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:bulletblack:Accepted Suggestions :bulletblack:

:bulletblue: The submission cannot be a rough draft or work in progress.

:bulletblue: Mature content is allowed. However, extreme sexuality and derogatory language are generally frowned upon. All suggestions are considered on a case-by-case basis.

:bulletblue: Any work found to be plagiarized will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

:bulletblue: We do not feature fan fiction. Please contact JZLobo for fan-fiction features.

:new: :bulletblue: Literature deviations that include a preview image must include proper credit to the artist of said image.

:bulletblue: A deviant may only be featured once every 30 days.

:bulletblue: We encourage all members to comment on the work featured in our daily news articles. That is the point of our mission: to get YOU involved.

:new: :bulletblue: If a piece you have suggested has not received a DLD feature within 90 days please feel free to re-suggest to our prose and poetry admins.

:bulletblack:Our mission:
To provide the literature community another outlet to shine.

:bulletblack:Our goal: :bulletblack:
To recognize individuals in the literature community.

:bulletblack:Implementing the Mission: :bulletblack:
We will be showcasing a series of literature pieces each day in a News article.

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May a piece be submitted again if it doesn't receive the DLD, or is it a one time deal? If they can be submitted again, how long after the original submission may it be sent in again, and would there be a limit on how many times it may be sent in? I apologize in advance if this has already been asked.
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Put some guidelines (my preferences) in my journal, and the fact I'm open to Prose suggestions from the literature community both in my journal and in my sig line. Can *Kneeling-Glory update this page (re: who takes Prose suggestions) and also check to see if what I did is correct? And/or leave me suggestions? If someone else would like to while *Kneeling-Glory is away this weekend (June 9-10) please feel free do so! Thanks, all.
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Why no fan fiction?
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Fan-Fiction usually requires an understanding of the original material to properly judge the content, characterization, and believability of the story. Our admins are instructed to avoid fan-fiction so they can easily judge those three core factors of a piece of lit.
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So, most of your admins might not be familiar with what it's a fan fiction of, so you avoid it entirely?
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Yes. There are other groups that deal with fanfiction. We only accept completely original literature.
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yup, can't submit mine, it's in pieces :(
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I love the idea of this group! Literature, too me, is one of the least noticed categories on DA - however; most of my favorite deviations are Lit. works :clap: Well done beginning this movement. :highfive:

I did have a question, is there a joining process to be apart of this? Or is the main function of the group to suggest DLDs?

Thanks :hug:

:heart: *OfOneSoul
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The main function is to feature work. You can watch this account for the daily articles and suggest any lit you think is worthy of featuring to one of our admins, found here: [link]
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Awesome, thank you so much for your assistance. I truly appreciate it :hug:
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Looks like my planned 128-story epic won't be considered.
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Would it be ok to suggest something that is part of a series? (created by the deviant, not plagarized)
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No one ever answered my question. I'd appreciate a reply to it
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If a deviant has categorized something as a scrap, does that mean we can't suggest it for a DLD?
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We do not feature scraps, no...but you may ask the deviant to move the scrap into their gallery folder so that you can suggest it. :)
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Wow, this is an excellent idea.. promoting literature.. I can't believe I hadn't noticed this before. =.=
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We're glad you noticed and thank you. :)
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I'm curious. Why no fanfics? I know they borrow off an original idea, but I thought the point of a fanfic was to create your own twist to it, to make it your own work
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We stand by our policy. We do not consider fanfic to be an artist's own original work--no matter what or how the twist. It is based on the ideas and work of someone else, thus it never qualifies as original.
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I have a quick question. when it says "Accepted Suggestions" does that mean you suggest your own stuff, or someone else's stuff?
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