyr in order to justify your previously planned closing the group agenda when the whole event stemmed from unresolved issues on the creators' end that didn't even really involve him was the most unjust and truly rude thing you could have done and I implore you to take the time to apologize to him, if you haven't already.

Secondly, I can't quite overcome the feeling that I caught a surprise hook in the face because I didn't have my guard up. If there were issues that were bothering you for a few weeks or even months that weren't shared with the greater DLD team as a whole because of real life and such, I'd completely understand, but two plus years? I've been an admin (again, admittedly of a lesser role) for that entire period of time and I heard nothing. silence. I imagine most if not all the others were in the same boat. I don't understand why you didn't trust us with the information on these things and see if we could help in even minor roles to all work together to fix the problems you saw. I mean, yeah Rome wasn't built in a day, but it also would have never been built if only one or two people put the entire responsibility of their backs.

I don't know if there just wasn't enough trust there or what, but I've been an admin for two years and I'm fairly certain I've never has a single word of contact with you so I can't imagine you'd judged my character and, thus, level or desired responsibilities or overall goals with DLD and deemed me unable to help. I mean, maybe I'm totally off the mark there, but that's where my logic is at.

As to the suggestions that DLD moved away from what it was originally intended for, I was fortunate and blessed enough to see real writers grow and integrate into the community through DLD, and even be contacted by some expressing their excitement and appreciation. If operating on love for the community as a whole rather than in response to a perceived sleight from the greater dA DD system was a movement from DLD's original intent, I'm glad it changed and am also glad that it is closing because real people were still positively impacted by that change and that is something I'll always support.

I know that all this razz is probably the last thing you need right now, and I told myself that I'd try to stay out of this for the most part because, at the end of the day, it's not my group nor Shane's or Lili's or Lauren's or even the communities - as demonstrated over the last few days - but yours, and I'm a firm believer that the creators should always have the right to their creations no matter what they choose to do with it. No one can be in your shoes, even with all the information in the world, we can't possibly view it through your lens, and so - for that - I respect any decision you make even if I don't agree with it.

At the end of the day, I'm just happy that you shared DLD with the community for as long as you did and feels so blessed to have been a part of it for the time that I was.

I know it's difficult, but ignore anyone who is attacking your character and know that time heals all things (both for them and for you). At the end of the day, everyone's got to learn to move forward eventually, I'm excited to see what the future brings.

Hope for nothing but the best for your future, let's let the past be past.
All the best,
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You win all the awards.
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DLD moved away from my intended purpose for it by not making more to do in the community. I wanted it to be more than an affront to the DD system, a place for featured lit excellence but a mover of mountains in the community too. We ran for a while with the treasured and relentless help of Lili and Elaine. We had contests all the time, a solid running forum, we were participant w/ our group allies and collab'd on projects with others. Good times. That was my vision for DLD.

If y'all must know the last 2 years have been spent in mental health distress due to taking care of my mother among other things. I have chronic PTSD and Bi-Polar disorder and even my "high-functioning" ass could not escape some of my demons during that period. It was all too overwhelming.

You are 100% correct about Shane and I will apologize though I doubt he can forgive me--I was not sensitive to the fact that a note titled "Executive Decision" detailing what he might consider an affront would cause him any pain or anger. I was wrong and I will apologize to him personally as soon as I get the chance.

Your contribution, as all others, is appreciated and respected--as I said it is MY fault that I couldn't step up to the plate a do a revamp with all of your input and assistance. You guys are all wonderful members of this community and it would plain be a shame to see you sit stagnant in a feature account while there are greater things to be conquered out there.

I appreciate your best wishes and thank you for them--it means more than you know. :heart:
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Man, you are just winning all the comments today.
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YES! Thank you, Lisa, for finally understanding. :heart:
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You both are so incredibly passive aggressive. As someone with no vested interest in the outcome of all this, it's pretty hilarious to watch.
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I'm so glad your entertainment has been provided for. After all, was that not the whole idea? :B
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Doubt it, but there it is!
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No games or flames here anymore, I implore all of you--let's all play nice. :pray:
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Another satisfied customer, excellent. :B
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Just because I didn't say it out loud until now--I have a way of working a bit more slowly--doesn't mean I didn't understand a long time ago. But you're welcome, I guess. I'm happy to have pleased you.
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Stop backsliding! :B It's never been about ME. I'd have never risen as I did for ME. Strength, for the many, not for the one. I still love you, you silly goose, I always will.
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